Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide and Tips

Clash, conquer, win, prevail!

Who does not know the tower defense game? The simplest game that you can play yet it is still a fun and challenging game. Though it is simple, tower defense games are still a game where your strategy making is being tested. Developed by MY.GAMES, Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is one of the most downloaded games, which is proof that many people enjoy this game. Therefore, we give you the Rush Royale: Tower Defense Td beginners guide, which you only need to master the game.

Gameplay overview

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is a multiplayer tower defense game, which means that you will play against or together with another player. Yes, that is right, this tower defense is no ordinary tower defense game, it has a PvP feature in it, as the matter of fact, the PvP feature is the main gameplay for this game.

For you who are interested to try and play this game, do not fear, because we are here to give you guides for you to be able to play this game. To tell you the truth, this game, Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD is not a hard game, in fact, it is very easy, there are not many guides for this game. Now let us jump to it.

Introducing the Basics of Rush Royale: Tower Defense

Prepare your cards

You cannot play tower defense without the cards, can you? The first thing you will need to do is to get and collect your card. You will get 5 basic cards when you started the game, but as the game is progressing, you will need much stronger cards to be able to compete against another player. Getting a card is easy and many.

The easiest way to get one is you buy it from the store, you can buy it using gold, or if you are willing to spend your money in the game, you can buy chests with crystals. Buying chests will grant you the rarer types of cards.

Prepare your cards
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Other than buying from the store, you can get your cards by progressing through the arena rank. To rank up in the arena rank is simple but challenging because you will need to win the match to get the point for you to rank up.

Prepare your cards2
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The other way to get your cards is to get a chest from the premium pass, though the name contains the premium word, you don’t actually need to use your money to get it, you just need to complete the quests that are available, but if you want extra bonus from the premium pass, you can use your money there.

Assemble your Unit

You already have the cards, now all you need to do is to create a unit of 5 cards. To do that is simple, you can go to the cards menu, if you don’t know which one is it, it’s the option with three cards at the bottom of your screen. Once you open it, you will see your assembled unit there, you can go to a match with the assembled unit from the tutorial, but if you want to assemble one by yourself, you can change the cards.

Assemble your unit Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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To do it is easy, you tap one card from your collection then choose select, then you tap the card that you want to replace from the assembled unit, you can build up to 5 decks of assembled cards by tapping the numbers under your assembled unit.

Leveling up your cards

So, you already assemble your unit and get into a match, but unfortunately, you got defeated by your opponent! Do not worry and be confused, you just need to level up your cards, how to do it you ask? Simple! When you open the chest or rank up in the arena, you will mostly get the copy of cards that you already owned before.

leveling up your cards
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Now you need to go to the cards menu again and tap the cards the bar below its level becomes green, you tap that card and choose upgrade. But keep in mind that you will need a certain number of copies of the corresponding cards and also a certain number of golds to level up your cards.


This might sound strange for a tower defense game, but this game, Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD has a hero feature in it! The hero is not the main “hero” actually in the game. The hero’s role in the game is just to support your cards to win the match easily. There are 9 heroes that you can summon starting from arena rank 3. Each hero has their own skills for helping you in the match, to activate the hero’s skill, morale is needed to do so.

HERO Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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Morale is like mana, but it’s only used to activate the hero’s skill. Morale can be earned by deploying your cards on the battlefield, leveling up your cards also increasing the morale that can be earned by one card. Now we are finished with the guide, next, we will give you some tips and tricks for you to try in the game to maximize your gameplay.

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Dominate with Numbers at an early stage

At the start of the game, you should not merge your cards right away, why? Because at the early stage the monster wave is easy to defeat, especially if you already level up your cards, without merging your cards you can survive the early minutes of the first wave easily.

Dominate with numbers at early stage
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Because of the random appearance of the cards when you deploy them, it is risky for you to lose some firepower at the start, for example, you have 3 attack cards and 2 support cards in your deck, at the first deployment, you manage summon 2 attack cards and 2 support cards, then you see your opponent already merging their cards and get stage 2 merged attack card, you tempted to do the same but as a result, you get a support card instead which have lesser firepower.

This is risky because, if you manage to defeat a monster, the defeated monster is not actually dead, instead, that defeated monster will be teleported to your opponent’s field, and vice versa, the opponent’s defeated monsters will also be teleported to your field. Therefore, it is safer to increase the firepower as much as you can in the early stage.

