Retro Bowl: The Complete Seasons Mode Guide and Tips

Can you pass the grade and take your team all the way to the ultimate prize?

Retro Bowl is a fun and free-to-play sports game that players could easily download and start playing. What sets this apart from most games is the complex and interactive mechanics introduced to players fairly early on. Now, what this game has compared to other mobile football games is some sort of season or dynasty mode. Players will then be prompted to take control of a franchise of cities around the league and from there, build up a stronger franchise and ultimately win the Retro Bowl. The game will also ask if players would want to go with their favorite team or start with a lower-ranked team and win it all. The choice of the player would slightly affect the game but not the ultimate goal. Moving forward, there is a lot to consider when it comes to getting the most out of players’ season. Even with such factors, this Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide will then help new players out and make their way to a dynasty full of championships.

Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Stay focused on winning

Like a lot of dynasties in sports, the team players would start out with would usually have lower ratings and some major weaknesses to take care of. Lots of times, there are strategies that would work for struggling teams in seasons. In this case, players would always have the option to tank out the season and go for great picks in the draft. As much as possible, players should be focused on winning as it is a crucial factor to consider within the season.

Retro Bowl Championship
Retro Bowl Championship

Winning attracts fans to players’ games and much like the real world, it is such a huge factor when it comes to the success of a team. Additionally, completing games can also grant players coaching credits with each full bar of the fans’ support percentage. Players should use that as an advantage to progress more with their teams.

2. Use all your Coach Credits in Retro Bowl wisely

The coach credits in Retro Bowl that players would receive after each game acts like some sort of currency. A currency that is much more different than the money used to hire players and the like. These coaching credits can be used to upgrade facilities that can help improve a player’s teams in different aspects.

These credits can also be used to sign free agents that can boost the rating of the player’s team or even fill out an important spot on the roster. Not only that, but players can use coaching credits to also hire coaches for the offensive and defensive ends of the team.

Coaching credits Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide
Coach credits in Retro Bowl

As mentioned above, it would be great if players would bring up the fans’ support as this affects how many coaching credits they can get after finishing one game. Each bar would indicate how many coaching credits a player can get and from there, use it for upgrading facilities that massively help out a team’s players.

3. Use the front office facilities to strengthen players

A good example of using coaching credits would be at the facilities on the Front Office screen. These facilities have various effects on players of a team and can be used to yield good results for a team to keep winning.

Front office Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide
Front office

Training Facilities

For the training facilities, players can improve this facility in order to allow their players to earn more experience points after each game. The players of a team can improve some of their stats through training and time. Those experience points will continue to add up to where the players can improve and are set to a certain level to match their respective ratings. A good thing to remember is that players on a team will earn experience based on how much they are used in a game. Much like in real life as well, players can keep improving when they are out on the field. Players can use those they want to improve while also gaining more experience.

Rehab Facilities

Up next are the Rehab Facilities. What this does for a team is that it lessens the chances for players to be injured while also allowing the players’ condition to be higher. The condition is a percentage that allows players to be at their maximum strength for each game while also being in peak condition for players to keep on winning. Now, if ever a player would be injured, they would miss a certain number of games. The strength or overall, of a player’s Rehab Facilities will significantly reduce those number of games and help heal the player much better over time.


Another crucial part would be the stadium. As part of facilities, this can massively change how much fan support a player can get. Just like in real life, the stadium is where games are played and fans watch those games. If the stadium is in better shape, more fans would want to watch and see their team play. Moving from there, as players would upgrade their stadium, they do the same with their fans’ support as well.

4. Optimize your roster for winning

As mentioned above, winning would be much better in the long run. When players would want to keep winning, they should also have the players for it. When a game would then be played, players should keep in mind that when it comes to winning, certain things can and should be done. Throughout the course of a game, it would be alright if players would utilize some of the team to make sure they get in some good experience for them to improve.

Retro Bowl Draft round
Draft round

It is noteworthy that when it comes to games down the wire, players should go for a win using their best players or go for plays that would involve the best on their team. Knowing which players are the best would be indicated by a glowing star on top of their heads. And with that, players can easily know which route to take or which play would be the most optimal to come up with a win.

5. Know when to praise your Fans and your Team

Retro Bowl Praise fans
Praise fans

After each game that players complete, there would be a post screen where they have the option to either praise fans or their team. These options would have an effect on their corresponding recipient and the player can use either of them to their advantage. Praising fans would usually increase their fan support. On the other hand, praising the team would add a boost to their morale which can also be optimal for winning games. It would be more of the player’s choice to make based on what the team needs or what is being prioritized.

6. Prioritize the team’s potentials efficiently

Part of maintaining a team would be filling out spots and improving the team where it is needed. When it comes to the long run, teams would still want to keep winning and maintaining that as part of a routine. When it comes to winning, a team would still need good players and when it comes to getting the best, players can get their spots filled through the draft or even through free agency.

Pratonize potential Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide
Prioritize potential

It might seem like much to consider but it can massively help out any struggling team. There are players around the league that can help out a player’s team through their overall or even through potential. With a lot of sports, there are tons of players with a lot of potentials that would turn into stars given the right effort and time. This is also true with Retro Bowl.

Players can get their hands on these diamonds in the rough through the draft or the free-agent pool. All players have to do is to run through their stats and see which has the highest potential. Within some time, these players would also turn into stars and if they came from the draft, could also go for cheaper pay since they are just starting out. Players would have it easier to build a stronger and winning team with players that are full of potential.

7. Get coordinators with traits that help out the team

In a season, it takes a lot of time and effort to build up a dynasty. That is exactly what players want to do and maintain. Of course, it is not all up to the players to keep winning but also the staff of a team. What happens is that players can hire coordinators to help out their team in the long run. These coordinators also have traits that can provide boosts for the team with corresponding effects as well.

Available staff Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide
Available staff

These traits are as follows:

  • Fan favourite – This trait provides a 1 % increase after each game but can decrease fan support when the coordinator is fired.
  • Likeable This trait provides a 5 % increase in the morale for players, but can decrease the morale when the coordinator is fired.
  • Physio – This trait provides a 5 % condition boost to all players per game.
  • Talent spotter – This trait provides a 0.5 % increase in the potential for all players.
  • Scout – This trait provides an additional number of scouting trips of 3 to the maximum number for the draft.
  • Negotiator – This trait would prevent players with Toxic morale to impose a negative impact on the rest of the team.
  • Motivator – This trait provides an instant boost to the morale of all players when hired.
  • Positive – This trait would prevent Bad conditions from affecting the team in a negative way.

Players should take note of which coordinators would work best for their team and use it to their advantage to keep their team winning and moving forward.

With these tips of the seasons mode guide to a season in the Retro Bowl, players can get a good picture of what to do when they want to put up their own legacy in the game. It would be great for players to note down or refer to the guide every now and again but players should also feel free to mix and match with the tips on the guide to know what works well with them and their team. And remember to keep the focus on winning!

That’s all for today’s Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide. Did you find our Retro Bowl Seasons Mode Guide helpful? 

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