Rumble Hockey: The Complete Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Rumble Hockey is the latest game from Finland based developer Frogmind Studios. Frogmind Studios has been the mastermind behind titles such as Badland Brawl and Rumble Stars. Having a similar roster to Rumble Stars, Rumble Hockey provides crazy gameplay physics with epic animal characters in multiplayer hockey matches. Here in this Rumble Hockey Guide, we will provide you with all the tips to kickstart your crazy journey with your favorite animals in the best possible way.

Rumble Hockey: Overview

After a successful year launch of Rumble Stars, Rumble Hockey was finally released globally. This game like its sister received similar positive feedback. People who are familiar with Rumble Stars will easily compare the similarity of the Rumblers on both the games. The main difference is in the gameplay that gives both games their own flavor and twist. Rumble Hockey has much faster gameplay and different goalie mechanics that require even more focus on building clever combos to outsmart the opponent.

With Rumble Hockey, you can play against players from around the World in real-time Hockey battles. Earn chests to unlock rewards and collect new epic Rumblers. Build and upgrade your Rumbler collection and battle deck. Although the game looks casual with simple mechanics, it is really tough to master. Similar to Clash Royale in this aspect. you need to strategize and have a good knowledge of the gameplay of Rumblers to score some quick goals and advance quickly up the tiers.

If you are new to this adventure and haven’t played Rumble Stars, the fast-paced gameplay is bound to surprise you in the beginning. If you have difficulties in coping up with the game’s pace, it’s completely fine. We have all the tips and tricks to guide you across arenas in Rumble Hockey.

Getting Started

If you are familiar with Rumble Stars, then getting accustomed to Rumble Hockey wouldn’t be much of a hassle. The game follows similar gameplay mechanics with an identical roster of animals. But this time unlike football, your animals will be playing with hockey sticks running behind the puck.

Rumble Hockey Guide
Rumble Hockey Gameplay

Rumble Hockey is a PvP oriented Hockey game. The players need to score three goals in order to win a match which lasts exactly three minutes. To do so, they have to create a team of Eight Rumblers by choosing from a variety of Animals. Additionally, each animal has a role, cost, and unique talent. Players spend energy to play Rumblers, which generates at a fixed rate, doubled at the last minute. Ties throw an additional ball on the field, thus making the Goalkeeper have a hard time stopping attackers.

Know your Rumblers

In order to score the goals and win, you need to have a basic understanding of each Rumbler, their behavior on-field, and launching them at correct positions to ensure your maximum chances at scoring. Your starter pack will include 10 specific Rumblers which you will unlock at the beginning of the game. As you move further up the divisions, you unlock more and more special rumblers. In this Rumble Hockey Guide, we will be discussing the ten Rumblers in detail and their gameplay style so you can build a team with a combination of Perfect attack and defense.


Striker Tiger

He is a must-have Rumbler in all of your lineups. One of the most important Rumblers of your team, the tiger is unlocked at the beginning of the game. As his name suggests, he will shoot and score most of the time. He also makes movements with the puck on-field and dribbles it around to get into the perfect scoring position. With Fast Speed, he gets to the puck before other players and moves around the field with his hockey stick.

Lazy Panda

Rumble Hockey Guide

As the name says, he is very lazy. He stays static on the field and does very little movement. He will shoot as soon he gets the puck on his stick. You might want to place him near the opposition goal. Once he shoots with the puck, most of the time he will score. Since he costs very less energy ie only three, he is a very quick and easy way to score when the goal is the keeper is tackled by one of the players.

Sniper Wolf

He isn’t unlocked from the beginning, but you will be getting him really soon. The Sniper Wolf is a Superstar Rumbler and thus costs more coins to upgrade. He has a Medium speed, but when he gets the ball, his shooting is inch-perfect. He possesses an insane amount of shot power along with his shooting accuracy. If you have the wolf in your team, use him carefully as he costs 5 energy and is thus expensive. If your opponent uses an able defender like the Bull or Croc, they can often render the wolf useless.

Loyal Dog

Rumble Hockey Guide

Providing a balance between the strikers and defenders, the loyal dog will take the puck but won’t shoot towards the opponent’s goal. So don’t ever rely on your dog to score, cause he will not. Even if it’s an open goal, he doesn’t shoot. On the other hand, he is really good at passing the puck and taking the puck from opponent Rumblers. Thus he is your complete midfielder! Since he is an excellent passer, he combines excellently with all the strikers in-game. A cheap and effective combination would be the Loyal Dog and Lazy Panda.



Moving on to the defenders, he is one of the Superstars who you need in your teams. You don’t need to upgrade him initially. He is unbelievable and literally destroys all the opposite rumblers that come in his way. With an insane Chomp Damage, you can rely on him blindly whenever you want to get rid of opposition strikers from the field. He is the strongest defender for beginners and the perfect reply to Sniper Wolf.

