ONE PIECE Bounty Rush: The Complete Reroll Guide and Tips

Start your journey with the best characters in the game!

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is an amazing action multiplayer game where the players fight in a 5v5 format match where players get to choose any One Piece character, and thus jump onto the small map and fight against a Domination format match. Players will witness a lot of characters in the game and thus in the beginning, they will also get a chance to get a free reroll option so that they can summon and get the best character at the beginning itself. Thus, let us jump into the procedure of reroll and know everything in detail through our ONE PIECE Bounty Rush reroll guide.

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How to reroll efficiently in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 

In ONE PIECE Bounty Rush, each participant receives the possibility to roll out the exceptional character from the game just after the player completes a small, particular tutorial presented by the officials. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush usually desires the players to win their favored hero from the world of ONE PIECE who are thus available whilst rolling them. For that reason, each player should summon characters to be able to achieve their preferred hero.

Players in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush get to sign in via two special resources, particularly Google and Facebook. They can sign in with distinctive email IDs forming a couple of accounts owed at a time. This way the players have an advantage of the usage of all the different IDs they own for rerolling till they gain their desired character.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Reroll Guide for Android devices

Following are some easy steps to reroll in case the players own an Android device:

Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • Open the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush from your respective devices and check in with both your Google or Facebook accounts.
  • Open the game and then start with the in-game assigned tutorials.
  • After completing the tutorial, the game will point you closer to the Scout section where you may get a chance to summon a character free of cost.
  • Summon the characters from the free roll choice furnished to you in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush.
  • The players can create multiple accounts for themselves and use them if they do not get their desired characters.

Consequently, repeat the same steps till you get your chosen individual and begin taking part in this adventure in opposition to other awesome characters of ONE PIECE Universe.

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Reroll Guide for iOS devices

The steps to reroll a character in iOS are the same as for Android devices in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. Thus, players need to follow the detailed reroll guide to obtain their desired ONE PIECE character.

How to reroll on an Emulator in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

Emulators are one of the exceptional approaches to have a fast revel together with your laptop or PC. The advantage is that the emulators provide the players with a huge range of opportunities for multitasking over the game.

The excellent emulators players can find out using a long way are Bluestacks, LD Player, NOX Player, and Memu Player. With the help of these emulators, players can easily come up with clones of the game application and reroll their desired characters without difficulty. Therefore, observe those clean steps to benefit yourself with your favorite character.

  • Install ONE PIECE Bounty Rush on the 64-bit choice which will thus ensure the smooth functioning of the game without any FPS drop or lag.
  • Start the game and download all of the in-game data if any. After this step, clone the game application as much as you want.
  • Following up, undergo each clone app of the game created and repeat the trials of summoning the characters till you receive your desired one.
  • When you’ve received the favored character, remove all of the different clone applications from your emulator home page and keep the one in which you have your preferred character.

How to Bind a game account in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush 

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush has the perfect approach to bind your account owed to the game. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush comes with two alternatives for binding accounts namely Google and Facebook. Consequently, hold up with these following steps to bind an account and secure your game progression:

Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • First of all, open ONE PIECE Bounty Rush to your respective tool.
  • At the screen that appears, players get to check out two options, sign up with Google, and sign up with Facebook.
  • To securely save the game activity till now, pick out both of those alternatives in line with your desire and verify your account without any hindrance.
  • The players can repeat this process by logging out from the Transfer Data section that appears on the opening screen when the players open the game. Thus, players can change their game ID on that section and later enjoy with another ID.

You need to keep up with each step carefully mentioned within the above guide. It will help you experience a clean re-roll in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush and enjoy your journey.

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That’s all from us for the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Reroll Guide! Did you find our ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Reroll Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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