Retro Goal: A detailed tactics guide with tips

Understand the tactics and formations for better results!

Retro Goal is a 90s-style free-to-play football game created by New Star Games, the same team behind the award-winning games New Star Soccer and Retro Bowl. It also allows players to customize their game options, with a fast and exciting mix of arcade soccer action and simple team management. The best thing about Retro Goal is that it gives full freedom to the players to try out new players along with the tactics in the game, whether it may be attack or defense. Players often get confused about what type of tactics they should choose. So, to assist you, we have created the Retro Goal Tactics guide with some useful tips for all players.

Formation and Player Management

Player Management also plays an important role in getting the best out of your squad. To work the tactics well, the players will be able to perform on the pitch and thus pull off good matches. The management will also include the rotation of players on the basis of their condition, morale, and so on.

Image via New Star Games

There is a good number of formations that are offered in the game as well. These will be brilliant to test out your squad’s flexibility, and then focus on the other aspects of the game with the changes if necessary. The formations that are available in the game are as follows.

  • 4-4-2: Comes with two variants, a flat midfield and an attacking midfielder with a deep-lying midfielder.
  • 4-3-3: Traditional formation with two wingers and one striker. Once again comes with two variants, a formation that is a bit narrow at the top and the other spread out wide.
  • 4-2-3-1: Similar to the 4-3-3 but with a double pivot and wider flanks.
  • 4-5-1: A midfield overload of the 4-2-3-1.
  • 5-2-3: A three-at-the-back formation best suited for Counter Attack.
  • 5-3-2: Similar setup to the 5-2-3 but with an extra man in midfield.
  • 3-4-3: An even offensive take on the 5-2-3 with attacking overload on both flanks.
  • 3-5-2: A midfield overload to hold the ball and sit deep.

Understanding Tactics in Retro Goal

Tactics in any game form an integral part of getting the results. The same goes for the Retro Goal tactics, as the game itself allows the players to adjust their style of play with the preset options given. These tactics help in providing a better team play overall depending on the choice of players and are also helpful in getting the results over a period of time.

There are currently the following tactics in Retro Goal, which can be explained as below.


Balanced in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

The Balanced tactics go by the name itself, which doesn’t give any sort of emphasis between attack or defense. Players play a moderate role here, with less decrease in stamina over the game with average work rate, and avoiding dangerous tackles.

All Out Defend

All Out Defend in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

A tactic employed for those teams who blow up leads. This works really well considering it is a purely defensive tactic, but also here the sacrifice is made for few chances during the attack. High work rate and aggressive tackling as the positives.


Image via New Star Games

A step down to the All-Out attack, but here the defensive line is high to win the balls in the midfield. The defense is balanced and for this, preferably quick defenders are needed. Once again, the attack won’t be very aggressive to score goals.


Counter Attack in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

A formation well-balanced in all aspects, and works extremely well in the game. The defensive side of the game is pretty well-balanced, and the attack is absolutely brilliant. It can work with any formation of your choice, particularly the 4-3-3 B and the 3-4-3.


Press in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

Absolutely ruthless in pressing, the tactic is employed for players with high stamina. The constant pressing will lead to a loose ball and hence more chances are created. Avoid players with low stamina and condition, or else they will get absolutely mauled before full-time.

Attack Center

attack center
Image via New Star Games

Focuses on attacking the central areas, so it works best with two forwards in a formation. The center of the pitch needs a good attacking midfielder sitting behind the forwards to have ease of playing at the center. The average work rate isn’t a problem.

Attack Wing

Attack Wing in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

The wingers do the creative work in this one, while the attacker makes space for them. The wings need to be creative and should have an eye for the goal to exploit their prowess. The work rate is moderate, and sometimes you shall need a 4-atb to cover the flanks for more offense.

All Out Attack

All Out Attack
Image via New Star Games

Nothing to think about here. Just attack, who cares about the defense? The players are focused on attack, and the defense has to cover, which makes it vulnerable. But if you believe in outscoring the opponent for the win, this right here is the best pick for you.


Casual in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

Sunday League football might show better intensity than this one. Yes, it isn’t something that you want your team to play, but this tactic is the best if you have already in a position of winning the league or you want your players to not get injured.

Tips and tricks to remember

Here are some simple tips and tricks to remember in the game.

  • Choose your formations according to your players. If you want to field three attackers upfront, then a 3-man attack would work the best.
  • Tactics cannot be changed during the game. So keep this in mind and try to perform the best in the field.
  • If a certain setup is giving you results, you better not change it. However, we suggest you sign extra players for the same as backup.
  • Some tactics won’t work well with some formations. So it is necessary that players try out every method possible and then be confident with the team selection.

Overall, the game boasts of having a good number of tactical setups that can be tested and tried by the players once they get a grip on the tactics. If you find any difficulties in getting adjusted to the tactics, feel free to give this guide another read.

That’s all for today’s Retro Goal Tactics Guide! Did you find this Retro Goal Tactics Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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