Pokémon Go: Best Moveset and Counters for Buzzwole

Guide for the best counters against Buzzwole during Battle Raids!

Buzzwole is a dual-type Ultra Beast Tier 5 Raid Boss which looks like a mosquito and has a muscular build along with red blood-filled sacs all over its body. They also have white veins that are as hard as steel and is capable of pulverizing a dump truck in one punch. They have a proboscis as hard as a diamond and even use them in attacks. Buzzwole is a pretty good opponent to fight against and in this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best counters and ways to defeat it.

Buzzwole in Pokémon Go

Image via Niantic

Buzzwole is a dual-type Bug and Fighting Pokémon and is weak against strong counters from Fairy, Fire, Flying, and Psychic-type Pokémon. It has a max CP of 3912 and is 2x times weaker towards Flying-type attacks which means trainers should try to use their strongest Flying-type Pokémon against it.

Buzzwole Movesets

The best movesets for Buzzwole are Counter and Superpower. Both of them have a combined DPS of 50. It is the best combination to use in Pokémon gyms and PvP battles. Some other decent movesets include Poison Jab, Fell Stinger, and Lunge.

Best counters against Buzzwole in Pokémon Go

Here is the list of the best counters that one can use against Buzzwole and guarantee themselves a win.

  • Pidgeot (Mega): Wing Attack/Brave Bird 
  • Charizard (Mega Y): Air Slash/Blast Burn 
  • Moltres: Wing Attack/Sky Attack 
  • Latios (Mega): Zen Headbutt/Psychic 
  • Rayqauza: Air Slash/Hurricane 
  • Charizard (Mega X): Wing Attack/Blast Burn 
  • Braviary: Air Slash/Brave Bird 
  • Yvetal: Gust/Hurricane 
  • Tornadus: Air Slash/Hurricane 
  • Staraptor: Wing Attack/Brave Bird 
  • Tornadus (Incarnate): Air Slash/Hurricane 
  • Honchkrow: Peck/Sky Attack 
  • Latias(Mega): Zen Headbutt/Psychic 
  • Tornadus (Therian): Gust/Hurricane 
  • Unfezant: Air Slash/Sky Attack 
  • Zapdos: Charge Beam/Drill Peck 
  • Houndoom (Mega): Fire Fang/Flamethrower 
  • Ho-Oh: Extrasensory/Brave Bird 
  • Altaria (Mega): Peck/Sky Attack 
  • Mewtwo: Confusion/Psystrike 
  • Toucannon: Peck/Drill Peck 
  • Gengar (Mega): Shadow Claw/Psychic 
  • Lugia: Extrasensory/Aeroblast 
  • Togekiss: Air Slash/Aerial Ace
  • Yanmega: Wing Attack/Aerial Ace
  • Beedrill (Mega): Poison Jab/Aerial Ace
  • Blaziken: Fire Spin/Brave Bird 
  • Slowbro (Mega): Confusion/Psychic 
  • Scyther: Air Slash/Aerial Ace
  • Noivern: Air Slash/Hurricane 
  • Hoopa (Unbound): Confusion/Psychic 
  • Oricorio (Sensu): Air Slash/Hurricane 
  • Sirfetch’d: Fury Cutter/Brave Bird 
  • Reshiram: Fire Fang/Overheat
  • Pidgeot: Gust/Brave Bird 
Pokémon Unite dataminers Buzzwole leaked
Image via Niantic

Buzzwole has quite a different type of Pokémon types available for counters along with 2x weakness towards Flying types. This makes it pretty easy for the trainers to come up with a well-balanced team with essential counters to fight against it and defeat it.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Buzzwole counters in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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