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Ragnarok Origin Job Tier List for March 2024

Start with these jobs!

Step into the world of Ragnarok Origin, an anime-themed MMORPG provided by Gravity Game Hub. As you navigate the diverse classes within this fantastical world, our Ragnarok Origin Job Tier List becomes your compass, offering insights into the strengths and nuances of each class.

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Ragnarok Origin Tier List for February 2024: Best Jos Ranked

In our Ragnarok Origin tier list, we’ve sorted jobs into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system helped me figure out each job’s strengths and pick the best one for my adventure. Keep in mind, though, this is just how we see it based on our experiences. Feel free to choose what suits your style because everyone’s journey is different!

Strong (S)Swordsman,
Good (A)Archer,
Average (B)Thief

Best Jobs in Ragnarok Originfor February 2024


Picking Swordsman in Ragnarok Origin was awesome for me, especially as a newbie. It’s easy to handle, hits hard, and has lots of health. Going for Knight/Lord Knight later on made me a tough tank, perfect for solo adventures.

Ragnarok Origin Swordsman Ragnarok Origin Job Tier List
Image via Gravity Game Hub

Alternatively, trying out Crusader/Paladin gave me a different vibe. They may not hit as strong, but the extra defenses and buffs for me and my team made Swordsman a top-notch choice. In my experience, Swordsman is a go-to, balancing power and strategy in Ragnarok Origin


Mage is a top-tier pick in Ragnarok Origin, and I’ve seen why. Though they don’t have a lot of health, their ability to wipe out enemies is amazing. Going the Wizard/High Wizard route turns them into a super-strong DPS character with high-damage attacks and incredible AoE spells that make them unstoppable on the battlefield.

Ragnarok Origin Mage
Image via Gravity Game Hub

If you lean more towards support, the Sage/Professor route is the way to go. It lets you craft powerful spells over time, offering buffs and debuffs. In my own Ragnarok Origin journey, the Mage’s versatility and their ability to pack a magical punch make them a fantastic and top-tier choice.


Archer is one of the best jobs in Ragnarok Origin, and here’s why. They’re ranged damage dealers with decent physical defense but lower magical defense. Perfect for long-range combat, Archers pack various offensive abilities that make them formidable.

Ragnarok Origin Archer Ragnarok Origin Job Tier List
Image via Gravity Game Hub

When it comes to advanced classes, the Hunter subclass stands out for dealing high damage with ranged attacks and trapping enemies. On the support side, the Dancer subclass uses buffs and debuffs to help allies and hinder enemies. I’ve found Archers to be top-tier, offering a great mix of offense and defense for those who love dealing damage from a distance and providing support when it counts.

How to change your Job in Ragnarok Origin

Embarking on your Ragnarok Origin journey, you’re presented with the choice of one of six initial jobs. However, as you delve deeper into the game, you’ll discover the option to shake things up. Follow these steps for a firsthand guide on how to change jobs, drawing from my experience. It’s an opportunity to unlock new possibilities and shape your character’s path in exciting ways.

  1. Obtain a job change ticket, a gift from the Time Traveler.
  2. Speak to Miss Zhou, who will guide you to the job transfer service.
  3. Wait for the service to display the desired job position or class.
  4. Tap Confirm Class Change in the right corner of the screen.
  5. Confirm the job transfer once again.

That’s how you can change your job in Ragnarok Origin! Remember, individual preferences and playstyles may vary, so feel free to explore and adapt these recommendations to your adventure. May this tier list enhance your Ragnarok Origin journey, ensuring a thrilling and rewarding experience in the enchanting realms of Midgard.

What do you think about this Ragnarok Origin Job Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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