Peridot Guide: Forage and Food Items Explained

A necessity to feed your Dot!

Niantic recently launched the augmented reality title Peridot which has received mixed reactions throughout the player base. The game uses your phone to project a virtual pet companion, a Dot, into the real world, where you must care for them as they develop. With a simple gameplay of hatching a Peridot and feeding and playing with it as it grows from baby to teen to adult, the journey is something that makes the game memorable. However, the survival and growth of your Dot depend on the food you provide, and hence knowing what food items it needs to have becomes important. So, in this guide, we will look into the food items, their types, feeding your dots, and the forage system in Peridot.

Forage in Peridot

A system implemented in Peridot is Forage. Unlike Niantic’s other games, the accumulations of products can be made easily without much movement, which is done by the Dot with the forage system. Explained in simple terms, Foraging is the process by which your Dot digs into a surface it is on in search of either toys or food.

Foraging for Food and Feeding Your Dot
Image via Niantic

To forage for food or toys, simply draw a circle on your screen with the camera pointing at a surface. Your Dot digs into the ground to search for food or toys and will get back in a jiffy. Depending upon the surfaces, the foraging will work. For example, foraging in water will only get some items similar to other surfaces like dirt, desert, etc.

Food Items in Peridot

For your Peridot survival and growth, food becomes essential. Food can be anything that is available in the game, with which you can also teach the Dots some tricks, as explained in our guide. Just like in real-life scenarios, foods in Peridot will begin to age every day. This way, the foods that are aged or expired will be removed from your Lunchbox after a specified period of time.

Peridot Food items
Image via Niantic

Food items are categorized into normal and special foods while the three of them falling under the latter. A total of nine food times are currently available, with the details given below.

Food ItemFood TypeForaged FromFeatures
Earthy OnionNormalDirt
Grassy FlowerNormalGrass
Leafy TomatoNormalFoliage/Leaves
Sandy PearNormalSand
SandwichNormalUnnatural Surfaces
Splashy KelpNormalWater
DewdropSpecialHabitatsDot Desires and Personality.
DotnipSpecialGrass Increases your Dot’s happiness.
Speed SproutSpecial3x Growth for Desires being fulfilled for 30 minutes.

Speed Sprout is currently the only food item that cannot be foraged. However, they can be obtained from Login Bonus or Shop or the Rewards you gain on completing desires or quests. For feeding your Dot, choose the food and swipe up to toss it over to her. You can return food to your bag by dragging it to the “X” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Did you find our Peridot guide to the list of Food items mentioned along with the steps on how to forage them? Do let us know in the comments!

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