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S Class Heroine Ally Tier List for December 2023

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Step into S Class Heroine, by DAERI SOFT Inc, where you take on the role of Ella, the last princess of Esperia. Explore mystical dimensions, battle foes with unique powers, and grow your characters in this captivating idle RPG. In the game, you’ll encounter different versions of Ella, and your journey doesn’t unfold alone. Allies play a crucial role in shaping your success and choosing the right allies can make all the difference. Explore this S Class Heroine Ally Tier List to discover the strengths and potentials of various characters, guiding you to craft an unbeatable team that stands strong against any challenge.

S Class Heroine Character Tier List for December 2023: Best Ally Ranked

To make things simpler, we’ve sorted the Ally into three tiers: Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B). This breakdown helps players understand how powerful each Ally is compared to others, making it simpler to plan strategies and pick the best characters for battles.

Strong (S)Floren,
Good (A)Luke,
Average (B)Xiao,

Best Ally in S Class Heroine for December 2023

1. Ertel

S class Heroine Ally Ertel
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Ertel proves her worth as an ally in S Class Heroine by delivering a staggering 120% extra damage against bosses and an impressive 300% boost to skill damage. She bolsters her attack and HP massively, ensuring both offense and defense. Her Cure Wound skill replenishes allies’ health by 20%, providing crucial support in battles.

2. Jinhyeon

S class Heroine Ally Jinhyeon
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Jinhyeon stands out as a reliable ally with his ability to inflict 200% more damage against mobs and a significant 2,000% boost to life steal. His robust attack and HP make him a durable asset, while his skill, Red Curtain, increases allies’ damage reduction by 20% for 5 seconds, reinforcing team survivability.

3. Floren

S class Heroine Ally Floren
Image via DAERI SOFT Inc

Floren might only reduce mob attacks by 2%, but his substantial 300% increase in skill damage compensates. He reinforces his attack and HP significantly, becoming a resilient presence in combat. His Cure Wound skill heals allies by 20%, making him an excellent supportive ally during tough battles.

Final Thought

Embark on an immersive adventure with S Class Heroine, journeying through diverse dimensions alongside Ella, Esperia’s last princess. Immerse yourself in strategic battles, character growth, and a captivating narrative. This ally tier list serves as your invaluable companion, offering insights into the game’s standout heroes and guiding you to forge a formidable team.

Choose your allies wisely, unleash their unique abilities, and overcome every challenge in this mesmerizing adventure. Keep in mind that the best characters for you depend on your playstyle and team composition. Let this guide be your compass, helping you craft the perfect team and triumph in the world of S Class Heroine.

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