Score! Match – PvP Football Beginners Guide and Tips

Collect and upgrade unique player types, set your formation, then use your skills to gain promotion!

Score Match is an Android soccer game developed by First Touch Games, the devs accounted for the famous games Score Hero and Dream League Soccer. Despite being a newcomer in the gaming field, it has eventually gained huge popularity among the youth. In this game, you can collect and upgrade unique player types, set your formation, then use your skills to gain promotion. Here in this Score Match beginners guide, we will be discussing some tips and tricks that will help you to shed off your beginner tags.

Defense will win you games

In this game, defending is the first and foremost skill that lifts you from a mediocre to a pro- player. It strengthens the base of your formation. Therefore, to build a strong defendant as a beginner would be a master plan to ace your games. In this section of our Score Match beginners guide we will share some tips on how to improve your defense.

  • For tackle, it is not necessary to select all the defenders to get the ball from the opposing team. Selecting all does no good but results in huge chaos. Moreover, if all the players run after the ball it may leave an empty space. Hence, your opponent will definitely use this opportunity to score a goal.
  • Always keep a check on the direction of the tackle of the defender.
  • Never spread out your defenders all across the field. Try to keep them in their exact position. In case you fail to do it, it may leave an attacker unmarked.
  • You should be quick with your attempts. If you find that the ball did not go in the position you thought it would, deselect the defender and select another one to tackle.
  • To track every moment just zoom out and rotate the camera. This will help you to witness as much of the field you desire to see.
  • For long passes make sure to choose the correct player. This makes your tackle easier and also avoids any kind of danger. Moreover, it also does not leave anyone unmarked. To have a visual understanding of the above tips you can further check this video by CRG.

It is very important to have a balanced line of defenders to lift your game. Try to keep two fast wingers or lateral defenders as explorers or infiltrators. Prefer one tall central defender like commander or protector. Moreover keeping an intruder or speedster in the middle of your team does exceptionally well.

Improvise on your Shooting skills

There are two major basic ways of shooting and scoring in Score Match. They are:

  • Curve shot
  • Power shot

Both of them are used during different situations and are also slightly different from each other.

Curve Shot

If you want to shoot using a curve shot you just have to draw a simple curve on the phone’s screen. Yes, it is as simple as that. This kind of shot is played best by top players like Marksman, Wizard and Producer. Try to keep a maximum distance of 16m from the edge of the box while using this shot. Besides, always aim for the long post or the top part of the long post during the shoot. In this the player you choose should have an immense skill attribute hence, Marksman is the perfect match for it.

Power shot

In case you want to shoot using a power shot you just have to draw a straight line on the screen. When you use it always aim for the short post. Well, this kind of shot is perfectly played by players with power. Therefore, Bulldozers and Poachers are the best fit for these shots. To use power shots you need to have a distance of more than 16m. It may range between 16m to 30m.  However, it mostly depends upon the situation. You can watch the video tutorial from CRG below for a visual understanding

Players who can tackle both the shots perfectly are:-

  • Manus
  • Thunder
  • Hitman
  • Prowler
  • Poacher
  • Producer
  • Marksman

Scoring from Free Kicks

Yes, absolutely you can easily score from free kicks. You just need to know well about two strategies to score maximum from free kicks. Again, this does not include any rocket science. It’s all about making the best use of the things you already own. The two basic and easy ways to score from Free kicks are:-

1. Use the most skilful players of your team

Well, this goes without saying. The players with a lot of skill are the ultimate keys for scoring from free kicks. Players like Wizards, Architect, Marksman and Producers can help you with this. So if you want to use this strategy just curve the ball and hit it right on the short post.

2. Use the most powerful and tall players of your team

What Is the first name that comes to your mind when we talk about tall and powerful players? Cheers, we share the same thoughts! Yes, It has to be a Hammer or a Bulldozer, right. When you tactfully use the tall players scoring from free kicks becomes very easy. Well, in case you use this method just pass the ball straight to the long post.

Best Formations to choose from in Score Match

In every game formation is indeed the most important thing. Any wrong choice can lessen your probability of winning. Beginners often come across this problem and end up fitting the wrong arrangement of numbers. Well, you need not worry anymore as I’ll be revealing the top formations and also the best among them.

