Pokemon Masters EX: How to get and use the Lucky Cookies

Lucky Cookies for the bonuses!

Pokémon Master EX is one of the most played Pokémon games on the Mobile platform. The game has garnered a big fan following upon its release in 2019 and grows each day. The game is quite popular because of its unique gameplay mechanics, famous for its three versus three formats. In a game format like this, apart from the individual skill and combos, The Pokémon and trainer synergy plays a huge role in deciding the outcome of a match. A player can upgrade his Pokémon stats by upgrading the skills and stat counter, but do you know that any team can gain a passive bonus skill in Pokemon Masters EX exclusively through the Lucky Cookies System. Such a Passive boost to the stats can make a big difference in close encounters.

How to get the lucky Cookies in Pokemon Masters Ex

The “lucky cookies” can be earned by a player after winning some matches in the Battle Villa. Apart from the lucky cookies, players can also obtain a lot of items in the form of bonus health stats and battle bonuses. The following is the list of cookies that a player can obtain and use.

  • Crunchy Lucky Cookie: Increases the Power/Stat boost for your Pokémon (Sync-pairs).
  • Creamy Lucky Cookie: It will Mitigate stat reduction for your Pokémon (Sync-pairs).
  • Crispy Lucky Cookie: It will reduce the status conditions favourable for battle conditions (Sync-pairs).
  • Chewy Lucky Cookie: It helps in reducing the damage from opposite types of Pokémon. For example, electric can have an advantage against ground/stone Pokémon.
moves and skills pokemon masters ex
Pokemon Masters Ex moves and skills

All the Cookies except the Chewy lucky cookies have a tier system to them. The higher the tier, Higher is your stat boost.

How to use the Lucky Cookie System

To use the Lucky Cookies for your Pokémon, navigate to the Team tab and choose Moves and Skills. Now select the pair of Pokémon and its trainer you would love your cookies to be used on. The Lucky cookie can be used in the same tab, and choose the cookie you would use. After rolling, a random Lucky skill will be obtained and will be added to your selected pair of Pokémon. However, it is to note that to use the Lucky Cookies, the player account must be a minimum level of 80 or above.

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