Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

Maybe... there's a dagger hidden beneath the smile!

Project Winter, the famous social deception game that was out for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Switch, has been finally ported and is now available to play on your mobile devices. From the house of Boltrend Games, it is an 8-person Multiplayer Game where each Player is labeled as a Survivor. The main motto of the players has always been to become the best survivor for every server they play. Thus, let us dive into this Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide to know about the basics and best ways to survive so that beginners can become pros in no time.

Gameplay Overview

After the login, the game will take the players directly toward the tutorial and let the beginners get familiar with the game. Every server allows only 8 players to play at a time. The main meta to playing the game is that, players have to survive, craft weapons, find food, and survive together.

Overview Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide
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Sometimes some of the players betray the other players just to survive. The best way to survive is communication among all the survivors. This will help the survivors to know each other’s minds and tactics and thrash the planning. So, let us now know about the basic modes of survival which must indeed be known by the players.

Introducing the Basics of Project Winter Mobile


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In this section, players can select a character for themselves as per their desire. There are many options present as well and thus, create the best outfit and show the other players.


Here players can check their level and other essential credentials. Players can check for their experience level and check for other login processes. Players can also change and set their username in the profile section and also check for all the achievements.


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Up here, players can go for in-app purchases and buy some of the valuable resources and in-game currencies which are very essential while surviving.


The rewards section assigns daily objectives and missions to players which are to be completed to earn experience points. With the help of these experience points, players can thus level up themselves and develop the meta of their gameplay.


The progression section shows most of the achievements that have been achieved by the players. Players can also check other achievements which players can achieve later by playing more.

Best tips for Survival in Project Winter Mobile

The main essentials for surviving are Weapons, Food, and Health points of every survival. In the game, Project Winter Mobile has these basic entities which are to be kept in mind while playing.


Survivors can find food on the map. The red berries which are shown over the map are the areas where the players can find their foods. Food is one of the most required entities for a player to gain strength for their character.

Food Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide
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Players can cook their food in the cabin and then have a tasty meal on their daybreak to regain enough strength and work hard for their survival. If the players desire meat, then they can opt for wolves, bears, and moose.

Moose is the safest option for meats as they are widely available over the map. Players can also go for some white flowers that will help them regain their health. If the players combine the meat, berries, and flowers in three cooking sections, players can construct a first aid kit and use it later in the game.


For making a weapon, players must require wood and a piece of stone. Players must go into the cabin and move into the craft section. The players can craft weapons like axes and sickles. Players can use these weapons in chopping wood and breaking stones to get more resources from the area they are living.

Weapons Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide
Image via Boltrend Games

Every weapon has unique qualities. If a player harvests plants with an axe and then with a sickle, the sickle harvest will come up with the best results. These weapons can also be used for hunting animals and harming other players. Players can later find firearms in the area they are living in.

Maintaining your Health

Players can maintain their health in many ways. They can consume the white flowers mentioned above. Players can even build first aid kits that will help them restore their health points.

Players can also make a campfire kit that will help them warm themselves while the temperature decreases after the daybreak. For making the campfire kit the main item required is 2 planks. With the help of berries and woods, players can also make gasoline canisters and circuitry that can help on repairing essential objectives.

Project Winter Mobile Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much into Project Winter Mobile here are some of the best tips for beginners that will help them grow more from their first steps.

1. Be the Leader

As a beginner, try to add up your leadership qualities. Gather all the players together and complete all the objectives assigned. Type in the chat section and then talk with everyone to complete all the essentials which are to be done for surviving. Have a bond with all the other seven players and help everyone survive in the winter.

2. Create havoc while being the best Traitor out there

Be anonymous and steal berries. Even if you punch other survivors, do it anonymously. Let the player think of others as suspicious ones. Always play safe and do not take much risk while creating small havoc between players or else you might even end up dying.

3. Remain anonymous while playing the role of the ID Thief

If the new players want to play as a thief rather than a survivor, then they must not hesitate and pick up their IDs from the lab. This will help the players fool other survivors and avoid them to test their loyalty. Change the default settings as per your desire if you do not want others to catch you. Complete those fake tasks smoothly and play the best ID thief over the map.

Project Winter Mobile
Image via Boltrend Games

4. Do not believe in the other players

Yes, it is the best tip for your survival. Do not believe other players much, there might be a traitor or an ID thief among all the other seven survivors. Check for the genuine ones and spot them, if possible test the players as well to be safe. If anyone takes ID from other players when they are unconscious, report that player as soon as possible. These players lie a lot as they are ID thieves.

5. Avoid fights and watch your back

When you see any fight going on, avoid that and be at the place where you can find a shield to save yourself. Even if you end up involved in a fight, you must check your back as well. The game must have a backstabber that may kill you from behind anonymously and join the team of traitors.

Final Thoughts

Project Winter Mobile is a really good survival game that will help you adjust yourself to the virtual world with other seven players. There are many servers where you can play. Each server has a limit of eight players. The main motto of the players is to survive till the end. Players can even craft their weapons, first aid kits, and campfire kits and can even cook the tastiest meal for them. So, be prepared to survive in the coldest ever server you find. Look at your back and stay away from traitors and become the best survivor.

That’s it from this Project Winter Mobile beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Project Winter Mobile beginners guide useful. 

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