Rocket League Sideswipe Guide: Top 10 tips and tricks to advance quickly in the game

Reach the platinum level in no time in Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe is full of hidden techniques and secrets that are never shown in the tutorial section and are left for the players to experiment and explore. During rank modes, you might get frustrated and even jealous seeing how swiftly some of your opponents maneuver their vehicles but fret not! We have got you covered! Here, we will be looking into the top 10 tips and tricks every Rocket League Sideswipe player needs to know that will take their gameplay to the platinum level in no time.

Rocket League Sideswipe Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Unlock the hidden Jump-Boost button

When you start the game on a new account as a complete beginner, you will see only two action buttons on your screen apart from the joystick. The two action buttons are Jump and Boost, Jump is used to make your car jump towards the direction your car’s roof is facing. The Jump can be used two times consecutively after leaving the ground whereas Boost allows your car to move at an accelerated speed until the boost gauge is depleted.

Joystick settings
Joystick settings

However, for complex techniques, you need to make use of both of these action buttons consecutively and sometimes together. This might be a challenge for players who use two fingers to play mobile games. But there is another button hidden in the game settings that allow you to jump and boost at the same time.

Rocket League Sideswipe tips
Hidden Jump-Boost Button

The Jump-Boost button can be unlocked by entering the game settings from the top right corner of the game home screen and pressing Configure. Afterward, you will see a Red button which you have to click and check the Enabled option. You can also move the buttons and arrange them according to your comfort.

2. Making your car spin for freestyling

One of the most iconic stunts and freestyling techniques is to make your car spin. Although it may look difficult, it will become natural with practice. The way to do a spin is by aiming upwards or any direction that is angled upwards and then booting up to get off the ground. When you are off the ground, let go of your joystick but immediately grab it again in an upwards direction and then maneuver to whichever direction you please.

3. Feathering your boost for longer airtime

One of the amateur mistakes most players make is not utilizing their boost properly, they tend to just hold the boost button for almost all of their movement. Ideally, your car should be having a boost continuously but not by holding on to the boost button. You should feather your boost by rapidly clicking the boost button instead of holding it. This would give you sufficient time to readjust your movement direction and give a small window of time for the boost gauge to regenerate. Since you will be in the air, it will seem as if your boost gauge is higher than everyone else’s.

4. Flip for powerful shots

If you started the game recently, you might believe that the best way to shoot a powerful shot is by spamming the boost button in front of the ball. Even though that works very well, it is common among amateur players and some seasoned players occasionally do this. However, if you want powerful shots, you should ideally get as close to the ball as you can and then do a flip. The flip will launch the ball with a powerful thrust in the direction you are pointing to.

Car spin RL Sideswipe
Car spin

5. Don’t flip unnecessarily

RL Sideswipe is not a game to show off your tricks and stunts instead, your focus should be delivering powerful blows and tossing the ball into the goal. Therefore, avoid doing too many flips when in the air and instead flip only when you are near the ball.

6. Dash past the opponents as the game starts

Ideally, you would not want the ball to be near your goal as it increases the risk of your opponent scoring a goal or you accidentally scoring your own goal. To prevent that, you should boost towards the ball at the beginning of each round and then do a half front flip and then immediately press the Jump-Boost button. This will shoot the ball past your opponent and right around their goal.

Rocket League Sideswipe
Feathering your boost for longer airtime

7. Make use of the Jump-Boost at the beginning

This is similar to Tip 6 but instead of flipping, you can keep tapping the Jump-Boost button over and over again as long as you are constantly making contact with the ground and leaving it. This causes the jump +reset to occur and allows you to jump several times simultaneously. This mechanic will allow you to gain speed much faster in a short time.

8. Jump reset on the ground

You can only jump twice once off the ground and jumps become crucial since they allow you to make powerful shots. But do you know that the jumps get reset when you are in contact with the ground? Regardless of which ground you choose to land on, the upper or the lower – your jump count will get reset.

Flip for powerful shots
Flip for powerful shots

9. Faking a flip shot

There are no restrictions on how you can or cannot use your joystick to maneuver your car therefore if you are not that expert at flipping, you can fake a flip. You can do this by boosting up to the ball and slightly nudging the joystick upwards when hitting the ball, this will put a similar effect on the ball as flipping.

10. Different Color Shots

Colored shots are a sign of a perfect power shot. There are Red, Purple, and Golden shots. However, out of these three – Red and Purple shots are most effective since Red shot allows you to make an extremely powerful shot whereas Purple shots allow you to move back after a shot. Make the Red shot by moving close to the ball and then a Jump-Boost followed by a flip. Make the Purple shot by half flipping backward and then hit the Jump button.

Did you find these tips and tricks in Rocket League Sideswipe helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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