Rage of Car Force Beginners Guide and Tips

Rage of Car Force is a fun online action multiplayer game made by Extreme Developers. It is a multiplayer PvP online game that is easy to get hooked on, without a feeling of is a waste of time, and made into a fun catch the flag fashion. Experience the classic shotgun, pistol gun, machine gun, or rocket launcher, but also ultra-modern laser or plasma guns. In this game you can smash cars, ram enemies and shoot them down with your car! Now, let’s dive into some tips when it comes to enjoying this fun game. So today in this Rage of Car Force Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and some strategies to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Getting Started

When it comes to winning the game the objective is simple. Stay alive, avoid the explosive barrels, don’t get cornered, capture the enemy flag, and destroy the enemy’s vehicles. We know that sounds like a lot but in the end, it’s fairly simple. We ourselves are not one that automatically goes for the enemy vehicles because we already know that you have a second car on standby for when your first is destroyed.

Rage of Car Force Guide

 When the game starts, one can find his/ her own way to the enemy flag, which isn’t made in the automatic capture mode. Take a look at the positions of the flag on the current map above, centered in the middle at the top and bottom of the screen. The stick you see is what you’ll have to push with your vehicle until you achieve the flag. This is where we ourselves head because most of the other players are focused on destroying their opponents.

This usually gives me some extra time before an opponent heads my way to try to counter me. Now, this isn’t me telling you to play this way though you may find it easier at the beginning to do so.

Upgrading your Car

It is best, when it comes to combat, to have your vehicle upgraded the way you see fit. Do you want more health or more gun damage? Do we want a body kit or a new set of wheels? Even the wheels, paint color, and body kit give you a little upgrade, so take each into consideration because each provides a different upgrade perk.

Rage of Car Force Guide

There is also the option of in-game equipment that has to be replenished with each battle. The game equipment itself gives you perks in-game that can make the difference in your winning. One is a bullet that deals fire damage for 5 seconds, another freezes your opponents for 5 seconds, and yet another gives you a sometimes much-needed shield for 5 seconds. Now, you can also buy the equipment that goes up to 10 seconds, these cost a different in-game currency but the time on it makes the difference.

In game pay attention to where the explosive barrels are, and where the health are. Before each battle you get to see the map of the current area you are to play. This allows you to plan somewhat with what direction you can go and what to avoid, use this to your advantage.  When your health is running low and you’re being chased, try to get to some health before your car explodes.

Rage of Car Force Guide

Keep in mind that you have a second vehicle when you get past the beginner’s rank. This second car, when it comes down to it, can make the difference in you winning the game. This car can be selected at the beginning of the game to help get rid of opponents until it is destroyed before your better-upgraded car comes into play or can be saved last and a last-ditch effort to win.

In-game Currencies

Unlock new cars by gaining gaming experience, shown below as the star. These stars allow you to buy a variety of vehicles depending on your rank, of course with a new vehicle comes a new set of attributes assigned to the car.

Types of currency in game:

  • Stars – gained by experience
  • Gold – gained by playing the game and also achieved as gifts for your skills
  • Silver – gained by playing the game and as with the gold sometimes given for skills

When played, you get the sense of your own style and this allows you to upgrade your vehicles the way you want. Making this a very versatile game. Although this is an online game, it is a time-consuming game making it fun for almost any age and with the intensity of each battle a game hard to step away from unless you’re waiting for the time to pass on your upgrades.

Rage of Car Force Guide: Tips and Tricks

Improve your weapons, upgrade your cars, train your skills to become a more effective shooter on the battlefield! Try to become a legendary fighter in the Rage of Car Force arena! There is no need to worry about running out of gas or ammunition in this game either, giving you full focus on your own tasks ahead. So keep in mind the following, when it comes to playing this game:

  •  Upgrade
  • Buy equipment before each battle
  • Plan which vehicle to use
  • Get to know each map
  • Get used to driving
  • Don’t be afraid to go in guns blazing

When it comes to playing a game that depends on your own planning and skills, this game is it. It combines capture the flag, shooting, ramming, driving, and strategy all into this fun game that allows you to have fun. Who knows, keep on playing like that and you could win more than just games, but even a tournament. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble driving your car, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Rage of Car Force Beginners Guide for tips!

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