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Honkai: Star Rail Kafka is coming next and here’s why you should pull for her

You should pull for this beautiful Stellaron Hunter!

Kafka is an upcoming playable character in the game Honkai: Star Rail, she is expected to be added in version 1.2. She is a serene and stunning member of the Stellaron Hunters. Despite being featured on the Interastral Peace Corporation’s wanted list, only her name and hobby are disclosed. Many envision her as an elegant and dignified individual who appreciates beauty, even in the midst of battle.

Kafka belongs to the Path of Nihility, a powerful 5-star Lightning-type element character. These characters excel at debuffing enemies with versatile damage and can function as enablers to certain compositions, maximizing their overall role in a party. Important information includes details about Kafka’s gameplay mechanics, abilities, and skill set.

Why you should pull for Kafka

Kafka is highly anticipated as a competitive 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, specializing in the powerful Lightning element and belonging to the Path of Nihility. Her main strength lies in enabling damage and amplifying the effects of Damage over Time (DoT) effects by detonating them and increasing their damage. This makes her adept at exploiting the weaknesses of various game content. Kafka’s versatility and role in a party revolve around stacking more damage by leveraging the application of DoTs by her teammates.

Both Kafka’s Ultimate and Talent are exceptionally good, complementing each other effectively. Her Ultimate automatically triggers all applied DoTs on enemies, and when combined with the right characters, this can result in powerful stacking effects. According to the Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 Banner order, Kafka is expected to be introduced as the second banner character alongside Luka during the launch of the new version. Recently leaked gameplay footage showcases Kafka’s unique skills, Eidolons, and Traces.

Kafka Abilities and Ascension

Ascension 2Ascension 4Ascension 6
Upon activation of Kafka’s Ultimate ability, enemy targets will instantly take damage from all existing Damage over Time (DoT) sources instead of solely receiving damage from the currently applied Shock state.Defeating a Shocked enemy provides Kafka with an additional 5 Energy regeneration.The probability of inflicting Shock with Kafka’s Ultimate, Technique, or the follow-up attack triggered by her Talent is enhanced by a 30% base chance increase.
Honkai Star Rail Kafka Ultimate
Image via HoYoverse

Kafka’s Ascensions offers a wide array of abilities that perfectly complement the Damage over Time (DoT) playstyle in various scenarios. With her Ascensions and traces, Kafka gains substantial damage boosts and useful utility, demonstrating her effectiveness as a DoT-focused character on the battlefield. She excels at dealing with AoE damage and empowering other DoT-oriented characters to unleash even more potent attacks.

Kafka Abilities

Basic Attack – Midnight Tumult

Inflicts Lightning damage on a selected enemy equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK.

Skill – Caressing Moonlight

Kafka’s attacks unleash Lightning damage on a selected enemy, dealing 80% of her ATK. Additionally, enemies positioned next to the target also suffer Lightning damage equivalent to 30% of Kafka’s ATK. When the targeted enemy is under the effect of a Damage over Time (DoT) effect, all existing DoTs on that enemy will instantly inflict damage equal to 60% of their original damage.

Ultimate – Twilight Trill

Kafka’s ability inflicts Lightning damage to all enemies, dealing 48% of her ATK. It has a guaranteed 100% chance to Shock the targeted enemies, causing them to instantly suffer damage equivalent to 80% of the current Damage over Time (DoT) effect. The Shock effect remains active for 2 turns. While enemies are under the Shock effect, they experience continuous Lightning Damage over Time (DoT) at the start of each turn, equal to 115% of Kafka’s ATK.

Talent – Gentle but Cruel

When an ally of Kafka uses a Basic ATK against an enemy, Kafka promptly performs a follow-up attack, dealing Lightning damage equivalent to 42% of her ATK to that same target. This attack has a 100% base chance of inflicting Shock on the enemy, matching the Shock effect applied by her Ultimate, and lasts for 2 turns. This follow-up attack effect can only be triggered once per turn.

Kafka Eidolons

Eidolon 1 –  Da CapoWhen Kafka’s Talent triggers a follow-up attack, there is a guaranteed 100% chance to enhance the Damage over Time (DoT) received by the target. The DoT is increased by 30% and lasts for 2 turns.
Eidolon 2 – FortississimoWhile Kafka is present on the battlefield, the Damage over Time (DoT) inflicted by all allies receives a 25% increase.
Eidolon 3 – CapriccioSkill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Eidolon 4 – RecitativoWhenever an enemy target is damaged by the Shock effect caused by Kafka, Kafka also regenerates 2 Energy.
Eidolon 5 – DolorosoUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Eidolon 6 – LeggieroThe Damage over Time (DoT) multiplier for Shock damage inflicted by Kafka’s Ultimate, Technique, or the follow-up attack triggered by her Talent is enhanced by 156%. Additionally, this increases the duration of the Shock effect on the enemy target by 1 additional turn.

Please note that the information presented here is not officially confirmed but sourced from a reliable channel. It is important to remember that unofficial details are subject to change, so players should approach them with caution and keep in mind that they may not be entirely accurate or final.

Why is Kafka worth pulling for in Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka stands out as the first Lightning-type Nihility character in the game, offering a unique and powerful kit. What sets her apart is her remarkable damage output and her ability to maximize the potential of Damage over Time (DoT) compositions. Unlike other Nihility characters who mainly focus on debuffing enemies, Kafka brings a precise source of damage buff from her DoTs.

Her kit revolves around triggering potent DoTs, and her follow-up attacks and Shock application further enhance her strength. This makes her a valuable addition to DoT-centered compositions, allowing her to compete against strong DPS characters despite her Nihility classification. With her appealing appearance and well-rounded kit, Kafka is undoubtedly an intriguing character that players are eagerly anticipating.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka
Image via HoYoverse

For players seeking a formidable Lightning-element character with an enjoyable gameplay experience, Kafka is the perfect choice. Her playstyle harmonizes with other Damage over Time (DoT) centered characters, resulting in high damage output and visually satisfying detonations. Kafka possesses the potential to shine in the competitive scene and significantly enhance various team compositions, particularly those focused on DoTs.

As the anticipated Version 1.2 update is set to release on July 19, 2023, Kafka is expected to be introduced as the second banner character alongside Luka. With her remarkable abilities, Kafka is poised to become a Core character for DoT compositions, ensuring her relevance for a significant duration.

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Are you pulling for Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.2? Let us know in the comments below!

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