Real Cricket 24 Guide: Tips to unlock Tournaments quickly in the game

Earn Experience Points quickly and unlock all the Tournaments!

It’s been a while since the 2024 Season of cricket’s best simulation encounter, a.k.a Real Cricket, launched globally. While fans have loved the addition of new Cricket Tournaments and Leagues, held at Global as well as Domestic stages, they have shown disgust about the fact that most of these Tournaments added are Pay-to-Play. That is, users need to make in-app purchases to permanently unlock most of these Tournaments. In this Real Cricket 24 guide, we are going to talk about something known as Experience Points and share some tips on how you can double up your Experience Points in no time, and unlock new Tournaments.

Not everyone can afford to buy out Tournaments at will just for the sake of experiencing the gameplay in those Tournaments. Well, here’s some good news. You can unlock most of these Tournaments without spending a penny. First, let us know about unlocking new Tournaments in Real Cricket 2024.

How to unlock and enter tournaments in Real Cricket 24

Besides making in-app purchases, you can also unlock certain tournaments permanently, by just leveling up. To know which Level you are currently at, you need to navigate to the Profile Section from the in-game Home Screen. You can also view which Tournaments or In-Game prizes you can unlock at each succeeding level, on this page.

unlock and enter tournaments in Real Cricket 2022
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Once unlocked, you need to spend a certain number of In-game Tickets, each time, for entering that Tournament. Now that we know about leveling up, the very next question that arises is, How do we level up? That is when we arrive at the concept of Experience Points.

Experience points

Experience Points are nothing but an in-game asset that users can accumulate to level up. A certain number of Experience Points are required for hopping from one level to another. The Experience Points (XPs) required to level up, increase with each level that users enter. You can check out the number of Experience Points that you own and the total number of Experience Points that you need to collect to move up to the next higher level, on the top-left corner of the in-game home screen.

How to earn experience points in Real Cricket 24

  • Experience Points can be accumulated by playing Tournament Mode Games.
  • They can also be earned by participating in the Online Multiplayer Mode (both Ranked and Un-Ranked).
  •  Additionally, they can be earned by completing the Daily Mission and Quest Challenges. However, playing the Quick Match or Test Match Mode games does not help you bag Experience Points.

The easiest and quickest way to earn Experience Points is by participating in Tournaments. However, you cannot take part in Tournaments initially as they unlock only when you level up. Hence, users have to rely on the Daily Quests Missions and the Online Multiplayer Mode to level up. The only Tournament mode that one can enter while in Level 1 is the Master’s Cup. So, one must also make sure to make the most out of it.

Real Cricket 24 Guide: Tips and Tricks to quickly unlock tournaments

Here are some bonus observations from our end, that would help users accumulate the Experience Points required to level up, in no time. What follows next are some useful tips for Beginners who want to exploit all the Game Modes that are available in Real Cricket 24.

1. Do not miss out on the Daily Missions and Quests

The Mission and Quest set is located to the right of the game’s home screen. Well, there are three main reasons why you should visit these two sections when you log in for the first time on a given day.

  • Firstly, most of the Tournaments would be locked when you are in the initial days of playing this game. Hence this is one of the easy and premium ways of fast-tracking the XP growth that allows you to level up.
  • Once you unlock a tournament, to enter that tournament, you need to spend a fixed number of tickets each time. Completing Daily Missions rewards you with Coins and most importantly Tickets, that you would require to participate in tournaments and in turn unlock more tournaments by leveling up from the XP rewards earned from that Tournament.
Real Cricket 24 Daily Missions
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  • Completing Daily Quests offers you the much-needed Gold and Premium Fragments for adding potent shots to your Shot-book. You need to add at least a new Shot to your Shot book for fairing against users online, since, the Online Multiplayer Mode also bags users the invaluable Experience Points.
Real Cricket 24 Quests
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So, it is a no-brainer that you cannot afford to skip this section a single day.

2. Look to cash on the Master’s Cup Tournament event

To make things a bit easier for you, the Master’s Cup Tournament Event is unlocked by default. There’s nothing better than Tournaments to fast-track your XP growth. Irrespective of the result, you earn a certain amount of Experience Points in each match of the Tournament. So make sure to fully capitalize on the Master’s Cup Event.

3. Set the Master’s Cup games to autoplay for both the innings

A few things to note about the Master’s Cup:

  • Always choose the Tournament format as 50 overs per side. The lengthier the game, the merrier the rewards in the form of Experience Points. Simple as that. You will be requiring 10 Tickets to enter irrespective of the number of overs that you wish to go with. So make sure to go with 50 over-a-side games. Each 50 over-game that you play at the Master’s Cup, earns you 100 Experience Points on winning.
Real Cricket 24 Master's Cup
Image via Nautilus Mobile
  • Auto-play each game of the Master’s Cup Tournament without worrying about the results. This might sound strange since you do not receive Experience Points for the overs that you have auto-played but this is what Time and Resource management are all about.
  • If you finish a 50-over game by playing out the entire game, it would take you around 2 hours to do so and you will earn 100 Experience Points for that if you win the game. Now, if you simulate all the innings, you will get 50 Experience Points with each victory that you claim. Within those 2 hours, you can complete 10 such Master’s Cup tournament events. It is more rewarding in that way. You can even watch ads to double up your Experience Points rewards.

4. Engage in the Online Multiplayer mode

Real Cricket 24 Multiplayer Mode
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The Online Multiplayer mode, not just gives you exposure against users online but also earns you the Experience Points required to unlock new Tournaments. So, devote equal attention to this section as well.

5. Try to add at least one new Shot to your Shot Book each week

Unlike the Tournament or any other game mode, you cannot autoplay the innings in the Online Multiplayer Mode. Hence, to compete and win against users online, you need some premium shots in your Shot Book.

Real Cricket 24 Shot Book
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These power-packed shots ensure that your player can send the ball out of the park from Ball 1,  which is essential to survive in an Online setup.

6. Participate in every new tournament that you unlock

Just as we mentioned before, there is no better way to fast-track your XP growth than playing Tournaments. So, this is a no-brainer. With every new Tournament that you unlock, you must also look to capitalize on them and not just the Master’s Cup. Doing so will help you unlock all such Tournaments that are there to unlock in the upcoming levels.

7. Watch videos to earn extra Tickets

Tickets are your entry-level access to Tournaments. Hence you will be requiring loads and loads of them. You can earn Tickets by watching Ads from the Quest section. You will be asked to select either Coins or Tickets as a reward. We suggest you go for Tickets in this scenario since you would be requiring them for entering Tournaments and leveling up.

Final Thoughts

One must refrain from in-app purchases initially. Unlock as many Tournaments as you can, by leveling up. Follow these tips to do so, in no time. That’s it from us. All the basics are covered. If you find any difficulties in amassing Experience Points and unlocking Tournaments in Real Cricket 24, you can always fall back on this guide for assistance.

Did you find our guide on Real Cricket 24 on how to unlock tournaments helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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