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Sword Dynasty: Immortal Beginners Guide and Tips

Immortals can't beat me if I become the demon. There's nothing to fear and i will rule everthing!

Sword Dynasty: Immortal is the recent addition to the world of action RPG games. The game has launched with exclusive features and interesting heroes that will make players more enthusiastic. The game follows up a particular storyline just like other typical RPG games. Thus, let us dive into the Sword Dynasty Immortal Beginners Guide and a few tips as well so that players can slay over the open world.

Gameplay Overview

Sword Dynasty Immortal has some of the best pets and companions who support the heroes while locomotion and battles. The game comes up with six different types of characters with unique features and powers. The Sword Dynasty world also categorizes the companions into ten ranks and thus players can utilize them as they go high up in the rank.

Introducing the Basics of Sword Dynasty: Immortal

The game follows up with a typical RPG storyline where players can choose a character from the given six choices. The characters come up with unique features and abilities that are well fascinating and interesting to play with. After choosing the character they want by going through all six of them, players can then directly jump into the main gameplay. The gameplay mechanics are also the basic RPG ones with simple controls and access to all the sections in the main game screen only.

Image via WindFun 3000

Every player can use four skills while fighting with their chosen character. Every skill unlocks after a certain level and the higher the level required to unlock it, the more powerful the skill will be. The players can get to see the icons used to fight on the right side of the screen, and the joystick on the left. The game comes up with a bag that provides easy access to check all the resources, currencies, and items players hold.

The best part is that players do not need to go to any other section to level up their character, it will get leveled up by itself after the completion of missions. Players can level up their companions and pets with the help of certain items and resources which will be discussed further. The game also provides an automatic option so that they can play the game with more ease.

Mastering your Character

Sword Dynasty: Immortal provides six character options to the players at the start of the game. These characters are as follows:

  • Blade
  • Swords Woman
  • Shadow Blade
  • Magical Feather
  • Spirit Monkey
  • Nine Tailed

Every character has a different set of unique abilities and all of them have the highest value of power possible in the world. Still, as per certain classifications, Blade, Swords Woman, Shadow Blade, and Spirit Monkey are the heroes that use certain weapons that help them to manipulate their powers into them and attack the villains with the best set of skills.

On the other hand, Magical Feather and Nine-Tailed use magical powers and sabotage their enemies from a distance. These heroes lack ATK and DEF strengths, thus making them elite mid-range fighters.

  • Role: This is the profile section where players can check out all the stats of the characters in the play. Players can even customize certain things such as the costumes to make their character look more interesting and powerful at the same time.
  • Skill: The skill section shows up all the skills of the character owned and unlocked by the players. Players can check for all the moves the character performs while using the rage skills. They can even change certain skills if they get access to better ones.

Utilizing your Pets and Gears

Mounts and Companions

This section provides access to look out for all the mounts or companions players have in-game.  Players can unlock all the companions after a certain level. The mounts are also ranked from 1 to 10 in ascending order of the level of power they have. These mounts help in locomotion the most, and some of them even provide a bit of defense at the initial stage of the fights.

Rideable pet mount sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000

The mounts can be easily upgraded in this section, players just have to check for the amount of Advanced Mount Pill they have, if it matches the level-up requirement then players must tap on the “Start Level Up” option to level up their mount and hence making it more powerful.

Immortal Gears

Immortal gears sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000

Immortal gears are some of the unique sets of packs that get unlocked after a certain level. These gears help the character to gain more strength that helps them while fighting. These gears also provide a fascinating look to the characters that look quite dope while fighting against the odds.

Divine Gears

This section also provides access to some of the best and most powerful gear that helps the players to improve their attributes such as DEF, ATK, and HP. It has five types of sets for the players and every set unlocks after reaching a certain character level.

Resource Management

The game offers ten important resources and currencies to the players that have a huge impact on the journey of every character in the play.

