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PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes event Guide and Tips

Who will be the last man standing?

The Patch 1.4 update in PUBG Mobile has brought in a brand new event for the players. The new event Titan Strikes is a part of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the sci-fi movie Godzilla vs Kong and the Titans will be appearing in this event. Currently, players can only encounter Godzilla on Erangel. Two other titans will be added to the game at a later date. Moreover, the Titan Strikesmode will be playable until June 8.

Experience Godzilla vs Kong in the Titan Strikes mode of PUBG Mobile

In this brand new mode, players will be able to play Classic matches in Godzilla vs Kong-themed maps. The Titans will themselves make an appearance in the maps of Livik, Erangel, and Sanhok. Godzilla will appear in Erangel between May 11th, 2021 to June 8th, 2021, Kong will make his appearance on the Sanhok map from May 15th, 2021 onwards and will be present until June 8th, 2021. Even the Mechagodzilla is set to gear up and appear in the Livik map from May 20th, 2021 to June 8th, 2021.

PUBG Mobile: Titan Strikes event

Each of these maps will have monster settlements that will spawn underground monsters which will provide loot when killed. The difficulty level of monsters in each camp or settlement is higher. But, the rewards they give out will also be higher. Moreover, if you have already watched the movie, you’ll know about the Apex Expeditionary Army. Just like in the movies, the new Titan Strikes event will have its Camps on the maps. Players can locate these Apex camps by using the map. All such Camps, if in the way of the Titans, will be destroyed, as they aren’t exactly fond of them. It is to be noted that while the Titans are traveling along their random route set into the beginning of the match, any large congregation of players near them and fights will draw their attention and provoke an attack. These moves can prove to be quite lethal.

What are the Abilities players will get in this mode?

As the Titans travel in the Titan Strikes event, they will absorb energy and at a certain point will release them, creating crystals which holds some special powers as follows:

  • Erangel Crystal – An item similar to a grenade that will push back players and set fire to them.
  • Sanhok Crystal – This crystal will amplify the physical abilities of a player such as jumping and sprinting.
  • Livik Crystal – This will function similarly to a UAV and will be able to detect nearby enemies temporarily.

Tips to ace your gameplay in Titan Strikes mode in PUBG Mobile

Now that you know everything about this brand new mode in PUBG Mobile, you’ll need to resort to a few tricks to stay ahead of everybody else in this event. Let us list off a couple of ways that you can manage to up your gameplay in Titan Strikes mode in PUBG Mobile.

The CoupeRB vehicle in PUBG Mobile
  • The Apex Army Camps, which will spawn randomly each game will become accessible loot locations with high-density loot once the Titan has overrun the base and destroyed it. Be wary of other players though.
  • The Titans aren’t just there for show! They are very much tangible and can deal high damage if you wander too close to them. You surely wouldn’t want to be crushed by Godzilla and become a loot crate.
  • The Underground Monsters aren’t to be taken lightly. They are highly durable and can shield themselves from damage. But fighting them is worth it, as you’ll probably get enough loot to make up for your troubles.
  • Avoid taking fights near the passage route of a Titan. The angry beasts don’t like to be irritated and will be more than willing to crush you and your squad if you make too much of a confusion.
  • Always try to for the new vehicle – CoupeRB. The CoupeRB is the new fastest vehicle in the game with a top speed of over 150 km/h. Sadly, it can’t carry your whole squad, as it is built for only two people. As of now, you find this new vehicle in the game where it will be available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

This is all we have for the PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes event. We will update this article when new events are released. If you find this article useful, or you know any other details about the Summer Land event, let us know in the comment section below!

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