Pokemon Go: Guide to induce Mega Energy

Induce Mega Energy to your Pokemon!

Mainly Mega Pokémon are considered to be more superior to the opposite cast and most of them can boast huge stat boosts from their counterparts. For example, Gardevoir’s Attack is 237 only while Mega Gardevoir’s Attack is 326. Mega Energy is very valuable for trainers and wishes to farm it but remember farming Mega Energy may be one of the longer and more pain-inducing tasks in Pokemon GO, for which we have come up with this guide. 

Methods to get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO 

To get Mega Energy in Pokémon GO there are 2 methods; 

  • Defeating Mega Pokémon in raids 
  • Completing special tasks 

Most trainers use the primary method that’s defeating Mega Pokémon as in raid if the player defeated a Mega Pokémon, then that individual is rewarded with 30-50 mega Energy by now it’s been changed by Niantic to 50-90 Mega Energy. 

pokemon go mega energy in-game
Pokemon GO Mega Energy in-game

These changes were great, as many mega Pokémon need a high amount of mega energy to evolve as Gengar needs 200 Mega Energy to evolve into Mega Gengar. Which suggests, while beating Mega Raids rewards were 30-50 Mega Energy, and farming enough energy was a Herculean effort.

So, it’s assumed that each raid if beaten in its quickest time, it’d take 4 Mega Raids battles to urge the proper amount of mega Energy. Point to be noted, Mega energy isn’t applicable to every Pokémon, its specialty is that every Pokémon can only mega evolve with the energy. 

Strategies involving Mega Energy

Mega evolution isn’t permanent and it remains just for 4 hours and therefore the Pokémon would force mega energy again to evolve but the quantity will be worth only a fourth of the first cost. It implies that if any trainer has already Mega evolved Gengar with the requisite 200 energy, then to evolve it again it’d only charge 50 energies. 

This might sound to you very difficult but with the assistance of few strategies you’ll be able to have a high chance to realize mega energy; 

  • Take advantage of each Mega raid, unless the owner may be a Pokémon, they need no plans of Mega evolving ever as they alter each month. 
  • Trainers also are advised to raid with multiple teammates to maximize the result and must enter with help to ensure that the owner is treated quickly.

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