Raging Bull

Rumble Hockey Guide

Unlike the Croco, he is a core player, and thus is easy to upgrade him. He tackles every opposition Rumbler out of his way and doesn’t care about anything. Neither the Croco nor the Bull cares anything about scoring goals and just the hustle the opponents away from the puck. Although not as lethal as the Croco, he is a good option for your defense with his low energy cost of three.


He is a must-have especially if you are a beginner. The Magnetman pulls an opponent from a distance like a magnet and moreover it costs only three energy. He performs useful combinations with a lot of your strikers such as the Tiger, Panda, etc. He will attract your opponent Lion ie the keeper thereby leaving the goal empty for your strikers to score. you can do two things with one shot through him, you can attack the enemy and the same time, create an advantage for you in the attack. Remember in spite of all his skills, he is stationary.


Rumble Hockey Guide

Another Rumbler who is unlocked at the beginning, the Cannonman shoots cannonballs at opposition Rumblers. He isn’t static and locks down a single opposition Rumbler and follows it with his cannonballs. With his high energy cost of five, he is often unused compared to the Croco and Bull.

Mr. Fire

An effective Rumbler who explodes when in contact with an opposition Rumbler. He is effective when it comes to creating instant damage and pushing the opponent rumbler further back. Since he requires only three energy, you can often use him alongside your other defenders to provide an instantaneous extra cover.


Rumble Hockey Guide

Similar to the Magnetman, the Lover attracts opponent Rumblers, rendering them useless. He is often useful in distracting the opponent goalie while your strikers can score easy goals. Although useful, his downside is he is static and can often be nullified by opposition defenders in moving away from his targets. He is a very counter of everything so he comes very handy in your lineups.

Setting up your Team

Now that you are introduced to the Rumblers, comes the difficult part of building your deck. A perfect deck comprises of an equally balanced attack and defense strategy with an efficient average energy cost. You will be required to make a lineup of Eight Rumblers with a maximum of four that can be ready to use at the same time and the rest sitting on the bench until a Rumbler or two is deployed. In order to launch a Rumbler, you’ll need to have enough available Energy it requires you to deploy.

Initially, there aren’t many strategies to choose and experiment from for the beginners, but we have two setups to guide you through your first few victories in Rumble Hockey.

First Lineup

In your first few games, Croco is going to be your most essential Rumbler. He is an important part of your gameplan as he will simply destroy the opposition Rumblers, including the keeper leaving an open goal for your strikers. Since the Croco is expensive (6 energy), always consider before committing him. Additionally, you can use the Bull and Cannonman against opposition Striker Tigers to slow them down from scoring against you.

Distracting the keeper you can score quick goals with the famous duo of Loyal Dog and Lazy Panda. Don’t use your Croco unless the opposition uses his Striker Tiger. The tiger is op and the prime striker of your lineup and thus should be upgraded. To have a better understanding of this lineup and their gameplay you can further check this video by CRG.

Second Lineup

Rumble Hockey Guide

This is the tutorial deck. The deck with no new Rumblers and everyone needs to have. On this deck, focus on the combos between the Magnetman and the Sniper Wolf. Try to neutralize the opponent keeper with the Mr. Fire and Cannonman and rely on the most famous duo of Loyal Dog and Lazy Panda. Use the Mr. Fire carefully as it can stop the Strikers from scoring.

Additionally, since you have the luxury of having three strikers on your lineup, you can send a combo of Striker Tiger and Mr.Fire to score a quick goal in the beginning. In the absence of the Croco, the Bull is your main defender, so use him properly to stop attacks from Loyal Dogs and strikers Use the Magnetman to push away the Panda from near your goals. If you have an unguarded goal, use Mr. Fire right away to prevent your opponent. To have a visual understanding of this lineup and their gameplay you can further check this video by CRG.

Upgrade your Rumblers

You can upgrade your Rumblers, as you earn more and more cards of a certain Rumbler. Upgrading them will increase their stats and boost their gameplay and thus guide you to Epic Victories in Rumble Hockey. The cost of upgrading the Rumblers differ according to their rarity ie Core Rumblers requires a lot fewer Coins than Pro and Superstar Rumblers. Upgrade the Core Rumblers first, as you get a lot of cards for them and they are easy to upgrade.

The Pro Rumblers and Superstar Rumblers are harder to upgrade but the benefit of having them at higher levels is huge. It will make the difference in-game between you and your opponent. Although the Core Rumblers are the backbone of every deck, you need to take care of the others as well. As a beginner always upgrade the Striker Tiger first. He is super OP and is your main striker. Upgrading him will increase his shot power and he can shoot through the opponent keeper and score. Next, upgrade your Raging Bull as he is your prime defender and his tackles will often win your matches.

