NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Elevate your game, as NBA Stars await you in NBA Now 22!

NBA Now 22 is a brand new basketball mobile game by Com2uS. If you are an NBA fan, you will be excited to know that this is the first mobile basketball game ever to feature player and team stats from a full 82 game season, from points per game to even turnovers. This game offers lots of great features and modes with amazing graphics. Players can play with their friends and other online players as well. The game can be played in portrait mode on mobile and players can play this game In landscape mode only on tablets and iPads. Here, in this NBA Now 22 beginners guide, we will help you out on how to get started in this game, what all do you need to know, and how to improve the visual experience, as well as the gaming experience for this game.

NBA Now 22 guide: Learn the basics

On the main screen of NBA Now 22, you will find all the different game modes and challenges. You will also find a section where you can manage your team and also a draft section where you can draft players and add them to your team.

NBA Now 22 game play
NBA Now 22 game-play

At the bottom of the home screen, you can see your inbox. You can collect rewards from your inbox. Rewards are earned by watching ads, completing missions and goals. Once you collect the rewards from your inbox, it will send your rewards to the Inventory section, just beside the inbox.

In your Inventory, you will find 4 different sections.

  1. Pack: In this section you can open player packs earned after completing certain missions or goals.
  2. Material: Here you will find different cards that you can use to improve the performance of your team and players.
  3. Consumable : This section displays all the consumable items available, which are used to increase the performance of your team before entering a game in League, Battle and Friend Mode.
  4. Others: In this section you can use or open rewards collected from the inbox. The rewards mostly include consumable boxes, Lucky Bronze or Silver coupons and cards used to level up players.

You can also check the Attendance section at the bottom which shows daily login rewards. If you are new to the game you will notice the ‘New User Attendance’ bar with the Daily Attendance. You will receive 2 rewards every day for logging in till all the New User Attendance rewards are earned.

How to improve your players in NBA Now 22

Right at the bottom, you will notice the NBA 75th anniversary logo. This section contains 7 different options for improving players, releasing extra players, and combining reserves for a new player.

improving players NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide
NBA Now 22

Level Up Players

You can level up any player on your roster in the Level up option. Simply select the player and level up using points. You can level up once or 10 times at once, where the player will level up 10 times repeatedly. You can also level up using stars which guarantees a 100% success rate.

Level Reset

You can reset any players’ level to level 1. To reset a players’ level you will need a Level reset card which is mostly a part of the rewards. Select the player you want to reset and use the Material Level Reset card to do so.

Combine players to earn a new player

combine NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide
NBA Now 22 players

You can combine reserve players to earn a new player in NBA Now 22. There are a total of 4 types of combinations :

  1. Grade Combination: With this combination you can obtain a Gold-Diamond player by combining 3 or more reserves with a gold player. This combination will cost 1200 stars.
  2. Type Combination: You can obtain a Silver-Diamond player by combining 3 or more reserves of the same type, that is Signature, All Star or Vintage Signature. This combination will cost points.
  3. Position Combination: With this combination you can obtain a normal-Diamond player by combining 5 or more reserve players of the same position. This combination costs 10,000 points.
  4. Normal Combination: This combination only requires 3 or more reserves which will get you a Normal-Diamond player. This combination doesn’t require any sort of currency.

Level Extension

Using a Level extension card will help you can extend players’ maximum level, allowing more level-ups. You can either use a material “Level Extension” card or use a duplicate card of the same player to do so.

Grade Up

You can grade up any player by using the Grade Up card. This will upgrade your player up to 1 tier. You can grade up a silver player to gold and Gold players to diamond.

NBA Now 22: Play games in different modes

League mode

In this mode, you can play a full 82 game season. The season’s schedule will be the same as that of the selected team. You can play a full 12 minute quarter or the last 3 minutes of the same quarter. You can also choose Auto mode, where the game will be simulated for all 4 quarters.  After the end of each quarter, you will receive Quarter end rewards. You can also check player stats after the end of each quarter and at the end of the game, click on ‘View More’ to check player stats.

League Mode NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide
NBA Now 22 League mode

Check your players’ and team’s stats in the Record section. You can filter a total of 15 stats, from Points to Personal fouls. Also, check your team rank in the League Rank section. The qualifying format is the same as the NBA, the first 8 seeds in each conference will advance to the playoffs. 

Battle mode

In Battle mode, you can play with other players and earn Battle coins. In this mode, the game will be simulated for both players. Team Skill effects can be applied to the team to improve performance, team skill effects can be purchased sing battle coins from the Team Skill section.

Battle Mode
NBA Now 22 Battle mode

Winning games will also reward Battle points which will increase your rank. Battle points decide your tier, each tier has different rewards. There are 5 tiers, with each tier consisting of 3 stages to advance. You can also buy player packs from the Battle Shop section using Battle coins.

Friend Mode

In Friend Mode, you will first have to add friends to the game to get started. Once your friends are listed in the Battle list, you can then challenge them. Winning games will reward Stars, when daily maximum Stars are earned, you will be rewarded with a Friendship Coin. You can buy players and lottery using friendship coins from the friendship shop.

Arcade Mode

Participate in a Dunk contest in Ranked Arcade mode. To play, you will need Arcade tickets. You will be playing with the nominated player of the week, that is, you’ll be able to play with new players every week. Also, if you happen to have a player card with the same name as the Player of the week, you will be rewarded with extra points. Reaching every 5th level, you will receive massive rewards, from Stars to Gold-Diamond player packs,

You can check your rank and tier in the Record section. Arcade mode will also have 5 tiers, each tier consisting of 3 levels to advance to the next. You can spend your Arcade points earned from winning contests in the Arcade shop, for player packs and cards.

