NBA Infinite Beginners Guide and Tips

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NBA Infinite is the latest basketball title developed by Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios and has now been released worldwide on both iOS and Android devices. The game initially entered early access in the US and Canada in February 2023. In this NBA Infinite Beginners Guide, you’ll learn the basics of the game and how to get started properly.

Following that, it underwent a second beta test in select regions in July 2023 before becoming available for pre-registration in early December 2023. Finally, it entered soft launch in mid-December 2023. NBA Infinite offers uninterrupted officially licensed basketball action. You can also check out some NBA Infinite free redeem codes, which provide in-game perks and rewards when redeemed.

NBA Infinite Gameplay Basics

NBA Infinite offers a straightforward learning curve but presents challenges at higher levels of play. Players can partake in exciting live basketball matchups against real opponents simultaneously. These adrenaline-pumping matches last up to 10 minutes, including halftime. Before each match, players can configure their lineup and assign a head coach to the team.

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During NBA Infinite gameplay on Android, you’ll face the task of outmaneuvering your opponents with your best moves, and your lineup selection will significantly impact the game. You’ll have full control of the court, needing to make critical decisions to secure victory in each match. The inclusion of real NBA icons with unique skills adds an extra layer of excitement for players, making it essential for newcomers to start with a solid understanding of the game.

Selecting your team in NBA Infinite

When you begin playing NBA Infinite, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to choose your team from a selection of iconic NBA franchises such as the LA Lakers, GSW Warriors, and many more. Each team comes with its unique roster of players, playstyles, and strengths.

NBA infinite select team
Image via Level Infinite

This allows you to align yourself with your favorite NBA team or explore different strategies by selecting different franchises. Choose wisely, as your chosen team will be the foundation of your journey to basketball glory in NBA Infinite.

NBA Infinite Game Modes

With a variety of game modes to choose from, there’s something for every basketball fan, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting. Here are the following game modes available in NBA Infinite:

NBA Infinite early access, NBA Infinite, NBA Infinite Closed Beta Test
Image via Level Infinite
  • 3v3 Ranked (Unlocks at level 4): Engage in competitive 3-on-3 matches where teamwork and strategy are essential. Climb the ranks as you face off against other players in intense battles to prove your skills on the court.
  • Dynasty Ranked (Unlocks at level 6): Build and manage your basketball dynasty as you compete against other players. Strategize your team composition, make smart decisions, and lead your dynasty to glory in this ranked mode.
  • 11-point game: Experience fast-paced and exciting matches in this traditional 5-on-5 format. Compete against other players to score 11 points and emerge victorious on the court.
  • 1v1 Normal (Unlocks at level 7): Showcase your skills in one-on-one matchups against other players. Test your dribbling, shooting, and defensive abilities in this head-to-head mode.
  • 3-point contest (Unlocks at level 9): Put your shooting accuracy to the test in this thrilling competition. Compete against others to see who can score the most points from beyond the arc within a set time limit.
  • Training Camp: Hone your skills and master various aspects of the game in this practice mode. Work on your shooting, dribbling, defense, and other techniques to improve your performance on the court.

Whether you’re vying for the top spot in ranked matches or honing your skills in training, NBA Infinite offers endless opportunities for basketball excitement.

NBA Infinite Coaches

When you visit the NBA Store in NBA Infinite, you’ll discover a range of coaches available for incorporation into your gameplay. While purchasing coaches typically requires spending in-game currency, there are alternative avenues, such as events, through which players can obtain coaches for free. Certain events offer coaches as rewards, allowing players to bolster their teams without spending currency.

NBA infinite coaches
Image via Level Infinite

In NBA Infinite, coaches come in three different categories: interior, blocking, and space coaches. Each type of coach employs various on-court strategies, and it’s important to note that every coach possesses unique qualities. Coaches in NBA Infinite are categorized into three rarities:

  • Gold: The highest rarity, offering the most attribute bonuses and possessing a wide array of skills.
  • Purple: A mid-level rarity, providing moderate attribute bonuses and a selection of skills.
  • Blue: The lowest rarity, offering basic attribute bonuses and fewer skills compared to higher rarities.

As you upgrade your coaches, regardless of rarity, you’ll unlock more attribute bonuses. However, higher-rarity coaches grant greater attribute bonuses with each upgrade. Coaches in NBA Infinite can reach a maximum of seven levels, and it’s recommended that new players focus on upgrading their coaches early to gain significant experience boosts.

Navigating the NBA Infinite Player Market

The Player Market in NBA Infinite is where you can buy and sell NBA player cards, offering opportunities to strengthen your team. It’s essential to understand its workings for optimal gameplay. The market operates on specific timings: closed daily from 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT and from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM PDT.

Image via Level Infinite

Each player card has a unique price determined by market demand. When selling, there’s a 20% reduction from the original price. You can also pre-order player cards, but payment is required. Failed pre-orders allow you to reclaim spent Gold.

Image via Level Infinite

Understanding the Player Market is crucial for beginner players. Note the market’s open and closed times to plan your transactions effectively. Pre-orders are available but require payment, with unsuccessful attempts to refund spent Gold.

NBA Infinite Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

The NBA Infinite Beginners Guide offers valuable tips and tricks to help you navigate the game with ease. From utilizing coaches effectively to mastering controls and climbing the leaderboard, this guide provides essential advice to enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or maximize your team’s potential, these tips will set you on the path to success in NBA Infinite.

1. Using Coaches in NBA Infinite

I have discovered that before jumping into matches, it’s crucial to understand your coaches’ tactics and use them effectively. Whether it’s defensive strategies or offensive plays, coaches bring unique skills to the table. To unlock more skills, level them up to 7, which allows them to learn additional tactics.

NBA infinite Coach
Image via Level Infinite

Upgrading your coaches to levels 2, 5, and 7 unlocks new attributes, enhancing their effectiveness on the court. Keep an eye out for the four attribute bonuses provided by each coach.

2. Buy and sell player cards wisely

I have learned that it is important to utilize the marketplace wisely by buying and selling player cards strategically. You can list duplicate cards for sale, adjusting the quantity and price as needed.

NBA infinite player market
Image via Level Infinite

Market trends play a significant role, so it’s essential to stay informed to secure the best deals. Remember, you have full control over your transactions, allowing for flexibility in your player card management.

3. Climb the Leaderboard

Keep an eye on the leaderboard to track your progress and compare your stats with other players. Achieving a higher rank requires collecting more points by playing matches and earning victories.

NBA infinite leaderboard
Image via Level Infinite

Strive for consistency and aim to earn rewards by reaching the top ranks. The leaderboard reflects your performance across various statistical categories, including MVP, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

4. Master Rebounding

I learned that rebounding is the game-changer in NBA Infinite. It’s not just about grabbing the ball; it’s about seizing control of the game’s momentum. By securing rebounds, you deny opponents’ scoring chances while creating opportunities for your team.

NBA infinite gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

It’s a skill that influences the tempo, dictates the pace, and ultimately determines the outcome of the game. So, focus on mastering rebounding to swing momentum in your favor and lead your team to victory.

5. Aim for MVP Status

If you want to become an MVP, contribute across multiple statistical categories, not just scoring points. Focus on making an impact in all aspects of the game, from rebounds to assists. Leading your team to victory requires inspiring your teammates through your actions on the court.

Image via Level Infinite

Strive for versatility and be prepared to make game-changing plays that swing momentum in your team’s favor. Remember, being an MVP is about more than individual performance as it’s about leading your team to success and celebrating their achievements along the way.

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