Since the first few divisions focus mainly on your offense, upgrade your Panda and Dog next after upgrading the above two. Upgrading the Panda will allow him to score from long distances. An upgraded Mr. Fire will kill your opponent keeper from one shot just at the cost of three energy. Remember you will always need a strong defense as you move up divisions. Don’t upgrade rumblers you don’t plan on playing. It might be difficult in the beginning but just think twice about upgrading him. Otherwise, you’ll be lacking gold pretty soon.

Rumble Hockey Guide
Upgrading Rumblers help in upgrading your Keeper

Additionally, on upgrading your Rumblers, you gain a fair amount of XP. Once you have gathered enough XP your goalkeeper will be upgraded. A leveled up keeper, the Lion with higher stamina and mass is always useful from preventing you from conceding easy goals and guide you to wins in Rumble Hockey.

Manage your Chest Opening Strategy

After winning every match in Rumble Hockey you are awarded Chests. Chests are of varying types and require different opening duration. You need to wait three hours to unlock Silver Chests and even longer for the rarer ones such as Gold, Colossal, etc. You will often find the option to unlock a chest immediately by watching a 30-second advert. Opening the Chests rewards you with more Rumbler cards, gems, and coins.

Unlock Chests immediately by watching ads

Remember the ads are limited, and you can’t watch them every time to open the chests immediately. Since there are only four slots for your chests, so plan out their opening times accordingly. Do not start a match having all your slots filled as it will result you in getting No Chest rewards on winning due to neither of your slots being empty.

Unlock Chests with gems

You can also, use your gems to unlock the chests immediately, provided you’ve got more than enough of them. But alternately, you can also stop playing for about an hour or so, then return to the game with hopes of ads being available for instant access to the chests. Besides normal Chests, there are Goal Chests available which are available daily. You need to score at least 10 goals ie win four matches minimum to unlock one.

Rumble Hockey: Tips, tricks and strategies

After playing the game for the past few days, here is our bonus guide for beginners to quickly climb up divisions in Rumble Hockey.

1. Focus on your Gameplay and Strategy

  • Take care of your energy, never over-commit the Rumblers. Use energy efficiently while using Rumblers which cost 5 or more energy lest you might run out of energy at a vital time.
  • Attack First! Rumble Hockey is a very very fast game. You need to attack first to put pressure on your opponent. You never know which of your rumblers can score. So put your attackers on the field
  • Keep always counters to your opponents. If you see your opponent has a Striker Tiger in hand, don’t play your defenders the Bull or Croco until he plays out his tiger.
  • Focus on the puck! Be very very careful of the puck. The puck appears from both sides of the field. If it appears from the left side, then you can be assured post a goal, it will pop up from the right side. This is very important to your gameplay as if you playing in your attackers like the Panda or Wolf, you have to pull your rumblers in that part of the field to gain an advantage.
  • Take a note of the Sling Damage of the Rumblers. When you place a Rumbler across your opponent, it clashes with the opponent causing some damage, termed as Sling Damage. The more the sling damage, the more effective your Rumbler is.
  • Form lineups, and try them out in the Practice Arena. Utilize the arena for your own good. Understand the combos between your Rumblers and watch them guide you to wins in Rumble Hockey.

2. Have an effective Chest Opening Strategy

  • Save your gold, colossal, and other higher chests for when you sleep, or won’t be in-game for some time. In this way, you can time out your chests and decide accordingly when to open them.
  • Complete the four Daily Quests to unlock the Quest Completion Chest which rewards you with more in-game Resources and Rumblers.

3. Join a Club

  • Join a Club and donate. In a club, you can request rumblers and donate. Donate to your clubmates and get coins in return. Request rumblers according to your gameplay strategy ie the ones you need for your lineups. In this way, you will be able to upgrade your rumblers faster.
  • Understand which Rumblers are more useful to you and upgrade them accordingly. Upgrade your Core Rumblers first, but don’t upgrade randomly as you will run out of coins.


After a successful Rumble Stars, Frogmind studios have been successful in delivering another crazy and fun game of the same nature. The three-minute matches happen really fast and are quite addictive.

If you played Rumble Stars before, you will have a small advantage as you are familiar with the Rumblers and their gameplay. On the other hand, compared to Rumble Stars, Rumble Hockey is very very fast. The keeper in Rumble Hockey is much faster than it’s Rumble Stars Version. The puck, also due to smaller in size, travels much faster than the ball.

For people beginning their journey with Rumble Hockey, prepare yourself for a fun and crazy ride. It is nothing like you have ever experienced. It is really crazy and you will find it hard to master and getting accustomed to its fast gameplay. Understand the Rumblers, practice their combos and you will soon be jumping across divisions with your favorite animals.

We hope that you will find this Rumble Hockey Beginner’s Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and guides, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates. And, feel free to join the discussion at our Subreddit.

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