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Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond Hero Tier List for March 2024

Unleash the Powerful Entities and Spark up your Journey!

As a turn-based RPG game, Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond has a variety of characters, known as Heroes. These heroes are present over different tiers and divided into different classes. It is quite normal for newcomers to get confused while choosing the best Hero across the classes at the beginning. Thus to take away that tension, here’s a detailed Pixel Heroes Hero Tier List. I have gone thoroughly through the stats of all Heroes and thus am here to help all the amateurs. 

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond Hero Tier List

The heroes are divided into three Tiers; SS, S, A, B, and C.

SS (Overpowered)Goddess of War,
Goddess of Death,
Shroud Walker,
Iron Fist,
Eternal Spear
God of Time,
Wings of Wish,
Camarilla Bloodline,
Stellar Master,
King of Uruk,
God of Death,
Dawn Paladin,
Divine Hammer
Lady Justice,
Star Guardian,
Wind Whisper,
Forest Princess
S (Strong)Glory Excalibur,
Fuzzy Prowler,
Blast Bunny
Divine Dancer,
Spirit Prophet,
A (Good)Bounty Hunt,
Duo Lancer,
Ice Guardian,
Green Ranger
Lost Torrent
B (Fair)Deadeye,
Novice Swordsman,
Elf Queen
Federal LeaderShaman,
C (Poor)Rogue,
Silver Hunter,
Relic GuardianNovice Magician

Best Meta Heroes from Each Class in Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond

Best Assault Hero – Goddess of War

Assault is one of the main roles to play in a turn-based RPG game like Pixel Heroes: Tale of Emond. Thus, it is required that an Assaulter must have the ability to withstand the upcoming damage from the enemy side and thus counter it as well. Goddess of War is considered the best assault hero in Pixel Heroes.

pixel heroes tales of emond assault
Image via HaoPlay Limited

Due to the presence of amazing stats such as ATK of 6402, DEF of 722, HP of 24084, and Speed of 108. These jaw-dropping stats reveal why she is called the Goddess of War along with the reason of being the best Assualter Hero. 

Best Magic Hero – God of Time

Magic class characters are quite important in RPG games, they come up with marvelous mystical features that can easily damage the enemies from a faraway distance. This creates a great advantage and provides cover to the frontline attackers.

pixel heroes tales of emond magic
Image via HaoPlay Limited

God of Time is thus the perfect example as he is the best Magic Hero in the game. The character has an amazing stat, ATK of 7068, DEF of 722, HP of 21332, and Speed of 109

Best Defense Hero – King of Uruk

Defense Class Heroes need to come to the frontline along with the Assualt and thus, provide a great cover. To fulfill this role, a defensive Hero must have a great DEF stat that will help them to withstand the attracting damages and can also provide great cover fire to the frontlines.

pixel heroes tales of emond defense
Image via HaoPlay Limited

Hence for this role, King of Uruk is the perfect character to fit in the shoes of the best Defense Hero. This character has amazing stats like ATK, DEF, HP, and Speed of approximately 3838, 845, 31017, and 105. Defensive characters lack a bit over the ATK values as they fight from a distance and are more popular for their consumption of damage coming from the enemies.

Best Support Hero – Lady Justice

pixel heroes tale of emond support
Image via HaoPlay Limited

Support Class Heroes mostly focus on providing Cover fire to all the other Heroes present with them from the backend. This character seems silent but has a lot of important work to do. For this role, Lady Justice is the only one who can save everyone from behind. Stats like ATK of 5115, DEF of 726, HP of 27144, and Speed of 105. This set of stats defines why Lady Justice is the best Support Class character in Pixel Heroes. 

Final Thoughts

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond has a variety of characters spread over different tiers and classes. Thus here is a detailed Pixel Heroes Hero Tier List for all my amateur friends. Go thoroughly through the table and check out the best-class heroes so that you don’t miss any of them. So, what are you waiting for? Summon the best heroes and make the ultimate team at the earliest.

Did you find this Pixel Heroes Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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