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PUBG New State Guide: How to finish week 1 story missions

The first story mission is out now

PUBG New State, the futuristic battle royale from Krafton is here. With a messy launch day, the developers seem to have fixed most of the issues. New State’s first pre-season has begun and the game features a story mission where players get to explore Troi’s past and at the same time, get experience to advance the Survivor Pass. The story mission in PUBG New State lasts for four weeks, and the mission for Week 1 is now available.

As informed in the media showcase, players will explore the story of Troi along with Survivor Pass. Survivor Pass is nothing but Royale Pass from PUBG Mobile. Just like PUBG Mobile the New State’s Survivor pass will last for a month. Upon completing all four weeks of the story mission, players will also get characters from New State. The first pre-season players will be getting Sam Berry.

PUBG New State Story Mission

The story mission is divided into four weeks. Each week a new story mission will open. For the first week, there are three missions which are as follows-

PUBG New State week 1 story mission
  1. Perfunctory Promotions – Players have to collect three Troi police posters from around Troi.
Troi police posters

2. A Sweet Box of Mystery – Players have to obtain three Cica morphine from donut shops.

PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Cica morphine

3. Defensive Plans – Players have to obtain three Troi police Defensive Plans case files from police stations.

PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Troi police Defensive Plans case files

Step-by-step guide on how to obtain these items

PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Story Mission Week 1 – Item Locations

All these items are spread across Troi but these can easily be obtained by just going to one spot. Here are the steps to obtain all these items –

  • Go to Chester which is located right next to the mall.
  • After reaching Chester, head to the Police Station.
PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Troi Police Station
  • In the Police station, players can obtain Troi Police posters and case files. There are more than three posters and case files. Posters are hung on the walls on the ground floor and case files are located on the rooftop
  • After collecting them, head to the location in Chester shown in the image below.
PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Troi Donut Shop locations
  • From the police station, players should go to the Donut Shop. In Chester, there are a total of three donut shops. Two of them are shown in the above image and the other one is located above the other settlement. 
PUBG New State week 1 story mission
Reddonut Shop
  • The name of the donut shop is Reddonut. There are many Reddonut shops in Troi located mostly in small towns. 

After collecting these items, the week one mission will be complete. Players will receive Survivor Pass points. Note these items don’t have any effect on the game. These items cannot be dropped once they are picked up and cannot be obtained from enemies as well. They don’t occupy any space in the bag.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG New State story mission week 1 guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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