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Ragnarok Origin Team Composition Guide and Tips

Learn how to assemble the Perfect Team!

Ragnarok Origin is an anime MMORPG provided by Gravity Game Hub. In this vast and dynamic realm, assembling the perfect team composition is essential for success. Whether you’re navigating treacherous dungeons or engaging in intense PvP battles, the right combination of roles and characters can make all the difference. In this Ragnarok Origin Team Composition Guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of team composition, exploring the synergies between tanks, healers, and damage dealers. Together, we’ll unravel the secrets to creating a resilient and effective team capable of conquering the diverse challenges that await you.

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How team role works in Ragnarok Origin

Identifying your role in the game or party is crucial. Consider whether you want to focus on attacking, defending, crowd control, or DPS (Damage per Second). Each role requires specific pet characteristics for optimal gameplay.


In Ragnarok Origin, having a robust tank is like having a stalwart shield for your team. Tanks are sturdy characters designed to absorb damage, ensuring that your more fragile teammates remain unscathed. In my journey, having a Crusader or Knight in the tank role provided the resilience needed to tackle tough encounters. Their ability to draw enemy attention and withstand powerful blows proved invaluable.


When it comes to dealing with damage, having a reliable Damage Dealer is paramount. Characters in this role specialize in inflicting heavy damage, significantly impacting the outcome of battles. Whether I chose an Archer for long-range precision or a Mage for dealing AOE, having a formidable DPS ensured that enemies fell swiftly. The right DPS can turn the tide in your favor during challenging encounters.


A well-rounded team isn’t complete without a reliable Support character. Support roles bring healing, buffs, and utility to the table, enhancing the overall performance of the team. In my adventures, having a Monk or Priest in the Support role proved essential for sustained exploration. Their healing abilities and buffs not only kept the team alive but also boosted our effectiveness in various situations.

Consider Pets

Pets play a crucial role in bolstering your team’s strength and versatility. From providing additional damage in battles to offering essential support and utility, pets can greatly enhance your overall effectiveness in various game modes.

I’ve learned the importance of aligning my pet’s characteristics with my attack style. Whether unleashing melee attacks, powerful spells, AOE skills, or offering support to my team, the right pet can significantly enhance my effectiveness in the game. It’s not just a tactical decision; it’s a strategic move that amplifies the impact of every move I make in the vast world of Ragnarok Origin.

Examples of Team Composition in Ragnarok Origin

As you journey through Ragnarok Origin, crafting a dependable party becomes essential for conquering challenges. Drawing from personal experience, I’ve learned that a balanced team, consisting of a resilient tank, a supportive healer, and formidable damage dealers, paves the path to success. Additionally, integrating crowd control abilities, such as stun and freeze, adds an extra layer of versatility, enabling your party to tackle diverse situations with confidence. Here are some team composition ideas:

Sample Team Comps

1. Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Acolyte, and Thief

This team setup works well because it covers key roles effectively. The Swordsman takes hits as a reliable tank, while the Archer deals consistent ranged damage. The Mage adds powerful magic attacks, diversifying the team’s offense.

Ragnarok Origin
Image via Gravity Game Hub

The Acolyte ensures sustained health with healing and buffs, and the Thief brings agile bursts of damage. With this mix, the team stays resilient and dishes out damage efficiently, adapting to various challenges.

2. Paladin, Sniper, Mastersmith, High Priest, and Stalker

This team setup is great for dealing consistent damage. The Paladin acts as a solid frontline tank, drawing attention and providing strong defense. The Sniper adds reliable ranged damage, while the Mastersmith contributes buffs and debuffs for improved team performance.

Ragnarok Origin
Image via Gravity Game Hub

The High Priest ensures continuous healing and support, making the team resilient in extended battles. With the Stalker providing utility through versatile skills, this team becomes adaptable and effective across various situations.

3. 2x Rune Knight, 2x Archbishop, and Ranger

The Ranger takes on the role of a versatile DPS, dealing damage from a distance with precision. The Rune Knight serves as a resilient tank, absorbing damage and providing a strong frontline presence. The Archbishop offers essential support, delivering healing and buffs to ensure the team’s longevity in battles. This composition strikes a balance between offense and defense, making it effective in various scenarios and encounters.

Final Thoughts

In Ragnarok Origin, building the right team composition is crucial for success. Remember, these examples can be adapted based on personal preferences and playstyles. Experimenting with different combinations will help you find the team composition that suits your adventure in Ragnarok Origin.

Team composition can vary based on personal preferences, playstyle, and the specific challenges you’re facing in Ragnarok Origin. Stay flexible, adapt to different scenarios, and most importantly, have fun exploring the diverse possibilities of team dynamics in your Ragnarok Origin journey!

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