Prediction mode

In Prediction mode, you can predict and vote which team will win. You will also notice a bar that displays the prediction status and percentage value of all the votes. Prediction time is available from 9 a.m to 5 p.m UTC. You will receive rewards as per the number of correct predictions.

 Prediction mode NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide
NBA Now 22 Prediction mode

In Ranker Prediction mode you can predict and vote for 3 players for each of the 3 records, if you make a correct prediction and the player voted for happens to be one of the players you own, you will receive bonus rewards. You will earn Prediction Coins by making correct predictions, which you can spend in the Prediction shop for player packs.

NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Go through these NBA Now 22 beginners guide and tips so that you can make sure of victory in each match!

1. Use Boost Items

Using boost items will improve your team’s performance.

  • Consumables: It will help to increase player stats, they vary from vitamins, drinks, sprays, tape and chocolate. Vitamins mostly increases shooting while Drinks help increase physicality of the players. Using Spray, you can increase ball control of players playing in given position. Tapes increases players’ defense and chocolate helps to increase rebounding. These consumables come in different tiers as well, normal, silver, gold, etc.
Consumables NBA Now 22 Beginners Guide
NBA Now 22 Consumables
  • Mission Booster: It increases manual mission completion progress. You can use this item before entering a league game.
  • Tactic Cards: It are set plays, designed to give your players advantage over the opposition’s defense by setting screens or making cuts to the rim. You can use these cards in the middle of the game to increase your chances at scoring in the given possession. You can buy tactic cards from the Tactic card section in league mode using points.

2. Do not forget to recover your players

Condition Recovery Card: You can use these cards to maintain or improve Team’s conditioning. Playing multiple games will decrease the players’ overall and stats, they can be brought back to the maximum level by using these cards. You can either recover your players individually in the Manage Team section or recover the whole team right before you enter a league game in league mode.

3. Increase your team overall

Lineup Effect: You can use the lineup effect to increase the stats of selected players of the team. In every Lineup effect, you will have to add 4 or more players of the same grade to increase the stats of the players who meet the condition. The increase in stats is doubled in the case of a Signature Player. There are a total of 4 lineup effects:

 Lineup effect
NBA Now 22 Lineup effect
  • Silver Grade Effect: Add 4 or more silver players in your lineup to add additional overall to their stats.
  • Gold Grade Effect: Add 4 or more Gold players in your lineup to add additional overall to their stats.
  • Team Grade Effect: Add 4 players of the same team in your lineup to add additional overall to their stats.
  • All-Star Grade Effect: Add 4 or more All-Star players in your lineup to add additional overall to their stats.

4. Complete Manual Missions

Complete Manual missions to earn rewards ranging from points to player packs in NBA Now 22. You can check the mission list in the Manual Mission section in League Mode. Missions are categorized by difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard. The mission will be considered done only when it is completed while playing in manual mode. You can earn a minimum of 40x points, and a maximum of 120x coins after achieving missions.

5. Try out different Controls

There are two types of controls:

Type A

Type A consists of a pad, using which you can play both defense and offense. This control is best for experiencing exciting gameplay on the go. Controls used on the pad are:

  • Movement and Dribbling: Move around the pad to run in different directions.
  • Pass: Swipe the pad to the direction of your teammate to pass the ball.
  • Shoot: Tap and hold the center of the pad to shoot. Release as soon as the ball icon touches the line at the near top of the shot meter.
  • Skill move: Tap the pad quickly twice to drive to the hoop. While attempting to drive in, swipe the pad up to attempt a dunk or a layup
  • Defense: Tap and hold the center of the pad to guard. You can move with the player by moving around the pad
  • Steal: Swipe the pad towards the direction of the ball to attempt a steal.
  • Block: Swipe the pad up to attempt a block.
NBA Now 22 controls
NBA Now 22 Types of controls

Type B

Type B is a more detailed control with different buttons for offense and defense and a stick. Controls for this type are:

  • Movement and Dribbling: Use the stick to move around in different directions.
  • Pass: Tap the Pass button while moving the stick towards the direction of your teammate to pass the ball.
  • Shoot: Tap and hold the shoot button to shoot the ball. Release as soon as the ball icon touches the line at the near top of the shot meter.
  • Drive and Skill: Tap and hold the drive button to penetrate the defense, while penetrating swipe up to the shoot button to attempt for a layup or a dunk. Double tap on the drive button to perform dribble moves.
  • Defence: Tap and hold the guard button to perform defense. Make sure you move with the player using the stick.
  • Steal: Double tap the guard button to attempt for a steal.
  • Block: Tap the block button to attempt for a block.

6. Complete Event Missions to earn more rewards

Event Missions
NBA Now 22 Event Missions

These missions are to be done at least 10 times to earn rewards and a maximum of 50 times to earn more rewards after completing the mission every 10 times. These missions are live for a limited time only, make sure you check on these regularly. Rewards range from Bronze Lucky coupons to Player packs.

Since you have come to read this far, you must have already understood how to play the game in an efficient way and how you can gradually become a pro in it. The tips that have been provided in this NBA Now 22 beginners guide are the most essential keys for a beginner to gain confidence in the game and win matches over and over again.

That’s all for today’s NBA Now 22 beginners guide. Did you find our NBA Now 22 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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