  • Formation 5-2-1-2: This particular formation comprises of the rules from both CAM’s and CDM’s. Moreover, these rules are complementary for the defence and also for the attack.
  • Formation 4-1-2-3:  This formation gives you fun!  It comes up with two cam and three strikers. And also a bunch of players along with them to pass the ball into the post and score. However, it allows you to play offensive. Well, if you love doing so then this formation is totally for you.
  • Formation 5-3-2:  According to experienced players this formation is literally the most stable and reliable one. It was considered to be the best for a long period. With this formation, you can put players in the midfield that has the ability to mark. Besides, it also comes with five defenders.
Score Match Formation 5-3-2
Formation 5-3-2
  • Formation 4-2-1-3: love to counter-attack? Well, this formation is for you. In addition to it, this comes with a lot of strategies. As mentioned before, this is best for counter-attack players. It comprises of two strategies, one with supper players and the other without it. The combination of lighting and jet here is commendable.
Score Match Formation 4-2-1-3
Formation 4-2-1-3
  • Formation 3-5-2: This formation is perhaps the most versatile formation ever made. This works best for both attack and defence. Well, in this the lateral defenders do not move up. The players that you get on each side are equivalent to magician or marksman that moves up to help out with the attack.To have a better understanding of lineup and formations you can further check this video by CRG.

So by this time, we know that 3-5-2 is the best formation in a score match. As a beginner, you might face difficulties in forming this, but I’ll gift you the ultimate keys to make it up.

11 must players for the 3-5-2 formation

  • Prowler as AM – Prowler’s reaction towards the crossing ball is perhaps faster than his opponents. Basically, we use him as a second striker so that it can score well from grounded crossing.
  • Hammer as CF – If you want to score by a header from crossing then this should be an obvious choice. Besides, he is exceptionally well at backward passing of the ball.
  • Intruder as CF –  An intruder is used to make the best use of the space that might be available behind the defence of the opponent.
  • Architect as RM – This is one of the most crucial positions in the formation 3-5-2 among the side midfielders. This enables you to provide high good quality crossing passes to the forwards. Moreover, it is good at dribbling hence, can keep the ball.
  • Producer as LM – This is the other most crucial position of 3-5-2 formation among the side midfielders. It has great possession skills and promotes high-quality crossing to hammer and prowler.
Formation 3-5-2
Formation 3-5-2
  • Explorer as SB – An explorer is placed to make sure that your opponent’s wing player does not perform a crossing pass. In other words, it helps your team to cope up with the weaker aspects of 3-5-2 formation. Besides, he is also great at attacking!
  • Guard as CM – In every match it is really important to hold the ball. Then using a short pass you just have to send the ball from one side to the other. Well, this is the only reason why a Guard is used as the central midfielder.
  • Speedster as CB – Which is the fastest player among the group of normal players? Of course Speedster. Therefore to deal with long counter techniques and opponent forwards like “ jet”, the speedster is the top choice.
  • Stopper as GK – This is obviously because a stopper concedes much fewer goals than other players.

Well if you don’t have a speedster or intruder you can replace it with an infiltrator. No worries in case you don’t have a prowler, just replace it with an Engine. Moreover, you can always change the locations of the speedster and intruder. No hammer? Relax, a menace can do your work and if you are lacking an Architect, use your producer instead of it. The combination of Hammer and Architect is exceptionally commendable.

Scoring with the 3-5-2 formation

The midfielders, guards, producers, and architects are appropriately used to hold the ball. Well, you have to keep both the guards in the center to prevent any kind of counterattack. This is probably the masterstroke to ace with this formation. You just have to create a situation where the Architect gets a chance to conquer the ball.

It must be in the proper position so that it can send a crossing pass to the hammer. Trust us, this includes no rocket science and is very easy for any beginner player to perform. Well, this is the best and probably the most basic way to score well from 3-5-2 formation.

Disadvantage of using the 3-5-2 formation

Well, yes 3-5-2 formation has a small weak point. In this formation, you cannot have talk centre backs. Then how are we supposed to tackle tall players like hammer? So, the only way to cope up with such situation is to prevent your opponent from performing a crossing pass.

Upgrading your Players in Score Match

You have made the best use of the jackpots to lift up your game. Go to the store when the boosters are available and unlock the package reward booster. After this continue playing for at least 24 hrs. This will help you to unlock your packages on spot. Therefore, you can earn double the amount of gems from each of these packages.

Boost store
Boost store

Moreover, if you unlock a specific booster from the top three boosters, unlocking the other two becomes very easy. It takes only 2 hrs to unlock your chest, however, if you want to unlock it on the spot it takes only 12 gems.

So these are a few tricks and tips that you need, in order to improve your game as a beginner. Additionally, be specific with your aims. A many-time people complain that their shots miss the post despite drawing the lines properly. So, in this case, just zoom in and draw the line well inside towards the goalpost. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Score Match Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Score Match beginners guide. Did you find our Score Match beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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