Retro Goal Beginners Guide with Tips

Watch the retro football unfold!

Retro Goal is a 90s-style free-to-play football game created by New Star Games, the same team behind the award-winning games New Star Soccer and Retro Bowl. It also allows players to customize their game options, with a fast and exciting mix of arcade soccer action and simple team management. Many players will have no idea how management games worked back in the day, so they may have difficulty getting started. So, to assist you, we have created this Retro Goal beginners guide with some useful tips for all players.

Introducing the basics of Retro Goal

The basics of the game are quite easy to understand if you are a football lover and have played management games before. if you are not, do not worry. You’ll get a grip very easily. There are not too many resources in the game, which is great considering there will less confusion in the beginning.

Selecting a Club

You shall start the game by choosing your favorite club in football but the twist here is you’ll not be managing them at the very beginning. The game will test you by putting you in charge of lower-division clubs, and then you’ll have to climb up the ranks. This club, however, can be according to your wish.

After selecting your not-so-desired club from the list, you’ll go through the tutorial which will explain some basics, which actually isn’t sufficient. Once you enter the game, you’ll be presented with various options, which we’ll explain later.


The gameplay is swipe and move. All your actions are maintained by the swipes you do. It is really simple, flick on the left to dribble while holding and move again on the left to give a pass or shoot. Headers follow the same swipe-to-shoot technique, but before that, you need to loft the ball and target the player.

Retro Goal gameplay
Image via New Star Games

Controls are simple and within a jiffy, players will get a hang of it. You simply have to time your pass right and dribble only in empty areas. While shooting, try to swipe a little longer, or else the power won’t be enough on the ball to hit on target or beat the keeper.

Understanding the Club Management

The Office and the Team are the two important submenus in the game. The changes you do here, be it player changes, coach sacking, etc will be reflected on the football pitch. More information on the same has been given in brief so that players can understand how they can manage their respective clubs.

The Office

Just like the regular career mode, the office features some retro-style management of your club. Even though you are the one physically playing, you are the boss, and you can hire managers and staff to improve your squad. if the current coach is getting your results, you can also extend his contract.

Managers office in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

Club management and season progress are on the same menu, where you can see the current status. By spending Bux (currency in the game), you can upgrade your stadium properties and overall help the club to climb up the ladder. You can check the records of the club, the trophy cabinet, and the overall history of each trophy.

Player Management

The management of players is the exciting part of the game. You can choose to form your best squad by signing players and then fielding them on the pitch. However, this will follow a conventional way of signing players in real-life football, so you cannot choose any player you like.

Players in Retro Goal
Image via New Star Games

Signing players is done via the transfer list. You can check each player from the available list, their cost, and their statistics. You can sort them by their position. There are some premium players as well who’ll be amazing to play with, and also might make a big difference to the current squad. You can check the stats of each player in your squad in the Dataview section.

Formation and Tactics

With a lot of formations to choose from, players can adapt to any setup they like. It’ll also depend on the players they have, and making sure they all are compatible with the arrangement. You can choose a different player from the bench to swap if necessary.

Image via New Star Games

When it comes to tactics, it is again filled with good options. You can choose a variety of strategies, says a Balanced approach or a Counter-Attack, along with the work rate management of your squad. So on the basis of your formation and players, you can pick one and proceed.

Retro Goal Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

While playing Retro Goal, we advise the players to remember a few basic tips and tricks to remember while playing the game.

  • Always opt to purchase the forwards to improve your team using bux. They are the main part of the game as you will face more goalscoring scenarios, so better invest in your forwards straight away.
  • Keep a flexible formation so that your players are able to adapt. This will reduce the chances of players not being impactful because they are out of position.
  • The condition of your players will be important. Make sure to check their match fit condition before playing them, or else you might see them not performing well on the pitch.
  • When it comes to signing players, we recommend that you go for younger players with high potential so that they can give your club more years from their prime. So, before signing, research the players and make an informed decision.
  • Leveling up your player allows you to improve one of their attributes. So keep track of that too, this will vastly improve your squad.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Retro Goal provides a fun and exciting experience of retro-style football management and overall engaging gameplay. Players can adapt to the game in no time once they learn the basics because the game makes it pretty simple for everyone involved. For beginners, there are important tips mentioned above, which will ease off the overall experience for them, even though if they are not involved in football thoroughly. If in any situation you are not able to understand anything in the game, this Retro Goal beginners guide is there to help you.

That’s all for today’s Retro Goal Beginners Guide! Did you find this Retro Goal Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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