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Ragnarok Origin Pet Tier List for March 2024

Get these Pets for your team!

Ragnarok Origin is an MMORPG provided by Gravity Game Hub, where companionship is key to conquering the vast landscapes of Midgard. This fantasy realm invites players to customize characters, explore legendary kingdoms, and embark on thrilling quests. In this Ragnarok Origin Pet tier list, we delve into the diverse world of Ragnarok Origin pets. These loyal companions bring unique abilities, buffs, and strengths to aid you in your journey.

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Ragnarok Origin Tier List for February 2024: Best Pets Ranked

In our Ragnarok Origin pet tier list, we’ve grouped pets into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system helped me choose the best companions for my adventure by assessing each pet’s capabilities. Keep in mind that our categorization is based on our experiences, so feel free to pick pets that suit your gameplay preferences.

TierDPS (AoE)DPS (ST)SupportTank
Strong (S)Rocker Bully,
Antasha β,
Rocker Chinchilly
Antasha σ,
Ghost Samurai,
Fire Lord,
Rocker Corgy,
Earth Lord,
Good (A)Baphomet Jr.,
Fire Elemental,
Abyss Witch,
Alice the Maid,
Fair Breeze
Kitten Oracle,
Dr. Owl,
Fire Avatar
Teacup Rabbit,
King Piggy,
Garm Baby,
Child of Earth
Average (B)

Blazing Picky
Dessert Otter,
Volcanic Dog,
Racoon Warrior,

While our categorizations are subjective and based on personal experiences, this tier list offers a helpful framework for players to navigate the diverse landscape of Ragnarok Origin. As you embark on your journey, feel free to tailor your choices to match your preferred playstyle.

Best Pets in Ragnarok Origin for February 2024

Best DPS (AoE) Pet – Rocker Bully

Rocker Bull shines as one of the best pets in Ragnarok Origin thanks to its dynamic Death Melody skill. With a powerful drumming attack, it deals substantial initial and follow-up shadow damage to enemies, reducing their damage and boosting allies’ damage against Demi-Human.

Ragnarok Origin Rocker Bully
Image via Gravity Game Hub

The upgraded radius and increased damage against Demi-Human make Rocker Bull a versatile and impactful choice for various scenarios.

Best DPS (ST) Pet – Antasha σ

Antasha σ stands out as a top-tier pet due to her explosive Dark Ascension ability. This skill releases a formidable explosion, dealing significant physical damage to enemies and activating Overload Mode for enhanced normal attacks.

Ragnarok Origin Antasha
Image via Gravity Game Hub

The bonus of turning single target skills into area-of-effect attacks with the upgrade adds versatility and adaptability to Anatasha’s already impressive toolkit.

Best Support Pet – Huanhuan

Ragnarok Origin Huanhuan
Image via Gravity Game Hub

Huanhuan earns its place among the best pets with the invaluable Celestial Protection skill. Providing a shield that absorbs damage and temporarily boosts damage and attacks when broken, Huanhuan offers a perfect blend of defense and offense. Its reliability in enhancing survivability makes it an essential companion for challenging encounters.

Best Tank Pet – Earth Lord

Earth Lord secures its position as one of the best pets through the game-changing Gravity Field skill. Creating a zone that taunts and pulls enemies while reducing their movement speed, Earth Lord excels in crowd control. The expanded radius and additional debuffs with the upgrade further establish Earth Lord as a reliable choice for controlling the battlefield.

Ragnarok Origin Earth Lord
Image via Gravity Game Hub

These pets, each excelling in their unique ways, contribute significantly to both offensive and defensive strategies. Having navigated Ragnarok Origin with these pets, I can attest that Rocker Bull, Anatasha, Huanhuan, and Earth Lord are not just pets; they are strategic assets that elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level.

How to unlock and get Pets quickly in Ragnarok Origin

In my journey through Ragnarok Origin, unlocking pets has been a gratifying experience. Here are the ways I discovered to get pets quickly:

  1. Participate in Special Events: Keep an eye out for events hosted by game developers, offering opportunities to obtain rare pets as rewards. Actively participating in these events can be a quick way to enhance your pet collection.
  2. Visit the Witches’ Pet Shop: For a straightforward approach, head to the Witches’ pet shop in West Prontera. Here, you can purchase pets directly, providing a convenient and immediate way to expand your companion collection.
  3. Pet Catching: For a more immersive and fulfilling experience, try catching pets in the game. This method involves real in-game effort and adds a sense of accomplishment as you build a bond with your companions.

These diverse methods have enriched my journey in Ragnarok Origin, providing a variety of pets, each with its unique charm and benefits. Remember to stay vigilant for upcoming events and explore the different avenues to make the most of your pet-collecting journey!

What do you think about this Ragnarok Origin Pet Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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