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PUBG Mobile Over The Shoulder (OTS) mode Guide and Tips

Time to try a new view perspective

PUBG Mobile 1.4 update released in the game on 11 May. Along with many new modes and Titans, the update also brought in a new feature called Over The Shoulder (OTS) mode. It is a new shooting mode that adds an aiming mechanic in the battle royale game.

What is the OTS feature in PUBG Mobile

The OTS feature in PUBG Mobile is available only in third person perspective mode (TPP). It is just another ADS feature. When the player clicks on the OTS icon, the camera zooms by the character’s shoulder. This gives a better aiming accuracy for the players while in a close combat. However, this mode restricts the character’s movement. The movement becomes considerably slower than normal ADS mode.

How to enable OTS mode in PUBG Mobile

The OTS mode can be toggled on or off in System Settings -> General Settings and enable the Aim Features mode.

When the mode is on, the players can see a new icon in the controls menu. By default you will find it above the scope icon. Just like other controls, OTS icon position/size can also be customized along with it’s sensitivity.

The OTS mode will help in increasing the hip fire aim without committing to the tighter field of view of aiming down the gun’s sights. Players won’t be able to dodge so easily when aiming this way, but they should have tighter control of their aim without sacrificing much in the way of visibility.

Let us know in the comments section about your views on this brand new aiming feature, the OTS mode of PUBG Mobile. Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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