Rebel Riders Vehicles Tier List for November 2022

Learn about the different vehicles that Rebel Riders offers !

Rebel Riders is a PvP action-oriented vehicular battle game where some misfit toys play among themselves to prove their worth after being mistreated by their owners. In this guide, we will discuss the different vehicles or rides that Rebel Riders offers to its players. The game is set in the streets of New York in multiple locations where the toys engage in vehicular combat. In this Vehicles Tier List, we will discuss all the available vehicles in Rebel Riders and their uses.

Rebel Riders is all about vehicular PvP combat. So it is very important that you know each of the rides or vehicles in detail in Rebel Riders. The game offers a total of seven vehicles to choose from in Rebel Riders. When you start as a beginner in the game, you can access already unlocked three vehicles. The unlocked vehicles are Boomer, Ranger, and Lazer Stryke. Let’s understand each of the vehicle’s functions and abilities.

Rebel Riders Vehicles Tier List

1. Fix-N-Fire

The Fix-N-Fire is by far the best when it comes to dealing with damage and also repairing teammates’ vehicles. This utility bot is a triple threat and is the best to be chosen for any battle.

2. Megawatt

The Megawatt is the second best in the list if you are playing a Team Deathmatch or Battle Toyale. It unleashes high voltage bolts of electricity at its targets dealing a good amount of damage. Special skills include planting an electrolyte charge anywhere on the battlefield which consequently damages enemy vehicles.

3. Boomer

The Boomer is the best if you choose to play Battle Toyale and Team Deathmatch. The ride brings out its best in dealing with damage to other rides. It can also take great damage from other vehicles because of its heaviness.

Rebel Riders Currency
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It launches a single homing rocket while targeting its enemy vehicles with 4 seconds cooldown. You can use this attack 3 times at a stretch. Special skills include launching multiple rockets in a spread formation that can be aimed.

4. Ranger

The Ranger is also considered one of the best while you are playing Battle Toyale or a Team Deathmatch. It fires a burst of three projectiles that splash on impact. Special abilities include blocking damage from enemy attacks which lasts for a maximum of 6 seconds.

5. Lazer Stryke

The Lazer Stryke is known for its speed and fast-charging laser sword. It is the best when you are playing Stash the Cash as it helps a lot in collecting gold that is floating in the battle arena offering the maximum speed. Special abilities include the 360 smash which damages and pushes back the enemy to a certain distance blocking attacks.

Rebel Riders three vehicles
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6. Skyhawk

The Skyhawk fires five discs in rapid succession dealing a good amount of damage to their enemies. Special abilities include detonating three mines in proximity.

7. Arachnnafang

The Arachnnafang looks like a spider and deals a good amount of damage while spitting a single shot that causes poison damage over time. Special abilities include launching out a web that traps and slows down a single target.

Final Thoughts

Different vehicles possess different attributes and skills and so you have to be extra-wise to choose your vehicle while you are approaching a certain mode to play. The players are free to choose any desired unlocked vehicle of their choice while going for the battles. If you are looking for more information related to the rides of Rebel Riders, you can head for the Collection menu in the game and understand the attributes and skills of the unlocked vehicle.

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