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Should you pull for Honkai: Star Rail Kafka’s Light Cone banner

Maximize Kafka with her signature Light Cone!

The upcoming Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 second banner has players excited as they gear up for the new content and lineup of banners. Kafka is set to be featured as the second banner for version 1.2, coinciding with the Even Immortality Ends update’s second half launching on August 9th, 2023. Alongside her banner, a unique signature Light Cone for Kafka will also be introduced.

Kafka being characterized as a Lightning-type element Nihility Character, is anticipated to play the roles of both DPS and enabler within the game. She follows in the footsteps of Silver Wolf and Blade as the final Stellaron Hunter character to be unveiled in the game. This article will delve into Kafka’s Signature Light Cone and whether players should consider pulling for the Honkai: Star Rail Kafka’s Light Cone banner.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Ultimate
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Is “Patience is all you need” worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail

HoYoverse is known to have limited characters accompanied by their exclusive Signature Light Cones, which play a crucial role in boosting their effectiveness when equipped. Kafka’s Signature Light Cone, Patience is All You Need, offers notable enhancements to her ATK and SPD, rendering it an exceptionally beneficial choice for her across various scenarios.

This Light Cone furnishes vital statistics that profoundly elevate Kafka’s performance, leading to heightened damage output and improved cycle rotations. The SPD augmentation holds particular advantages for Kafka, enabling her to trigger more Damage over Time (DoT) Detonations efficiently. Additionally, the DEF-reducing Erode effect further supports her ability to consistently administer DoT Damage. Furthermore, when combined with multiple DoT-focused characters, the Light Cone yields substantial damage amplification.

Honkai Star Rail Patience is all you need
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Patience is all you need Description

Kafka’s Signature Light Cone Increases DMG dealt by the wearer by 24%. After every attack unleashed by the wearer, the wearer’s SPD increases by 4.8%, stacking up to 3 times. If the wearer hits an enemy target that is not affected by Erode, there is a 100% base chance to inflict Erode on the target. Enemies afflicted with Erode are also considered to be Shocked and will receive Lightning DoT at the start of each turn equal to 60% of the wearer’s ATK, lasting for 1 turn.

When deciding whether to pursue Kafka’s Signature Light Cone, several factors warrant consideration. Firstly, assess your existing team composition and gameplay style. If your team is already well-balanced or you possess alternative potent Light Cones, acquiring Kafka’s Light Cone might not be an immediate priority.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that this Light Cone offers distinct buffs tailor-made for Kafka, significantly amplifying her damage output and efficiency in Damage over Time (DoT) scenarios. Acquiring this Light Cone delivers a distinct and gratifying opportunity for players, enabling them to fully unleash Kafka’s potential as a DoT-focused character.

Furthermore, the Light Cone can heighten Kafka’s battle prowess in various cycles through its comprehensive combat enhancements. These considerations hold importance and may sway players towards pulling for Kafka, enabling them to witness her true prowess.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Light Cone Banner

The second Light Cone event warp for version 1.2 includes Kafka’s 5-star Signature Light Cone called “Patience is All You Need” The banner also features rate-ups for three 4-star Light Cones:

  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (Nihility)
  • Eyes of the Prey (Nihility)
  • The Birth of Self (Erudition)

The Patience is All You Need Light Cone is expected to stand out as the most optimal option for Kafka. This choice offers substantial enhancements to her DPS capabilities by significantly boosting her essential stats, effectively enhancing her overall performance.

Moreover, the 4-star Light Cones presented in Blade’s Light Cone banner serve as viable alternatives. The “Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat” Light Cone (Nihility) notably offers a considerable DEF reduction effect, which proves valuable for DoT-centric compositions. This makes it an excellent choice not only for Kafka but also for her 4-star teammates focused on Damage over Time strategies.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Light Cone Banner
Image via HoYoverse

The same principle applies to the “Eyes of Prey” Light Cone, which proves to be a remarkable choice for Sampo due to its substantial Effect Hit Rate increase coupled with DoT enhancements. This synergy greatly complements Sampo’s abilities, making the Light Cone a standout option for maximizing her performance.

On the other hand, in “The Birth of Self” Light Cone offers a solid choice for a majority of Erudition characters. This Light Cone can be further elevated to a higher level through superimposition, a process attainable after acquiring it from the simulated universe. This aspect makes it an attractive and adaptable option for enhancing the potential of various Erudition characters in the game.

Specific materials to upgrade the Kafka Light Cone banner in Honkai Star Rail 1.2

  • Patience is all you need Light Cone will need the Thief’s Instinct and Obsidian of Desolation materials
  • Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat Light Cone will need the Artifex’s Module and Obsidian of Desolation materials
  • Eyes of the Prey Light Cone will need the Ancient Part and Obsidian of Desolation materials
  • The Birth of Self Light Cone will need the Ancient Part and Key of Knowledge materials

For players aiming to obtain Kafka’s signature Light Cone, it’s important to engage in pre-farming efforts to collect the required materials. This proactive approach enables a quick upgrade and ascension of the Light Cone to its maximum level, guaranteeing its immediate usability in battles without any delays.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Light Cone Banner? Let us know in the comments below!

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