Random Dice: Go Beginners Guide and Tips

Auto-Battle with Dice!

Random Dice: Go is an auto-battle strategy game published by 111%. The games consist of various types of dice with different attack and defense abilities, board arrangement and classification for opponents, lives, rewards, and strategic placement of dice. The game allows the players to play and plan their attack with strategic placement which will work most effectively with the opponent’s dice placement. Thus, let us jump into a detailed Random Dice: Go beginners guide for the players and check out some great tips and tricks for them.

Gameplay Overview

As soon as the player enters the game, they learn how the board is divided into blocks between the player and their opponent. The players can learn dice attack strategies and decide where they have to place the three dice at each turn. After the placement of each turn, the players play a round of auto-battle. The winners are decided based on who has more lives or who has more dice left on their board.

The player will get turns to set up dice in their allotted blocks. Simultaneously, the opponent will also be setting up dice in their blocks. The player and their opponent cannot see each other’s type of dice. The position of the dice on the block, while they are being placed.

Random dice: Go Beginners Guide
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The player has to make a strategic decision based on the available options given to the player out of their deck. After every turn, a winner remains and it is decided based on who has more life left or based on who has more dice left. The leftover dice are carried forward to the next round. 

Introducing the basics of Random Dice: Go

The game has nine blocks, which are furthermore divided into nine smaller blocks. The smaller division of nine blocks is where each die is placed. As soon as the turn starts, the player will be shown the option of two dice out of the five dice in their deck.

The player has to choose one of the two dice to place on one of their blocks. After the player chooses one of the dice given as options, the other option disappears. After the options have disappeared, the options reload and two new options are given. At every turn, the player can place only three dice at once.

Random dice: Go Beginners Guide
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There are many types of dice. Each dice has a different power and length of the attack. Few attacks are of shorter length and only attack dice that are adjacent and few attacks are longer and can attack from far behind. The players can merge dice of the same qualities to form higher-level dice. For example, if the fire dice are merged, the single dot dice will be merged into double dot fire dice. The abilities are multiplied each time the dice are merged. 

In-Game Features and Characteristics

The main homepage has many features which will lead to various features along with the main battle. The main features and characteristics are:

  • Decks: Right above the battle and league match icons, the players can see the decks they own. Here they can see the decks and combinations of dice. The players can click on it and see the information regarding the dice.
  • Tier: Right above the decks, the players can see the tier of the player. Upon clicking on it the players can see all the previous awards gained due to leveling up.
  • Quest: On the top right of the screen, the players can see an icon representing the quests. Here the players can see all the daily and main quests.
  • Lobby: The lobby is the main homepage of the game. It is the page the player is led to as soon as they open the game. There are many features and characteristics on this page.
Random Dice Go pre-registration, Random Dice Go
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  • Battle: On the bottom left of the screen, above the main menu bar, the players can see the battle icon. Upon clicking on it, the players are led to the main battle of the game. 
  • League Match: On the bottom right of the screen, the players can see a league match icon, which will be unlocked at the sixteenth tier. Upon clicking on this the players are led to the game where they can play leagues and multiplayer battles.
  • Inventory: Right next to the lobby icon, the players can see the inventory icon. Upon clicking on this the players are led to the inventory of dice of the game. The players can equip dice and see all the properties of the dice. Along with dice, the players can also see the inventory of emoticons and special effects.
  • Shop: Right next to the inventory icon, the players can see the shop icon. Here the players can see and purchase all kinds of resources and currency of the game. The purchases are divided into individual resources and packages.

Random Dice: Go Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Random dice: Go is an enjoyable strategy auto-attack game, which is fun to play and easy to understand. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • It would be better for the players to go through the inventory of the dice and their special abilities.
  • Quests are constantly updated and the tier would upgrade better if the quests are finished constantly.
  • During the battle, it would be better to place dice at equally distant places so that all the blocks are equally attacked.
  • The dice with shorter attack ranges are suggested to be placed in the middle blocks so that they are nearer to all the blocks.

Overall, Random Dice: Go is a decent strategy and auto-attack game. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Random Dice: Go beginners guide for tips. Happy gaming!

That’s all for today’s Random Dice: Go Beginners Guide! Did you find this Random Dice: Go Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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