Pokémon Go: Best Moveset and Counters for Skarmory

Guide for Best counters against Skarmory in during Battle Raids!

Skarmory is a dual-type Tier 3 Raid Boss Pokémon that looks like an ostrich covered in Steel armor. It has long sharp taloned legs and its head looks like it had been covered with a steel helmet till its beak. Skarmory also has red feathers on its body. In this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best ways and counters to defeat Skarmory during raids easily and quickly.

Skarmory in Pokémon Go

Skarmory is a dual-type Steel and Flying Pokémon with a max CP of 2108. It is vulnerable to Electric and Fire-type attacks which means players should include their best Pokémons from these choices in their teams as Skarmory is not such an easy Pokémon to defeat and the players will need to put in a decent effort to fight against it.

Skarmory Movesets

Pokémon Go Skarmory counters
Image via Niantic

The best moves from Skarmory’s moveset include Steel Wing and Brave Bird. Both of them have a combined DPS of 94.5 which means it is the best combination that can be used in Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Some other decent attacks from its moveset include Air Slash and Sky Attack.

Best counters against Skarmory in Pokémon Go 

Here is the list of the best counters that one can use against Skarmory and guarantee themselves a win. 

  • Xurkitree: Thunder Shock/Discharge 
  • Reshiram: Fire Fang/Overheat 
  • Chandelure: Hex/Overheat 
  • Thundurus (Therian): Volt Switch/Thunderbolt 
  • Deoxys (Normal): Charge Beam/Thunderbolt
  • Blaziken: Fire Spin/Blast Burn 
  • Electivire: Thunder Shock/Wild Charge 
  • Zapdos: Thunder Shock/Zap Cannon 
  • Charizard: Fire Spin/Blast Burn 
  • Zekrom: Charge Beam/Wild Charge 
  • Darmanitan: Incinerate/Overheat 
  • Infernape: Fire Spin/Blast Burn 
  • Tapu Koko: Volt Switch/Thunderbolt 
  • Emboar: Ember/Blast Burn 
  • Darmanitan (Standard): Incinerate/Overheat 
  • Raikou: Thunder Shock/Wild Charge 
  • Vikavolt: Spark/Discharge 
  • Luxray: Spark/Wild Charge 
  • Manectric: Thunder Fang/Wild Charge 
  • Magnezone: Charge Beam/Wild Charge 
  • Flareon: Fire Spin/Overheat 
  • Typhlosion: Incinerate/Overheat 
  • Pyroar: Ember/Overheat 
  • Heatran: Fire Spin/Flamethrower 
  • Victini: Quick Attack/V-create 
  • Houndoom: Fire Fang/Flamethrower 
  • Moltres: Fire Spin/Heat Wave
  • Ho-Oh: Incinerate/Sacred Fire
  • Magmortar: Fire Spin/Fire Punch
  • Delphox: Fire Spin/Flamethrower 
  • Zacian: Fire Fang/Wild Charge 
  • Pyroar (Female): Fire Fang/Overheat 
  • Salamence: Fire Fang/Fire Blast 
  • Entei: Fire Spin/Flamethrower 
  • Arcanine: Fire Fang/Flamethrower 
Pokémon Go Skarmory counters
Image via Niantic

While going to fight against Skarmory, players should keep in mind that it is boosted by Snow and Windy weather so they should try to avoid it in those conditions. They should also keep in mind that it becomes vulnerable un Rainy and Sunny weather so they should try to fight it then. Apart from that, they can include any of the Pokémon mentioned above in their team to come up with a decent lineup.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Skarmory counters in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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