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Should you pull for Honkai: Star Rail Boothill Light Cone Banner

Maximize Boothill with his Signature Light Cone!

The latest version 2.2 update of Honkai: Star Rail is set to introduce the highly awaited Boothill Banner in the latter part of the release. Boothill has gained considerable attention within the HoYoverse community, thanks to his captivating cowboy-inspired design. In the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail Boothill Light Cone Banner, the spotlight will be on Boothill’s light cone, revealing its effects and introducing the new 4-star light cones feature.

I’m eagerly looking forward to Boothill’s debut and am intrigued by his potential as a formidable 5-star Physical-Element character following the Path of Hunt. Renowned for his prowess in single-target damage and expertise in break effects, Boothill promises to be a valuable addition to the roster. Let’s explore the details of Boothill’s Light Cone Banner to assess its appeal and potential benefits for prospective summons.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill
Image via HoYoverse

Is “Sailing Towards a Second Life” worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail

Boothill’s Signature Light Cone, “Sailing Towards a Second Life,” is undoubtedly a game-changer that significantly boosts his combat abilities. This light cone not only enhances his Break Effect but also grants a defense-less effect against enemies and increases his speed, perfectly complementing his skill set.

Sailing Towards a Second Life” enhances Boothill’s damage output and ensures a smoother execution of his abilities. Its substantial boosts to break effect and speed are crucial in maximizing Boothill’s effectiveness as a Hunt character. Being a 5-star Light Cone, it offers exceptional overall stats, making it a reliable and powerful addition to Boothill’s arsenal.

Sailing Towards a Second Life Description

Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 60%. The Break DMG dealt by the wearer ignores 20% of the target’s DEF. When the wearer’s Break Effect in battle is at 150% or greater, increases their SPD by 12%.

When deciding whether to acquire Boothill’s Signature Light Cone, it’s crucial to consider several essential factors. Begin by evaluating your existing team setup and preferred playstyle. If your team is already well-rounded, comprising effective characters and Light Cones that complement each other, obtaining Boothill’s Light Cone might not be an immediate priority.

Honkai star rail Sailing Towards a second life
Image via HoYoverse

Acknowledging the distinctive benefits provided by this Light Cone is essential. Specifically designed to amplify Boothill’s skills, it becomes immensely valuable in demanding situations such as the Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster, Gold and Gears challenges, and Pure Fiction battles against formidable adversaries. Acquiring “Sailing Towards a Second Life” offers a unique edge that can greatly enhance Boothill’s overall performance.

Moreover, when contrasted with alternative Light Cone choices, “Sailing Towards a Second Life” shines brightly. Its boosts and improvements have the potential to heighten Boothill’s impact in combat, resulting in more tactical and powerful gameplay. Evaluating these factors is crucial for players contemplating the inclusion of Boothill’s Light Cone in their collection.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill Light Cone Banner

Version 2.2 introduces the Light Cone event showcasing Boothill’s 5-star Signature Light Cone, “Sailing Towards a Second Life.” This event also includes the rerun of Fu Xuan’s Signature Light Cone, “She Already Shut Her Eyes.” The banner showcasing the Light Cones for Boothill and Fu Xuan also features the following 4-star options:

  • Geniuses’ Repose (Erudition)
  • A Secret Vow (Destruction)
  • Landau’s Choice (Preservation)

Sailing Towards a Second Life greatly enhances a character’s combat capabilities. It boosts the Break Effect by 60%, allowing for more efficient breaking of enemy defenses. Additionally, it grants a 20% defense ignore effect for Break Damage, making it easier to deal significant damage. The light cone also provides a Speed increase of 12% when the Break Effect in battle reaches 150% or higher, ensuring better agility and turn management in fights.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill Light cone banner
Image via HoYoverse

Geniuses’ Repose (Erudition) is a solid choice for increasing offensive power. Its 16% ATK boost amplifies overall damage output. Moreover, the wearer gains a substantial 24% increase in CRIT DMG for 3 turns after defeating an enemy, making it particularly effective for sustained combat scenarios.

A Secret Vow (Destruction) is ideal for dealing heavy damage to enemies. It provides a flat 20% increase in DMG dealt, boosting overall offensive capabilities significantly. Additionally, it inflicts an extra 20% DMG on enemies whose current HP percentage matches or exceeds the wearer’s HP percentage, making it potent against high-health targets.

Landau’s Choice (Preservation) offers valuable defensive benefits. The wearer becomes more likely to be targeted by enemies, diverting attention away from allies. Additionally, it reduces DMG taken by 16%, improving survivability and sustainability in battles.

Specific materials to upgrade the Boothill Light Cone banner in Honkai Star Rail 2.2

  • Sailing Towards A Second Life Light Cone will need the Meteoric Bullet and Tatters of Thought materials
  • Geniuses’ Repose Light cone will need the Key of Inspiration and Immortal Scionette materials
  • A Secret Vow Light Cone will need Shattered Blade and Silvermane Badge materials
  • Landau’s Choice Light Cone will need Endurance of Bronze and Extinguished Core materials

To smoothly upgrade Boothill’s Signature Light Cone and its 4-star featured counterparts, it’s advisable to gather all required materials ahead of time. This proactive approach ensures readiness and facilitates uninterrupted leveling of the light cone, enabling its immediate utilization in battles without any interruptions.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail Boothill Light Cone Banner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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