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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love: The Complete Pet Guide and Tips

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is incomplete without pets. They offer leveling potions, meatballs for completing rifts and board missions, and, most crucially, a method to burn your alt’s stamina for cards and millions in prizes through Pet Adventure. To take advantage of all of these advantages, you’ll want to catch more pets as soon as you unlock your first one. Our Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet guide will tell you all about the game’s pets.

Pet taming items (consumables required to catch pets) can be quite costly, particularly for higher-grade creatures. Furthermore, unless you complete one crucial step, you will not be able to capture your pet. You’ll need a set number of pet taming items to achieve 100 percent success. The amount varies according to the type of pet.

How to get capture a Pet in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

1. Buy Taming items

You must first obtain taming supplies for the pet you wish to capture. In your Adventure Handbook, look up the taming items for each pet. When you select Buy Captured Items on the pet you desire, you’ll get an option to purchase the taming item on the Exchange.

taming items Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

You can also buy Colorful Shells, a rare item obtained as a reward from Pet Adventure, from the Pet NPC near the music player in South Prontera. However, it is preferable to simply purchase the taming equipment through Exchange.

taming items 2 Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

You must feed a pet a set number of times to catch it with a 100% success rate. This number fluctuates depending on the pet. There’s a risk you’ll fail if you only have one taming item. The more taming items you provide, the better. To attain a 100% catch rate, you’ll need the following quantity of taming supplies per pet:

PetsTaming ItemNeeded time to achieve a 100% chanceLocation
PoringGreen Apple3Prontera South Field and Prontera North Field
LunaticRainbow Carrot3Prontera South Field
yoyotropical banana4Prontera West Field
baby desert wolfwell dried bone4Morocc
savage bebesweet milk3Payon
mandragon seednutrition potion5Lost Forest
petiteshining stone6Glast Heim Outskirt
isisarmlet of obedience6Pyramid 1F
deviruchicontract in shadow6Geffen Dungeon, Underground Geffen 2F, and Glast Heim Chivalry
soheesilver knife of chastity7Payon Cafe 2F-3F
baphomet juniorbook of the devil7Glast Heim Hall, and Glast Heim Wing
little witchworn out gorgeous clip7Clock Tower 1F
cruisertoy gun6Toy Factory 1F
teddy beargift box6Toy Factory 1F

So, if you want to capture it straight away, make sure you have the required amount before going out and attempting the catch.

2. Find the Pet that you want to Capture

Find the pet that you want to capture Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

It is common sense that if you want to catch something, then you will need to go to the location where you can find that thing. It is also applied in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, to capture your pet, you will need to go to the location where the pet will be. The table above will guide you about the location. It is preferable that you go to the location with fewer people.

3. Disable auto-attacks

auto-attack Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

Before you capture them, your pet is a wild creature in the game, and it can be considered a monster, you might accidentally kill your potential pet. To avoid this, you will need to disable your auto-attack feature. To do this, you will need to turn it off from the Adventure Skills tab.

4. Add your Taming item to your Hotkey

hotkey Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

This will help you to take the item you need before your potential pet runs away, to do that is very simple, you just need to open your bag, then click the arrow icon on the bottom right, and finally, drag the item to the empty slot.

5. Feed your Potential pet before capturing it

Capturing a pet in the game is similar to you attracting your crush, you show them kindness, but in this case, you can only feed them. Capturing a pet needs a process, you cannot just feed it once and capture them, that way you will guarantee failure in capturing. In the table above, you can see how many times you need to feed them before achieving a 100% success rate in capturing. Each pet needs a different amount of taming items to feed.

potential pet before capturing it 1 Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

When you are feeding your potential pet, a thread-like pink light will appear between you and your target, the option for feed or catch also appears at the bottom right. To catch them, you will need to pay attention to the pet mood detail, you will see heart icons coming from your pet, and the color indicates the success rate for you to catch them. The colors are:

  • Red hearts mean a low chance to catch, which means, that if you try to catch them, you will have a big chance of failure.
  • Red hearts with a yellow circle mean medium chance, which means that if you try to catch it you will have 50% failure and 50% success.
  • Yellow hearts with no red hearts mean 100% chance, congratulations, you are now able to catch your pet
potential pet before capturing it 2 Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

Feed it until all of the red hearts have vanished and yellow hearts have appeared. Check the number of taming items you should feed in the table above. When all of the hearts become yellow, you’ve successfully captured the pet. The catch is pressed. The slot machine will start spinning, and you will receive your new pet.

6. Naming your Pet

Name your pet Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

The last step to catching your pet is not that hard, it’s just naming your pet. You’ve got yourself a new pet. By touching the symbol in the upper left and selecting Pet, you may name your pet and give him a pat. All you have to do now is level it up and raise its Intimacy levels. Pets are one of the best early-game assets you can make. You’ll be able to reclaim the zeny you spent on taming goods soon, or level up quickly with EXP potions.

What are your thoughts on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Pet guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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