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Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Team up with friends and fight together in the coolest idle adventure game!

Mushroom N Heroes RPG is an RPG genre game developed by LUCKYYX GAME. This game carries a Mushroom background, where you will fight against the mushrooms who are the boss. But don’t worry, because in this game you will be accompanied by a team that you can form with pets with various roles and elements. In this Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks. You will adventure around the world in this game with different maps where each map can open new skills from the class you choose.

Introducing the basics of Mushroom N Heroes RPG


Combat Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide

Like every Idle game, in this Mushroom N Heroes RPG, you don’t need to bother doing the combat mechanics, because you just have to watch it and each character and pet will combat by themselves. Therefore, setting up gear and pets at the beginning is quite important in this game to complete each stage.


Before entering in-game or combat, you will be asked to choose a class first. There are four classes in this game, first is the Knight who has the highest survivability among the others because he has balanced statistics between his attack and defense.


Then there is the Ranger who is a ranged attack with the ability to do serious DPS damage. Then there is the Mage with the ability to deal burst damage in an area of ​​effect. Then there are Priests with powers that can provide healing and are very suitable in terms of team-ups.


When you have chosen the class, you can use that character. With this character, there are many things you can do, such as gear. There are 8 gears that you can use such as weapons, deputies, and rings that have attack stats. Then there are hats, wristers, and necklaces that have HP stats. Finally, there are garments and boots that have DEF stats.

Character Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide

Apart from gear, you also have skills with a total of 4 slots that can be used when you reach level 30. You can get this skill through rerolling at Summon, then to unlock this skill, you need to complete each map. Then you can also increase your stats in both Attack, HP, and DEF through the stats feature on the character, but this requires energy for each increase. Then you can also see the overall stats that you have on the character features.


During combat, you will not be alone but will be accompanied by your pet. But to unlock this Pet feature, you need to complete the 6th stage on the Red Mushroom Valley map.

Pet Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide

This pet is very useful in combat because this pet has different roles and elements. In this role, there are three types such as DPS, Tank, and Support. Then for elements, there are Fire, Water, Electric, Wind, Light, Dark, and Void where each of these elements has its own weaknesses.

Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrading your Character

In this game, the character is very important in terms of completing each stage. There are many things you can upgrade such as enhance your gear. Because there are 8 types of gear, the improvement of the character will look significant. But for the maximum of the gear level, it will adjust to your character level.

Upgrade your character

Apart from that, you can also upgrade your skills. For these skills, you should focus on skills that can have quite a big impact on the team, because this upgrade requires material in the form of EXP Cards or the skills themselves.

Then in terms of statistics, we recommend adjusting it to your class, if the damager class is like ranger and mage, then you can increase attack, but if knight and priest can increase HP and DEF. However, you can also use characters with hybrid types, so all statistics are balanced.

2. Join other players using Team up

Join team up

Apart from combat with pets, you can also join other players through the Team Up feature. You can find and join a strong team so that it’s easy to complete each stage or even form by inviting other players. It’s even better if you have friends because you can communicate like classes that complement each other and their pets in terms of their type and role.

3. Setting your Lineup

You can arrange this lineup through the pet feature and tap on the Lineup section. There you can adjust the position of each character and his pet. We recommend complementing each other, such as the presence of damages, supports, and tankers from both the class and the pet.

Set your line up

Then position the tanker to be placed in front, then the damager and support behind. Besides that, you can also see enemy elements from the boss stage. That way, don’t forget to use a pet with an element that can counter the boss element.

4. Use the Auto challenge

Use auto challenge

If your combat power is strong enough to fight the bosses in the next 5-10 stages. You can use the Auto challenge feature on the right. Make sure you increase your combat power first because there is a certain limit to being able to use this feature.

5. Don’t forget to claim your Online Rewards

Mushroom N Heroes RPG Reroll guide

When you are online for a long time, you can get free rewards. However, this is only valid for 3 consecutive days, so you shouldn’t miss it because the rewards given are very useful, such as Skills and Pet Coupon Rare Eggs to get SR Pets and other attractive rewards. You can claim this on the left in the combat lobby.

Final thoughts

Mushroom N Heroes RPG is quite an interesting game because it takes the mushroom theme. Then for you to be able to survive in this game, it is very important to upgrade your character and pet, and don’t forget to join a strong team up to make it easier for you during the challenge.

Did you find this Mushroom N Heroes RPG Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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