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RAIDER Six: The Complete Map Guide and Tips

All you know to need to about the Battle Royale map!

RAIDER SIX is an online multiplayer battle royale game and Map is one of the major aspects of a battle royale game. As an amateur, players must study the map thoroughly and then get into play so that they know the best hot drops and the vehicle locations that will help them survive throughout the game. Thus, let us get into the details of the Map over the new battle royale game, RAIDER SIX. 

Introducing the in-game Map

The game comes up with two game modes, Bounty and Werewolf. Werewolf mode is just like Team Deathmatch and thus it has a very small and closed area where the match takes place. But on the other hand, the Bounty Mode is the main battle royale mode and thus players must know about the locations and the signs over the maps they witness.

Raider Six Map
Image via Starlight Gaming India

The name is the Map is Carry and players can go through the map while they are in the middle of the game and also, can check out some of the features or objects that will help them survive further in the game. First, let us discuss the symbols that we will be witnessing over the maps, these are: 

  • Pollution Zone 
  • Boss 
  • Vehicle 
  • Airdrop 
  • Element U Pile 
  • Evacuation Point 
  • Treasure Zone 
  • Enemy 
  • Old Enemy 
  • U Crate 

These are the main symbols players will thus witness over the map during the match. When the players check these symbols over a particular location on the map, they can thus get the exact knowledge about all the features and objects which are present at that particular location over the map. Whether it is a vehicle, Pollution Zone, or other ones. 

Best Loot locations in the Carry map of RAIDER SIX

Now let us know about the hot drops that players will witness over the map: 

1. Murmansk

A seashore port area full of buildings and warehouses, Murmansk is one of the best places to jump over the land. The warehouses and the buildings are just full of premium loot, ordinary and legendary chests that help players to gather the best set of loot over the map.

Raider Six Map
Image via Starlight Gaming India

The players even get a lot of options on vehicles around this area and thus can travel to every part of the map. Thus, for these sole reasons, Murmansk is one of the best places players can jump and loot for their survival.

2. Transport Centre

The Transport Centre is one of the best locations players can opt for in the middle of the map. Players can thus easily rotate to the safe zone and fight for their survival if they jump at the Transport Centre. Transport Centre has the best set of buildings which consist of all sorts of ordinary and premium chests that will thus help out players to grab up some of the best sets of itineraries that will help them to survive over the map.

Players will even have the option to grab some vehicles for themselves and rotate easily to the safe zone. But be aware, that this is one of the central parts of the maps and thus many other players might also jump at this particular location. So collect up the required items faster and fight for your own survival.

3. Farm

The Farm is a very simple sober and small location yet has one of the best sets of loot available compared to all the other parts of the map. Players might not even witness vehicles over there as well, but the main part being the loot is mostly prioritised over the location.

Starting from ordinary chests to premium chests and the best set of guns, players can easily witness them over this particular location. Many players don’t opt for the farm as they feel this might be very simple and might not have enough loot, but the thinking is very wrong, farm might be a small place but has a great set of loot for the players.

4. Power Plant

As the name suggests itself, Power Plant is one of the best places players can witness over the map. A very large area over the map with the presence of all forms of chests and vehicles will thus help them to gather the most premium set of loot which will help them in surviving.

Image via Starlight Gaming India

Power Plant is not much in the middle of the map, but players will surely get a vehicle over that location and thus can easily travel to the safe zone and then continue further in the game.

Final Thoughts

Raider Six is an outstanding battle royale game with this amazing map. Thus the beginners will now be aware of the symbols they see on the map and will know about the features and objects present at that particular location on the map. Players can also get to know about the hot drops as mentioned above. So, jump from your aircraft and loot around the map to survive with the best set of items from the hot drops. 

Did you find our guide on the Map in RAIDER SIX useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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