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Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG Character Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG is an upcoming Ragnarok role-playing game that will be released officially for mobile platforms in the first quarter of 2023. Similar to free-to-play role-playing arena games with a hint of gacha gaming, like one of the most popular mobile games, Raid: Shadow Legends, the game combines combat action with a whole cinematic plot. Those of you who are new to playing the RPG title can use the Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG Character Tier List to your advantage.

Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG Character Tier List for December 2022

This tier list of Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG is quite beneficial if you are wondering what type of monster you can use in the game. The tier list is distributed in Tier S+, S, A, B, and C, wherein S+ is the strongest while C is the weakest one.

Overpowered (S+) Paladin Randall,
Crown Arvocchio,
High Wizard Catherine,
Orc Hero  
Strong (S)Sniper Daemon,
Assassin Eremes,
Lord of the Dead,
Good (A)Angelling,
Turtle General,
Dark Lord,
Golden Thief Bug  
Average (B)Baphomet,
Lady Tani,
Stormy Knight,
Weak (C)Gloom Under Night,
Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG Character Tier List for December 2022

Best Meta Characters for Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG in December 2022

Paladin Randal

Paladin-Randal Ragnarok Arena - Monster SRPG
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

Paladin Randal is easily one of the most overpowered characters in the game, having him on the team is almost a huge boost in the player’s chances of winning. The only downside possible with him is that he is a full-on SSS character that is very rare and may be hard to get especially for newer players. But if you have the grit to do so, rerolling for him is very worth the effort once you get the character.

Orc Hero

Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

The Orc Hero is a lower Overpowered character that people may be sleeping on. Orc Hero is a good tank/damage dealer, especially when paired with High Wizard Catherine or any other squishy high-damage/supporting characters that would need beef on their front line.

Main Character

Main-Character Ragnarok Arena - Monster SRPG
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

Unlike most other Gacha games like Genshin Impact. Here in Ragnarok Arena, the main character does not get easily power crept on by other characters that you can pull. As the MC is the only character that you cannot pull out of a match it is very important for people to always remember to upgrade the main character first.

Final Thoughts

You can choose the characters you want to main in Ragnarok Arena by using this tier list, especially if you get lucky and choose the S tiers in a competitive environment. It will be a lot of fun to experiment with the characters you get because the meta in the game is changeable.

Sticking to the meta will limit your enjoyment from these kinds of games as you only base around the characters because of how overpowered they are and be frustrated when never pulling them. There are endlessly conceivable team configurations that are laying there waiting to be discovered. But in the grand scheme of things, it is up to the player how they enjoy the things they want to do.

What do you think about this Ragnarok Arena – Monster SRPG Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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