Pokémon Go Nosepass Raid: Best Moveset, Counters, and Tips

Guide for the best counters against Nosepass during Battle Raids!

Nosepass is a Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokémon Go. It is a blue bipedal Pokémon that looks similar to the Easter Island Heads. It has a bright triangular nose that is highly magnetic which looks similar to an arrow. Its skin is rock solid and its nose performs as a working magnet that always points towards the north. It is a decent opponent whom you can defeat with the right counters. So in this Pokémon Go guide, we are going to talk about the best ways and counters that you can use to defeat Nosepass in the best way possible.

Nosepass in Pokémon Go

Nosepass is a pure Rock-type Pokémon with a maximum CP of 1123 at level 50. It is weak in Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type attacks. If you have the perfect counters, you can fight against it all by yourself. If you don’t have the ideal counters, I would recommend you take a friend into the battle along with yourself.

Nosepass Moveset

Pokémon Go Nosepass moveset
Image via Niantic

The best moves from the moveset of Nosepass are Rock Throw and Rock Slide. Both of them have a combined DPS of 51.6 and it is also the best combination of moves that you can use in both Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Other good options that I’ve found to be useful from the movepool of Nosepass are Spark, Rock Blast, and Thunderbolt.

Best counters against Nosepass in Pokémon Go

Here’s the list of the best counters that you can use against Nosepass to guarantee a win for yourself.

  • Necrozma (Dusk Mane): Metal Claw/Sunsteel Strike
  • Groudon (Primal): Mud Shot/Precipice Blades
  • Kyogre (Primal): Waterfall/Origin Pulse
  • Groudon (Shadow): Mud Shot/Precipice Blades
  • Garchomp (Shadow): Mud Shot/Earth Power
  • Swampert (Mega): Water Gun/Hydro Cannon
  • Metagross (Shadow): Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash
  • Excadrill (Shadow): Metal Claw/Scorching Sands
  • Sceptile (Mega): Fury Cutter/Frenzy Plant
  • Garchomp (Shadow): Mud Shot/Earth Power
  • Kyogre (Shadow): Waterfall/Origin Pulse
  • Heracross (Mega): Counter/Close Combat
  • Groudon: Mud Shot/Precipice Blades
  • Terrakion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Blaziken (Mega): Counter/Focus Blast
  • Rhyperior (Shadow): Mud-Slap/Earthquake
  • Kartana: Razor Leaf/Leaf Blade
  • Swampert (Shadow): Water Gun/Hydro Cannon
  • Mamoswine (Shadow): Mud-Slap/High Horsepower
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash
  • Landorus (Therian): Mud Shot/Sandsear Storm
  • Machamp (Shadow): Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Blastoise (Mega): Water Gun/Hydro Cannon
  • Excadrill: Metal Claw/Scorching Sands
  • Empoleon (Shadow): Metal Claw/Hydro Cannon
  • Keldeo (Ordinary): Low Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Keldeo: Low Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Torterra (Shadow): Razor Leaf/Frenzy Plant
  • Lucario: Counter/Aura Sphere
  • Venusaur (Mega): Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant
Pokémon Go Nosepass counters
Image via Niantic

Even though Nosepass is a pretty easy Pokémon to defeat and you should not face any problems, still you should try to fight it in Partly Cloudy weather to have the best chances at winning.

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