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PUBG Mobile/ BGMI: Top 5 best tips and tricks to win a close combat

Tips to win matches in close combat easily

PUBG or BGMI being a popular battle royale game, requires skills too while many players regret being killed in close-range combat and blame other objects for their failure in that match. Is it worth it? Would they die if they had some skills? Well, no.

Those players should polish their skills or learn some skills before playing battle royale. However, some players know the skills and do wonders in other small games like arena training and TDM. But, in a battle royale, they forgot everything when they encounter an enemy in front of them. How can they polish their skills and practice? Well, here is an article that contains some tips that can guide a player for a close-range fight and these tips can also be helpful to practice.

BGMI Training Arena
BGMI Training Arena practice

Before jumping on to the tips, a player should check his sensitivity settings and their controls. For this, they can enter a training area through a cheer park, and then they should adjust their settings according to their conveyance. This is one of the most important things before going for a fight as a player may do silly mistakes by tapping on unnecessary buttons. This may make a player more vulnerable to death.

The next step is to check or analyze the situation. When a player realizes that there a close-range fight is going to happen then he should analyze the objects present there. Also, he should have a look at the enemy and the most important thing is that he should use his listening skills better. The sound of footsteps, grenade aiming can help a lot.

Top 5 Tips to win any close-range combat in BGMI

After keeping the aforementioned things in mind, a player is good to jump on the tips. So, here are the 5 best tips to follow. 

1. Aim only for Head

BGMI aiming for head practice
BGMI aiming for head practice

A player who would have played even a single match might assume an enemy’s head level. So, a player should always keep his crosshair on the head level. Headshots never betray a player so it will give him an easy kill whereas body shots take time. Also, the player just needs to adjust his crosshair horizontally and wait for the enemy to get into that crosshair. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the crosshair at the head level. 

2. Shotguns are no less than any guns

BGMI using shotguns
BGMI using shotguns

Many players just leave then shotguns or never pay attention to this gun but shotguns can prove to be a beast while close-range combats. Shotguns require only one or two shots to finish the opponent while other guns take more ammo. Therefore, practice with shotguns too. But it is best in close range only and the Shotgun’s damage rate decreases when the enemy moves far away. 

3. Scope and Cover Should be used Wisely

A scope like a red dot, holographic one, 2x, and 3x should be used in close range, and 4x, 6x, and 8x should be used for an enemy who is more than 100 m away. Now, talking about the uses of these close-range scopes, these scopes should only be used when the enemy is 50 m or more than 50 m away. A player should use hip fire or fire without aiming when the enemy is less than 50 m away or he is very close. Opening a scope reduces a player’s speed so aiming can give an opportunity to the enemies.

BGMI using scope and cover technique
BGMI using a scope and cover technique

Next is a cover, a player should always remember that if he is having a cover then he is having an advantage over him. Therefore, he should try using cover as much as possible. 

4. Choose the best Guns for Close Range Combat.

BGMI proper weapon choice
BGMI proper weapon choice

During close-range combat in BGMI, it is recommended that a player should use a gun that has extremely high damage per second or the highest fire rating weapon as every second matters. Therefore, the best guns for close-range combat are Groza but if it isn’t available then a player should go for M762 or SMGs like UZI and Vector. 

5. Use Throwables to Take Out the Enemy from his Position

Choosing throwables for close combat
Choosing throwables for close combat

If a player’s enemy is holding a position, then the best way to get him out of that position is to use throwables. The enemy will panic and he will try to move out of his position. During that time, the player can use his creativity and kill the enemy or the grenade will knock him.

Did you find these tips for winning close combat in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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