Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide: Best Build, Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Remember Dawn’s ‘disobedient’ woolly companion from Generation IV? Now with the arrival of the new MOBA Pokemon Unite on our smartphones, the woolly ice-type Pokémon, Mamoswine has arrived in the game lately. Players who have selected Mamoswine has to start with its initial evolution from Swinub, in level 1. Overall, Piloswine is a decent defensive type Pokémon. It would be a must recommend for players who prefer to stay back and defend their bases. Also, players who prefer to attack as a team, which they should be anyways, may try this Pokemon. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the best battle items and abilities, including the tips and tricks to make your way to victory with Mamoswine in Pokémon Unite.

Mamoswine, A-Tier Pokemon, might not be the best option for a 1v1 fight against the opponent, but there are many other things to do in the Unite battles, which Mamoswine does expertise in. We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Pokémons like Pikachu and Eldegoss. Therefore, one must make sure to check that guide as well. For now, let’s focus on Mamoswine and learn how to enhance its performance.

Mamoswine: In-game Cost

The chubby-woolly mammoth was recently introduced to the game, after almost a week of the game’s official release. For Poke freaks who want to purchase Mamoswine’s Unite license, they have to spend either 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems in the Unite Battle Committee, which is the game’s in-game shop.

Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide
Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide: Pokemon Unite Mamoswine stats

Mamoswine Stats and Evolution

1st Evolution2nd EvolutionFinal Evolution
Swinub (Lv. 1)
Piloswine(Lv. 5)
Mamoswine(Lv. 9)

Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Movesets

As Mamoswine is chubby and woolly, it has an ability of ‘Thick fat’ which has its benefits and will be discussed later. Mamoswine is a defender and melee-type Pokémon in the game. It works best when accompanied by an attacker or all-rounder. It can also simply opt to stay back and defend ally goals.

Mamoswine’s game quest starts from Level 1 as Swinub. At Level 6, Swinub evolves into Piloswine, which eventually at Level 10, becomes Mamoswine. In this Mamoswine guide, we are going to see in-depth how these abilities work in Pokémon Unite. We will also show how one can master it in no time.

Basic Attack

The basic attack available throughout the match for Mamoswine and its previous form becomes a boosted attack in the third hit. The boosted attack also leaves the opponent frozen for a short time. Also, the basic attacks deal increased damage once the user freezes the opponent using any of its ice type moves.

Passive- Thick Fat

As the Pokemon’s descriptions suggest, Mamoswine comes with a thick fat ability. It increases its Defense and Sp. Defence every time the user deals any damage. Besides, when the Pokémon uses any ice-type move, its next basic attack becomes a boosted one automatically. Additionally, if any of the ice moves create any freezing effect inside the ally goal zone, it decreases the goal-scoring speed of the opponents, inside the respective goal zones.

Ability 1- Ice Shard

Ice shard is available in level 1 when the Pokemon is Swinub. Opting for this move makes the user throw 3 chunks of ice in the desired area dealing damage to opposition Pokemons in that area. This move also slows down the movement of the Pokemon in the area of effect. Besides, if any Pokemon is hit by all 3 chunks of ice, it remains frozen for a short time.

Ability choices at level 6

At level 6, Swinub evolves into Piloswine. This is when the players may evolve Ice Shard into either of these 2 moves.

Icicle CrashIce Fang
This move makes the player drop multiple icicles on a designated location, which deals damage to opposition Pokémon and hinders their movement. The last huge icicle, when shattered on its own, by the player’s other moves, deals damage to the opposing Pokémon in that area. If the icicle is shattered by a tackle or high horsepower move, the ground gets covered in ice, which increases the speed of any ally Pokémon walking in that area.With this move, the player uses its ice infused tusks to throw the nearest opposing Pokémon over a distance and keep it frozen for a while. The affected Pokémon can be then thrown in any direction to deal damage and freeze other opposition Pokemons in that area.
Upgrade: The final icicle leaves the opponent frozen and unable to use any move for a short time.Upgrade: It increases the area of effect in which opposing Pokemons are left frozen after the slam attack.

