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PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode guide: Tips and Tricks to survive the winter

The long-awaited Arctic mode is here in the PUBG Mobile. It is a temporary event mode that came in in the latest update of PUBG Mobile. In this guide, we will highlight the top features of the Arctic mode as well as some tips and tricks to survive the winter.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Overview

The Arctic mode in PUBG Mobile is basically a limited-time game mode like the previous zombie mode and payload mode. It is based on the Vikendi map but it is much more different from the normal classic mode. It is named ‘Cold Front Survival‘. Players not just have to flee from the ever-shrinking blue circle and keep an eye out for enemy players, you also have to factor in the overbearing cold that could kill you if you remain outside and unsheltered for too long.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Tips and tricks

1. Maintain the body temperature

As soon as players land, they will see that a new meter-type thing in their down-left corner of the screen, it is body temperature and health gauge. This meter shows players how cold their character is at that moment. During the snowstorm, your temperature gauge will drop quickly and you will lose health. At first, the damage will be low but if players remain exposed to the open environment, the health will be losing fast. If players wants to stay alive, then they will have to stay inside of a building until the storms calms down.

2. Light up the campfire to stay warm

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode tips
Campfire – PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

If you stay inside a building during the snowstorm, you will still lose health. To prevent this, you will have to stay warm. You can do it by lighting a campfire. To make this fire longer, you will have to put branches in the fire. You will get branches in the whole map. Branches will increase the longevity of the fire. When you are inside a building, you can click the “start fire” button to start a fire. A branch increases fire duration by 45 seconds every branch. This is one of the primary ways to stay warm during the blizzard. But everything has its pros and cons. Every time you light up a fire, there will be a fire mark in the mini-map, it can be seen by your enemies too.

3. Use Heat Packs and Heaters when necessary

Another way of staying warm during a blizzard is by using special Heat packs. These packs can be found around the whole map. These packs warm you up and prevent you from getting cold damage for a few seconds, which is ideal for the moments when players are trapped in a blizzard but need to relocate to another position.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode guide
Heatpack and Heater – PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Heaters negate the effects of the cold in a small area. Perfect for temporarily avoiding the worst of the blizzard. Heaters can be found around the map. It creates a short heat circle around the player, which keeps the player warm during the blizzard. It is great equipment for rushing to the enemies in an open area. But keep an eye on the heater battery bar since it drains quickly.

4. Eat chicken to get chicken

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode
Meat – PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Eating cooked meat is another great way to keep yourself warm. Alive chickens are running around the map. Players can shoot them and hunt for the meat. These meats when processed through fire becomes edible. While players can stay warm by standing near a fire, they can also use this fire to cook those meats and stay boosted.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode tips and tricks
Cooking meat – PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

All you have to do is stay near to a campfire and you will see a button named cook meat. You will have to click it to roast the meat. By eating that meat, the player’s energy bar will get a boost and receive all the corresponding benefits including health regain and increased movement speed.

5. Learn how to use Drones

Drones – PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Drones help make sure your next push is safe and can alert you to enemies camping in houses. The cold is not the only thing out to kill you in Vikendi. Since players are inside a building during the blizzard, it is hard to see enemies coming towards them. In these circumstances, players can use their drones to scout enemy movements. The drone is unaffected by the cold and players can easily deploy them during the blizzards to watch the perimeter and alert your team for nearby enemies. The drones are battery powered and have limited battery life and drones can be destroyed by enemies, keep that in mind.

Hope you’ll find this PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode guide useful. If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback, drop them in the comments below!

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