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Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Enjoy the thrill of adventure, uncover hidden truths and overcome difficult dungeons!

Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG is an action-packed RPG game developed by GEN GAMES COMPANY LIMITED. The game takes place in a magical East-Asian metaphysical world, where you can fly and roam within the infinite clouds and endless deep seas. The game while being simple has a lot of in-game options and choices to choose from, this Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide aims to simplify these things even further for players to understand.

Gameplay Overview

Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal also offers excellent customization options with many unlockable armors. Players can join hands with other players in the game to take on bigger bosses and clear up the dungeons as well. The game offers countless boss battles and multiple PvP battles which offer great rewards after completion.

Introducing the Basics of Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG offers an exciting sword fighting system where players engage in a mid-air combat system with bosses and players both engaging in the immortal air battle.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

The concept of the game makes it a very unique experience and players can easily lose hours of gameplay in the game. The game offers many different pairs of swords each offering varying statistics and collectibles through the completion of different quests.

Fight epic bosses with deadly combos 1v1 standoffs

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG offers epic 1v1 battles against a variety of bosses with each having different powers and weaknesses. This adds variety to the game with respect to the challenges faced by the players. Defeating bosses not only add experience points to the players but also gives access to better and bigger sets of armor and weapons.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

Players can also Summon their friends and take on the challenge head-on together to fight the enemy bosses and share the rewards. The game allows players to combine the combat system and make their own combo the way they seem best.

This requires the need for deft control maneuvering to pull off the best combos and deal the most damage possible. The game makes use of the popular Quick Time Event (QTE) combo system which makes each combo unique and tailor-fitted for each moment and each boss you come across.

Summon and train your Companions for the journey

The game takes the players on a journey, a journey of discovery and redemption. During this Journey, you will take on a lot of enemies as they try to invade your world to make it corrupt from the inside. Hence you will be requiring some assistance in repelling these invading forces and the game offers just that. You can recruit different companions and followers throughout your journey by getting their summoning cards. These heroes come in different varying statistics which of course you can upgrade through spending some in-game resources.

Utilizing the Astras in battles

Astras are the in-game additional features to assist the players in their journey. The Astras include special sword combos, which can be upgraded and equipped as per the player’s choice. Players can also make use of Primesoul which is the ultimate powerup for the main character through which players can unlock and channel the inner strength of their primary character.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

Then comes the Mount which are the flying companions on which the players make their aerial combat, the game offers various other mounts with varying character traits and statistics based on which the various mounts differ from each other.

Cultivating your way to Victory

The game lets you cultivate your own gems, realms, deities, divine warriors, and more. This allows customized progress in character build-ups. Players can even choose between two separate cultivation paths, divinization, and demonization. All of this allows for higher total powerups and adds a personalized touch to the character progress arc.

Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

After investing a couple of hours in the game Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG we have come up with the following tips and tricks for players to make their Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG journey a better one.

1. Keep your Companions powered up

Your companions will fight on your side forever till their last breath, they can be upgraded to make them a force to reckon with. You can have up to four companions at a given time in the game, the companions can be upgraded after each and every combat sequence given you have enough in-game resources present.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

Don’t forget to upgrade the companions because if you do not only will they be ineffective but you might lose them forever too because the game has a progressive difficulty level, which increases as the game progresses forward. Hence make sure you upgrade them on a continuous basis.

2. Clear up Dungeons for better rewards

Dungeons offer a unique battle experience, they have their own difficulty level, own mission structure, and even unique bosses to fight. The difficulty of Dungeons is more than the regular missions in the game, which means there are better rewards to collect as well there.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

You can clear up as many dungeons as possible early on in the game to make sure you can stockpile better equipment for the later stages of the game because as stated before as the game progresses further, the difficulty level keeps on increasing further.

3. Choose your Quests at the right time

The quests in Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG have to be selected manually by the players, the game is a little different than the other RPG games as soon as you log into the game the fights and swordplay will automatically start you won’t have to control it, but as soon as you will reach a certain level in the game, you will have to select from the missions available the best possible one to complete and collect the rewards.

4. Defeat Bosses for obtaining Ultimate rewards

Defeating bosses in the game can provide the players with great rewards which will not be accessible elsewhere by completing any other quests, hence the rewards obtained through completing boss fights would be better and more valuable.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

Players however will have to keep on an eye open on when to initiate the quests for the game, because the boss fights don’t happen on your own, you will have to initiate them by selecting the appropriate quests.

5. Complete Trials to level up faster

Trials are side quests that are similar to boss fights but are based on level-based missions where you will have to survive as many waves of enemies as you can, you get better rewards as you progress further down in the stages.

Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide, Nevermore-M Idle Immortal RPG

Regardless to say, as you keep on progressing down the line the difficulty also keeps on increasing you will need better equipment and better companions to survive the onslaught in the later stages of the game.

Final Thoughts

The game has a good combat system but unfortunately, you don’t control it for the most part of the game all the fights happen on their own, what you can do is improve the skills and add new moves to your arsenal which will help you add new combat moves for your player. You can also personalize your character according to your liking and take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Did you find this Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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