2. Merge Wisely

The second tips and tricks are related to the first one. You cannot merge all your cards at once, you need to think about who you should merge first. We will give you an example like this: Your field is full, you cannot deploy more cards, and you cannot discard or throw away the card that you have deployed before, the only way is to merge your cards to make some spaces.

Merge wisely Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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In that scenario, the recommended action is to merge your cards that have the lowest power, or the one that you think will be less useful when the monster wave becomes stronger. But again, there are some considerations, such as, what card will appear when you merge them? Or will you be in trouble when that type of card is switched to another type of card?

3. Prioritize your leveling

When you level up your cards, it is better to see the detail of the card first. You want a card with high power and can defeat a monster fast since you will be playing against another player. The card that you need to prioritize is the card that is able to defeat the monsters fast, that way you will be able to win the round easily, especially when the mini-boss and boss appeared.

Pay attention of the card type when you assemble your unit
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Leveling is important since the monster wave is getting stronger each wave, a strong card is needed. And because the gold amount at the start of the game is not very much, and if you, unfortunately, keep losing in matches, you need to have one card that has a level higher than the rest of your cards.

4. Pay attention to the card type while assembling your Units

Pay attention of the card type when you assemble your unit
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Having all attack cards is less risky because you can merge cards without any worry of getting support cards most of which have less power, but if you do not have at least one support card in your unit, you will be in trouble when you managed to survive until the third monster wave, this is because support card is really helpful in the game, some can slow the enemy, some can buff your card attacks, and some even can stun the enemy for a moment. If you do not have one, you still can win the round, but it will be much harder, especially if your opponent has one.

5. Use your Mana wisely

Mana is important, without mana you cannot deploy your cards in battle, at the first stage do not worry about running out of mana, you can refill it fast because to refill mana you will need to defeat monsters, and the monsters in the early stage of the game is weak, therefore your mana will be quickly refilled, but what happen if you run out of mana in the mid-stage of the game?

Use your mana wisely
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To deploy your card, the amount of mana needed will be increased, therefore in the mid-stage of the game, you will need to carefully spend your mana, if possible, you have a limitation. For example, to deploy a card you need 210 mana, but your mana is at 220, if you deploy now, you will run out of mana instantly, the thing you need to do is to wait until it reaches 350 or more.

6. Check the Store daily

store daily Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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This tip might not have a huge impact on your game, but by checking the store daily, you might get good cards or even the cards that you do not have yet. The store also has daily offers for you, this is also a good reason why you should routinely visit the store on daily basis, you can get a free item every day, not a bad deal right?

7. Finish Quests daily

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The quest in the game is worth checking, in fact, it is a must to do the quests that are available in the game. You will get decent prizes for completing it, you will get chests, cards, golds, and tokens for you to rank up in the premium pass.

8. Don’t rush to stage 3 card Merge

At some point you will merge your cards to stage 2, but, if possible, keep them in the second stage and do not merge them to the third stage, this is because when you merge your card to the third stage, your card will lose some of it power, so it is not recommended to merge your card until stage three unless it is really necessary. The situation that is okay for you to merge your card to stage three:

stage 3 card merge Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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  • When you run out of space to deploy more card
  • When you are already in the late game (monster wave 3 and up) and you really need more cards to deploy. In this scenario, it is recommended that you have all your card upgraded to level 3 in the battle.

9. Mana is not only for deploying cards

Once you entered the battle, and you have already merge some of your cards to their second stage, but you still feel your card is weaker than your opponent’s card, it means that you need to upgrade your card power in battle.

Mana is not only for deploying cards
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To do this you just need to tap the card that you want to upgrade at the bottom of your screen, each upgrade will use 100 mana at the start, and for every level up, the mana needed will be raised for another 100.

10. Do not forget your Hero

Some players might forget this one, you have a hero tagging along with you in your battle. True that the hero does not do anything in your battle, all it does is just do nothing, in fact, it could not do anything.

Do not forget you have a hero with you Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners Guide
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The hero will be useful when the morale is full because once the morale is full you can activate the hero skill, once the skill is activated the hero will do nothing again until the morale gets refilled again. The hero’s skill will have a huge impact on your battle, each hero has different skills that will help you win your battle against your opponent.

Final Thoughts

This game is quite simple to learn, just following the tutorial from the game is probably enough for a new player to know how to play, but if you want to play it properly, then you can explore the game. There are several aspects of this game that can help you play the game easily. Remember, this Rush Royale: Tower Defense Beginners guide above is one of many guides that can help you and will help you play the game and understand the game more.

That’s it from this Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD beginners guide useful. 

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