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Rogue Land Beginners Guide and Tips

Join the forces and forge your legend!

Rogue Land is an action 3D RPG developed by Huuuge Global. Rogue Land has incredibly easy-to-master gameplay with a beautifully unique world setting and characters that players can easily get invested in. Players are brought into the Rogue Land as a lone hero that goes on an adventure to defeat the ancient evil. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Rogue Land Beginners Guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Getting Started

Rogue Land provides its players with the age-old plot of heroes defeating evil. However, the unique character designs and the vast world, along with its incredibly fun and easy combat gameplay set it apart. All players need to do to defeat enemies is run around the battlefield and dodge enemy attacks. When the player stops running, the game’s AI automatically detects enemies nearby and shoots. Players can customize their characters and try out different skill abilities when facing enemies. Thus, keeping the offensive features of the game new and fresh.

Rogue Land Beginners Guide
Rogue Land gameplay overview

Rogue Land is quite fast-paced and its simple in-game rules and regulations are incredibly easy to follow. Players can buy new weapons and gears for their heroes and that gives them an advantage over the enemies. The monsters that the players face on the battlefield are all unique. Each has its own distinct abilities, especially the boss-level enemies. Players who explore the lands are also rewarded with additional cool bonuses.

Rogue Land Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Follow the strategy when fighting archer enemies

When there are lots of archer enemies on the battlefield, players can hide behind boulders and barriers to stop themselves from getting shot. Players can also choose to escape the arrows by constantly moving in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around the opponents.

fighting archer enemies
Fighting archer enemies

Since the opponents are AI, it will be easy for players to escape the enemies’ arrows by pausing for while and wait for them to finish shooting and then using their own weapons to kill the enemy. This pausing and moving clockwise/counterclockwise direction prevents players from getting shot at and makes it easier for them to beat the levels.

2. Be careful on what to spend and what not to spend

Gems are extremely difficult to get and collect. It is highly recommended that players save up their gems as much as possible and don’t spend them on trivial matters like revival after the player’s in-game death. It is encouraged that players save up their gems so that they can spend the gems on the different Wheels (Spellpower, Mage). Gems can also be spent to level up players’ Spellbook and concentrate on red scroll side quests. Players are encouraged not to spend gems on the rolling weapon wheel.

3. Always look out for coins and treasure chests

Throughout the game, there are many opportunities for players to pick up free coins and treasure chests that help them level up. After ensuring that all the enemies are defeated, players are highly encouraged to explore the fields including the bush to look for additional rewards. Looking through the grass enables players to get coins and treasure chests.

4. Complete all your daily quests

This one is pretty simple. There are daily missions for players that they can do to earn rewards. Players are recommended to complete all their daily quests so that they can earn extra awesome bonuses. There are side quests as well that players can focus on to earn rewards.

5. Choose the right skills

Players will come across 3 skills or abilities that they can choose from after each round while playing the game. It is necessary that players know which skill to choose. Depending on the skill, players will be able to maximize their strength and be able to defeat the enemies much faster. Players are recommended to focus on the attacking skills rather than the defensive ones.

Choosing the attack skills ensures that players get rid of the enemies as fast as possible. There are health regaining skills that players can choose. If their health bars are too low, but if players have a good enough health bar, they are recommended to choose the Headshot skill, which causes enemies to die in one shot. Players can also choose the Fast Level Upskill, but the skills that boost the attacking ability should be the priority.

6. Know how to defeat the boss enemies

In almost every level, there are boss-level enemies near the end that require a lot of effort to kill. Players need to be very strategic when it comes to facing boss-level enemies. Players are recommended to always be on the lookout and observe the pattern of movement that the boss-level enemy has and dodge the attacks to the best of their ability.

Rogue Land Beginners Guide defeat boss enemies
Defeating boss enemies in Rogue Land

The players are encouraged to focus on attacking the boss’s enemy first and foremost instead of attacking the henchman as killing the boss means the henchmen die with the boss. Before facing the boss, players are encouraged to ensure that their health bars are high. If they aren’t, players can choose to increase their health bar if there is an option for that in one of the three skills. If the level feels too difficult, make sure you go back and upgrade your skills or try again with a different Hero or Weapon to achieve victory.

7. Use the battlefield to your strategic advantage

The battlefield has lots of features that players can take advantage of. There are boulders that prevent archer attacks from enemies and players can choose to hide behind these boulders when the attacks are coming and come out and shoot their own arrows after the enemy’s attack ends.

Rogue Land battlefield
Using the Battlefield in Rogue Land

Sometimes there are mountains that players can climb up on and attack from there. Players need to be careful when it comes to boss battles. However, the boulders may be ineffective against stronger enemies that can pierce through the boulders.

8. Be careful with upgrading boots

Players are highly recommended to not upgrade their boots past level 4. The skills of the boots are not of much use later in the game as the skills don’t deal damage. So, this is our Rogue Land beginners guide with tips and tricks for you to help you have better enjoyment of the game. Hope this guide will help you to fight bravely and smartly to outrank your enemies.

That’s all for today’s Rogue Land beginners guide. Did you find our Rogue Land beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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