Ability 2 – Tackle

As an alternative to the ice shard, Tackle is also an option for Swinub. In the case, one has chosen Ice Shard in level 1, Tackle will automatically get added from Level 3. Tackle makes the user move in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon.

Ability choices at Level 8

Similar to the Ice Shard move, Tackle also may be upgraded to either of these 2 moves. Notably, the Pokémon would be in its Piloswine stage in Level 8.

High HorsepowerEarthquake
This move has the user dash towards a designated direction towards the opposition in the course of dealing damage and shoving them. In the end, the player’s Pokemon stomps and deals damage and eventually freezes the opposing Pokemon for a while. In case, the enemy Pokemon is frozen, this move deals some additional damage. This move makes the user leap and land forcefully on a designated area, much like the Hulk smash. This deals damage to the opposing Pokémon in that area and pulls them towards the user Pokémon.
Upgrade: Increases the dash speed and the time for which the opponent is left numb. Upgrade: Decreases the opponent’s speed when hit besides increasing the move’s pulling effect.

Unite move- Mammoth Mash

The Unite move is available at Level 10 when the Pokémon is fully evolved. This move lets the player jump in a designated area and then stomp repeatedly dealing damage to the opposition. While stomping, the gamers can also move with the Pokémon. The last stomp throws the opponents away from the area of effect. Besides, during this whole move, the Pokémon becomes immune to hindrance.

Best Items for Mamoswine in Pokémon Unite

Best held items for Mamoswine

ItemWhy is it useful
LeftoversSince Mamoswine is a defensive Pokémon, it is always susceptible to more damage. This is where this item comes in handy. Holding this item restores 1.5% of Pokémon’s HP every second when it is not in any combat.
Focus BandWhen the Pokémon is on low HP, this item restores the HP that it has lost at 8% of HP lost, per second, for 3 seconds. This would particularly be very beneficial for this Pokémon since it would have to face more damage.
Assault VestWhenever Mamoswine wouldn’t be in combat, it would be granted a shield which would, in turn, nullify Sp. Attack to 15% of its total HP.

These held items are suggested based upon defensive gameplay, in cases, where the Pokémon is susceptible to damage. However, in the case, where players might wanna attack with Mamoswine, or want some other recommendations, they may try these combos.

  • Energy Amplifier, Assault Vest, Rocky Helmet
  • Aeos Cookie, Leftovers, Score Shield
  • Focus Band, Buddy Barrier, Score Shield

One must also remember that Razor Claw is a very good holding option for any melee-type Pokémon.

Best Battle Items for Mamoswine

  • X-Speed: Mamoswine is not anywhere near a speedy Pokémon. Hence, this item can be useful, in case, one wants to retreat. It can be any other time where one needs to increase their speed for a while.
  • Fluffy Tail: Since attacking opponents alone isn’t a wise choice for Mamoswine, one can try hunting wild Pokemon instead. Fluffy tail leaves your wild opponent numb for a while and more damage can be done on them while it’s on effect.
  • Potion: During a 1v1 situation, there are very few Pokémons who get the better of Mamoswine. Imagine being immune to heavy damage and then using the Potion.

Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Gameplay Tips

Mamoswine is a melee-type defender Pokémon. It won’t be a wise choice to choose Mamoswine and venture alone into enemy territories. Instead, the Pokémon works best with other attackers like Pikachu, and others who are ranged attackers. To be honest, any ranged Pokémon works best with Mamoswine as long as they are either attackers, all-rounder or speedster. This section of the Pokémon Unite Mamoswine guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

Early Game

Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide
Mamoswine during Unite battle: Early stage (Swinub) gameplay

At level 1, Swinub is a bit weak defensively. However, it deals high damage to the wild Pokémon. Once the game starts, there are 2 options available for the users, either tackle or ice shard. The latter undoubtedly deals more damage so it would be wise enough to choose Ice Shard. At level 3, Tackle gets activated consequently. However, it is after the time of evolving into Piloswine when the defence starts getting better. It is suggested that in the early game, one must try to attack wild Pokemons or attack opponents alongside a ranged attacker or speedster.

