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RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide and tips

Your guide to complete the journey of transition!

RPG Isekai Rondo is a casual Isekai RPG developed by Kemco, that offers 2-D gameplay that is portrayed from a very storytelling experience. The game takes place in Japan and depicts the turn of events that happens in the life of a normal Japanese man, who in just a span of months completely turns his life on his head, from being unemployed he turns into a savior of mankind. The game although simple to play has a lot of ups and downs and this RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide is here to help you out with some additional tips in the game.

Gameplay Overview

As said before the gameplay is very simple for the game, being an RPG obviously the game offers a very big open world for the players to experience with new challenges and enemies waiting for the players at every nook and corner. The game delivers in terms of diversity and variety when it comes to the enemies and challenges players have to face. However the same diversity carries on to the features available in the game, now we will try and bisect the gameplay options available in the game.

The general gameplay follows a tap-to-follow sort of gameplay along with a normal control pad where players have to tap the location where they would want their character to go and the character would go. Now there are 2 types of tap systems available in the game one is the normal one where the character stops when there is a barrier in the way of the destination and the other one which is called advanced where the character adjusts to the barriers in the way.

Image via Kemco

When it comes to combat the game offers multiple attacking options giving the players an option to combine their attacks as well for a devastating combo. There are normal attacks, Art attacks, Magic attacks, and finally the auto-battle mode where players can simply fight the enemies with the help of AI in the game.

Understanding the Character Elements

The game has its own character element system in place for players, there are 4 different classes of elements in the game with their own perks and weaknesses, with this section of the article we will try and help the users select the character which suits their gameplay. Namely, there are Fire, Water, Wood, and lastly Void. Void is the class where every other class except for the previous 3 fits in.

There is a hierarchy in the game as well, Fire plays down wood, Wood plays down Water and Water plays down Fire. Void is not affected by this hierarchy. Each class that plays down another class deals 50% additional damage to that class. There are different tiers of attack for each element as well with varying levels of damage bonuses. Fire and Water have a bonus in physical damage while Void and Wood have an advantage in magical attacks.

RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the game and investing multiple hours we have come across the following tips and tricks for the players to improve their gameplay.

1. Keep an eye on your Character’s status

Status changes for the players depending on the combat cycle, as stated before there are different elements of characters available in the game. Status defines what additional effects have been applied to the character. There are in total 9 effects that can take place as status changes for the character. Following are the number of status changes possible in the game.

RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide
Image via Kemco
  • Poison– decreases HP for a short span of time
  • Weakening– Decreases MP for a short span of time
  • Sleep– The player gets inactive for a couple of seconds
  • Rampage– Automatically launches normal attacks
  • Curse– Prevents MP and HP recovery
  • Darkness– High probability of missing the attack
  • Ineffective– Makes damage from an enemy ineffective
  • Revive– Get a second chance if the player dies
  • Magic Boost– High probability of launching a second attack if the first magical strike is successful.

2. Utilize the daily missions to level up the characters faster

Daily missions are a great way of generating more resources and additional minutes of gameplay for the game. There is always something new in the quest list for the players to explore and enjoy. The usual quests involve defeating a certain number of enemies while being in a normal set of gameplay or involve to track the enemy down to a specific location and defeating it. Anyways they are a great source of additional content on a regular basis.

3. Join a Guild to have access to more quests in the game

Quests are little side missions that players can compete for in the game other than the regular side missions in the game. Guilds have their own set of quests in place to make sure that more and more players engage with the guild system of the game.

RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide
Image via Kemco

Guild Quests are also the deciding factor in making sure that the guild level for the players keeps on increasing as more Guild points are rewarded by completing more and more quests.

4. Mix up Magic and art in your combat to deliver more damage

Magic is a devastating source of damage in the game, and can deliver a great deal of damage to the game. Its damage can however be upgraded to a further level by the use of art in the mix. Job passive levels can directly affect the elemental passive magic level in the game, hence if you raise the Job passive level and the elemental passive level, the Art magic you have learned can evolve to high-level art magic. As the magic evolves, its power rises, and new effects increase.

5. Understand your Enemy’s Resistance levels

RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide
Image via Kemco

The enemy’s resistance level shows what amount of damage they can resist. Whenever enemies get affected by abnormalities they tend to get some resistance for some time and it becomes difficult for the players in casting heavy damages till the resistance levels are up. The game signals the time till which the resistance levels are high and it is advised not to waste the high-level attacks on the enemies till the resistance level shows.

Final Thoughts

The game while having a very simple and player-friendly interface offers a very detailed set of features and side quests for players to experience. New players coming to this genre might find it a bit challenging to get used to these many details being thrown at them in the early stages of the game. We hope that this RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide was able to simplify things well enough for new players to understand and digest.

Did you find this RPG Isekai Rondo Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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