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Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Spirits Tier List for March 2023

Choose from only the best companions!

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG is an RPG game that has recently come into play. The game has many interesting features but one of them is Spirits. Spirits are the companions that help out the main character while fighting. Players can tap on the spirit that they chose, and just after that, the spirit will appear with its special attack and thrash away all the enemies at once. The main thing is that players often get confused over the spirits and question themselves about which one will be the best. To solve that issue, here is a detailed Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List for the spirits for players to choose the best three spirits for their team. 

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List for March 2023

The game categorizes the spirits into three different tiers, S, A, and B 

Strong (S)God of Fire Phoenix,
Priest of the Waves Dione,
Flame knight commander Ignis,
Good (A)Jegal-hyeon,
Batgirl of the Flash Luna,
Madness Sekhmet
Average (B)Windfury Wolverine,
Frost Fox Miho,
Green Dear Syniam

Best Meta Spirits from each class for Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG in March 2023

Pixel Fantasia categorizes these spirits further into four types of classes so that players find it easier to choose the best spirit for their three men spirit squad. Thus following are the classes and the best spirits from each class:

Fire Spirits

Fire-type spirits are the ones who possess fire powers and thus accumulate these elements to use them against their opponents. These class spirits are considered the most powerful ones as it’s very easy to say that fire is the strongest element we can witness on earth. 

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List
Image via Superbox

The Flame Knight Commander Ignis is the most powerful Fire class spirit in the game. The character possesses the energy of fire, converts that energy into a real fire haul and thus then shoots in the face of its opponent. The character follows up with three main attacks:

  • Phoenix Rune – This attack contains the power of phoenix in a wide area and then attacks up to 12 enemies at a time. The attack comes up with a damage of 1166% of damage which is 9 times higher than the usual one. 
  • Red Sword Style: Sky Destroyer – This attack slams a giant flame sword forward to attack up to 14 enemies for 285% damage 7 times. 
  • Red Sword Style: Meteor Strike – This attacks up to 6 enemies for 1500% damage 3 times with a flame sword facing forward. 

Water Spirits

Water-type spirits are the one who possesses the power of water. Just like the fire ones, these spirits accumulate the energy of water, convert them, and then splash water attacks over their enemies. They are considered the second most powerful because of their manipulative trait that they do up with water present around themselves. 

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List
Image via Superbox

Priest of the waves Dione is considered the best water class spirit in the game. The character has great potential and the special part is that she can eventually collect groundwater as well while fighting against the odds. Following are the main attacks that are mostly used by her in between fights:

  • Waves of Life – This attack increases water affinity by 39.50% for 10s.
  • Shark Wave – In this attack, the water shark attacks in a certain area and affects up to 6 enemies with 500% of damage 6 times. 
  • Strong Water Pillar – When the player uses this attack, the spirit stores water energy and bursts it in a wide area and affects up to 15 enemies with 1850% of damage 7 times. 

Earth Spirits

Earth-class spirits mainly use natural elements like trees, wind, and the microorganisms present in the soil of the earth to attack their opponents. These spirits come up with unique types of attacks and the attacks are so useful and effective, that they can be barely compared to any other of the attacks for different classes. 

Divine Vajrapani
Image via Superbox

The master of wisdom, Jegal-Hyeon is the best Earth-class spirit players can witness over in the game. The character uses natural entities and thus thrashes away enemies in just a matter of time. Up here are the special attack used by him:

  • Divina Vajrapani – In this attack, the rate of armor penetration increases by 10.30% for 15 seconds. 
  • Eight Diagram – this attack unleashes a powerful formula containing the power of nature in a wide area to attack up to 15 enemies with 5000% damage 15 times. 
  • Yellow Dragon – While using this attack, a yellow dragon summons who attacks up to 10 enemies for 1750% of damage 8 times. In addition to this attack, the attack speed of enemies decreases by 100% for 5 seconds. 

Mage Spirits

Mage-class spirits are called the magicians of the Pixel world. This class character comes up with the scariest attacks and hallucinations of their opponents. When the opponents are in this deep hallucination, the spirits castes their spells and defeat them in the meantime.

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List
Image via Superbox

The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, is considered the best magician over the deck of spirits. The character holds up so many magical resources and puts them all together to defeat the enemies in their scariest way. Here are the best attacks that are used by Athena in between the battle:

  • War Blessing – This attack increases critical attack power by 51.25% for 10 seconds.
  • Judgement Day – This special attack attacks up to 9 enemies for 800% 5 times with a sword that judges the enemies using a portion of his power in a wide area.
  • Blinding Light – This attack creates a pillar of light in a large area using part of your power to attack up to 12 enemies for 1500% damage 6 times. In addition to this, this attack provokes enemies immediately for 5 seconds. 


Pixel Fantasia is an amazing RPG game with over 10 interesting and powerful spirits for the players. Players must follow up the tier list and the best class spirits so that they can choose the three powerful spirits from the deck of all the spirits. These three spirits will then help out the players to win battles against the odds and top the leaderboard easily. 

What do you think about this Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Companions Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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