Late Game

At Level 6, besides Swinub’s evolution to Piloswine, its Ice Shard gets evolved to either of Ice fang or Icicle crash. Also at Level 8, Tackle gets evolved into either Horsepower or Earthquake. Although the best moves are all melee-type, they are the best if accompanied by ranged attackers. Also, Icicle Crash and Earthquake are good when one is trying to steal valuable time off the opponents when they attack your goal.

Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide
Mamoswine during Unite battle: Late stage gameplay

At Level 10, Piloswine evolves into the giant Mamoswine and the Unite move Mammoth mash gets available. This is the time when Mamoswine is tough to deal with for the opponents. At this stage, Mamoswine along with its teammates can do much damage.

Positioning of Mamoswine

Mamoswine or its forms can best perform in the top lane. However, one must make sure that it does never go to attack alone. Another option is to choose the middle lane and attack wild Pokemons like Ludicolo, Corpish etc and score goals secretly when no one is nearby. However, the best option would be to accompany ranged attackers throughout.

Mamoswine with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite guide will also look at the combination of Mamoswine with other Pokémon during Unite battles.

Best synergies with Mamoswine

PokemonSynergy benefits
GreninjaA ranged attacker would always blend well with Mamoswine. While Mamoswine takes up the damage, Greninja attacks from a distance.
ZeraoraA speedster can greatly couple with Mamoswine, as Mamoswine does have a lot of HP. Thus, Zeraora does have insane damage, which gives a great impact.
CharizardA melee type allrounder with flying ability can perfectly synergize with your Mamoswine too. This combination can be perfect while attacking opposing goals.

Pokemon which are strong and weak against Mamoswine

Pokemon that Mamoswine countersPokemon that counter Mamoswine
Mr. MimeGreninja

Mamoswine partners or synergizes well with Pokemons it is particularly weak to. These are the likes of Greninja, Blastoise and Charizard.

Mamoswine: Tips and Tricks

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the defensive Mamoswine in Pokémon Unite.

  • In level 1, one must choose Ice Shard instead of Tackle. It deals more damage over an area, instead of a particular Pokémon in a direction.
  • When the options of upgrade for Ice Shard come, one must opt for Icicle Crash instead of Ice Fang for the same reason as stated above.
  • For the upgrade of the tackle move, one must go for Earthquake if they want to defend ally goals. They must go for Horsepower, in case they want to go and attack opponent goals or hunt wild Pokémon.
  • One must also try to succeed an icicle crash attack with an earthquake consecutively. Once the opponent gets frozen with the last icicle of the former move, an Earthquake can deal a lot of damage thereafter.
  • While unleashing the Unite Move, the user can move while stomping. Hence, while using it, one can stomp over a greater extent.
  • If one has got teammate’s support and approval, they must go and attack Zapdos and other boss Pokemons. Since, Mamoswine can absorb much damage while also dealing damage within melee range, it is a good idea to attack lonely Pokemons in with your squad.
  • Lastly, one must keep in mind that Mamoswine is a slow Pokémon, therefore, they have to go to attack with ally Pokemons who match its speed.

Final Thoughts

Mamoswine is a top defender Pokémon which can be used to steal time off the opponents or combined with attackers for offensive play. The Thick Fat ability perfectly helps it in this purpose. Its ice type moves can also freeze or slow down opponents. Therefore, one must defend the goals, hunt Wild Pokémon or attack opponent goals together.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide. Do you prefer to use Mamoswine in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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