Pokemon GO: Tips to get Elite Fast and Charged TM in the game

Gather them fast!

Pokemon GO is by far one of the most popular games on the planet. The game has developed a devoted following of players who actively participate in daily gameplay. Although some of these items are easily discovered, there are some uncommon items, such as Elite Fast TM and Elite Charged TM, that will aid players in battle situations. Here’s everything on how trainers can obtain these uncommon Elite Fast and Charged TM items in Pokemon GO.

How to get Elite Fast or Elite Charged TM in Pokemon GO

While standard TMs just replace your Pokémon’s move with another random move, Elite Fast or Charged TMs allow you to select the attack you want, and the best part is that the list of options includes special moves that are only available during specified events. This provides an advantage to players over their opponents. Now there are three ways to get your hands on Elite Fast or Elite Charged TM in Pokemon GO.

1. Opening Community Day Boxes

To begin, users can purchase Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs from the Pokémon Go store by spending money. Although Elite TMs aren’t available in the shop on a regular basis, they do emerge in monthly Community Day Boxes.

Pokemon GO Elite Fast and Charged TM
Image via Niantic

You can try your luck with a small sum of money. However, you should consider how much an Elite TM in the Community Day Box would cost; numerous people have claimed that the Elite TMs in this month’s Community Day Box is priced absurdly high.

2. Participate in the Go Battle League

Entering the Pokémon Go Battle league, where users compete against one another for better ranks and guaranteed rewards, is one of the most basic ways to obtain Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs. Rare Candy, Stardust, Legendary Pokemon, and other goodies are available to players with higher rankings. Players with higher ranks can additionally get Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs at the end of each season.

3. Completing Research Tasks

Completing Research Tasks is one of the simplest methods to obtain Elite Fast or Elite Charge TMs. Unfinished assignments can be checked in your unique research page, which also shows the prizes, which may include an Elite Fast or Elite Charged TM.

Team Go Rocket Events, in particular, reward easy special research tasks with Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs. With Niantic making it more difficult to obtain Remote Raid passes and Community Days being shorter, these are the only options to obtain Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs.

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