  • Mount Advance Pill: These pills help the players to increase the levels of their Mounts. By using this pill, players can increase up to 10 levels of their mounts making them more powerful than before.
  • Purifying Divine Pill: The work of this pill is to purify and mutate the pet of the character.
  • Realm Token: This token is mainly used to level up the realm into which the character is in play so that it can provide more advantages to the player while roaming around the open world.
  • Spirit of Mount: Used in the Mounts to increase their attributes. By using this, players can increase up to 800 points of the attribute.
  • Soul of Mount: Increases the defensive attributes of the mounts so that they can defend themselves when present in between fights.
currency and important resources sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000
  • Lucky Ru Vi: Used to protect precious and hidden weapons that are present in the open world.
  • Ark Ghost Haunting Scroll: This scroll helps the players to enter the Experience ark and thus fight against stronger villains to gain more EXP points.
  • Chaotic Scroll: It is termed a Primitive Secret Scroll and is being used after a certain level to unlock some of the best assets present in-game.
  • Ruby: Ruby helps to upgrade certain factors such as ATK, Armour Break, Weapon, Necklace, Ring, Heavenly Bead, and Jade Pendant.
  • Sapphire: Sapphire also upgrades the same factors as Ruby, additionally, it upgrades DEF and HP which has a great role while fighting.


Bag sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000

As mentioned earlier, this section shows up all the resources, currencies, and premium items owned by the players in a particular place. Players can even use them from the Bag. The unnecessary items can be devoured later and players can level up the Devour Mount and later unlock it.

Other in-game features


Players can witness the missions section on the left side of the screen. Here, players can check out all the assigned storyline missions of every stage and chapter which is required to be completed by them. Completion of these missions will help them gather resources and points that will be beneficiary in many aspects in-game.


The team section is the section where players can join clans or rather make a clan to fight together with their friends and strangers. This can help them exchange certain resources when in need and thus will be very much helpful later in the game.

Benefit hall

Benefit hall sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000

In Benefit Hall, players can get their daily sign-in rewards along with some Level Packs as well. These Level Packs are quite useful in upgrading a lot of aspects of the mounts that help them to get leveled up. The section also has a redeem code section where players can enter the code and receive great rewards.


Here comes the place where players can go for in-app purchases and buy the necessary items and resources. Players can also go for some of the best sets of pets, tokens, scrolls, and many more items that will help them boost up their team.

Heavenly Book

Heavenly book sword dynasty immortal
Image via WindFun 3000

The Heavenly Book assigns some of the objectives to the players. Players are then required to complete the assigned objectives to earn premium sets of gears that will help the character to become stronger than before.

Sword Dynasty: Immortal Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips in our guide for beginners in Sword Dynasty: Immortal.

  1. Beginners must go for the assigned storyline missions and complete them with ease. These will help them unlock the best possible rage skills and level up their character so that players can easily take down difficult enemies.
  2. Players must join a Team and enlarge their clan, these can help the players in every step of the game. Sometimes, players need a certain item or resource and they fail to find it while completing the in-game stages and chapters. At this moment, the Team members can help each other out and provide the necessary help to their friends.
  3. Try to use the automatic function when facing easy enemy troops. This will save a lot of time for the players and thus they can sit and enjoy the fights of their divine character.
  4. Upgrade your mount frequently and make it more powerful, mounts help in locomotion and also provide a mere defense at the initial stage of the fights. Thus upgrading them won’t make the players regret it, rather it will help them a lot while getting engaged in some fight.
  5. Complete the missions assigned in the Divine Gear sections, these will help the players gather more premium and best set of gears and help them improve the physical stats of the character.


Sword Dynasty: Immortal is an RPG game that focuses mostly on the storyline and has one of the best sets of main characters. The game comes up with six main characters for the players to choose who come up with different abilities and unique skill sets. The game offers the option of pets and mounts to the players as well which can help them in locomotion and provide the best support while engaged in a fight. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Sword Dynasty Immortal beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Sword Dynasty: Immortal Beginners Guide! Did you find our Sword Dynasty: Immortal beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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