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PUBG Mobile Home Mode: How to build your Dream House

Tips to build your own Dream Home in PUBG Mobile!

In the 3.1 Version Update of PUBG Mobile, one of the most interesting inclusions was the Home-building mode. Home in PUBG Mobile was already being teased for a long time in the player profile section. Finally, it has been added to the game. In this mode, players get to build and customize their own homes on an island with many items. This new Home-building mode will surely add more excitement and attract new players to the game. In this article, we will discuss everything related to the Home-building mode in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Home Mode: Overview

Players can select the home building mode from the mode selection section situated at the bottom left corner of the screen. The mode can be found in the WOW tab.

PUBG Mobile BGMI Home Mode
Image via Krafton

In that section, players can visit their own homes as well as other players’ creations including in-game friends’ homes and favorite marked ones. Players can also put home codes in the search bar to visit certain homes.

How to create your Home in PUBG Mobile

After starting the mode, players will find themselves on a private island where a limited amount of plot will be given to them to build their house. After levelling up the plot size will increase. Prosperity is arguably the most important metric in this mode. By increasing prosperity, players can level up quickly. At first, players will be given some free raw materials to start the construction.

These materials are Flat surfaces, windows, walls, and doors. These are limited so players should use them wisely to maximize their utility. In level 1 players will get two types of raw materials, Structure and furniture. Structure materials are used for the roof, column, and foundation of the house and types of furniture are for the customisation of interiors of the house.

PUBG Mobile Home Mode Selection
Image via Krafton

In the structure category, the provided materials are Flat surfaces, roofs, doors, windows, walls, railing, stairs, courtyards, and pillars. After leveling up, players will get more items such as materials for customization such as trees, wallpapers, and glasses.

PUBG Mobile Home Building Mode Features

This virtual home has many features to keep the players’ excitement and interest in the game intact. In this section, we are going to discuss the top features of the home.

  • Prosperity – As discussed earlier, prosperity is very important in this mode. Players can level up and unlock new items by increasing their prosperity.
  • Currency – There are two main currencies in this mode, those are- Basic Home Coins and Premium Home Coins. These coins can be used to purchase various items for home.
  • Home Shop – A new shop has opened in the cheer park. Players can go there and purchase items for home such as lamps, couches, statues, lights, etc.
  • Butler – One of the most interesting features of this mode is the introduction of butlers. Butlers can man manage the home efficiently and take care of the home in the absence of the owner. A free butler named Leon is provided to each player at the start of the game.
PUBG Mobile Home Mode Tree
Image via Krafton
  • Messengers – Messengers are great for interaction among the players. Two birds will work as messengers, the owner can write a message and stick it to the bird. Now, the bird will fly away and deliver this message to a random player. A player can receive other players’ messages too.
  • Photo wall – Players can exhibit their glorious moments of the battlefield on the photo wall. They can also use pictures from their device to showcase as a portrait.
  • Music – Music systems are great for calming the mood. Players can use the music player and buy the piano from the home shop to play music in the house. They can set background music for the house too.
  • Home tree – It is a magical tree that generates home coins. Each player can plant one home tree and collect a certain amount of home coins after some time.
PUBG Mobile Home Mode Butler
Image via Krafton
  • Social interaction – As the name suggests, players can invite their in-game friends to their house to spend quality time with them. As this mode has dynamic weather, players can feel the beauty of nature by enjoying the sunset and chill under the starry sky.


The new home mode is certainly a great addition to a battle-royale game like PUBG Mobile. It will play a crucial role in increasing the social connectivity among the players. By creating aesthetic houses, players can also showcase their artistic sense.

Players can indulge in various activities within their homes, from playing musical instruments to soaking in the bathtub, each interaction is designed to enhance immersion and create beautiful memories. Home mode will offer a new and different experience that is very different from the typical intense, adrenaline-rushing gameplay of PUBG Mobile. Only time will tell how much success and popularity it gets in the long term.

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