Smash Legends Tier List for March 2024

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SMASH LEGENDS is a thrilling mobile MOBA game provided by 5minlab Corp. In this ever-evolving arena, where Legends clash for supremacy, mastering the unique skills of each character is key to victory. To guide you through the diverse roster of Legends, we present the Smash Legends Legends Tier List.

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Smash Legends Tier List: Best Legends Ranked

To simplify, I’ve categorized Legends into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system helps me evaluate each Legend‘s abilities. Keep in mind that this classification reflects my experiences, so feel free to adjust your choices based on your preferences.

Strong (S)Hook,
Master Cat
Loren and Vex,
Yong Yong,
Good (A)GumiWukong, Pinocchio,
Jack O’,

Madam Lettuce
Average (B)Flare,

Ducky and SwanOctavia,
Witch Queen
Don Quixote

Best Legends in Smash Legends for March 2024

Best Marksman – Hook

In my experience, Hook shines because of her powerful skills. When I shoot her gun forward, it deals a lot of damage, especially when I’m up in the air. The Rapid Fire skill is amazing; it lets me unleash a ton of gunfire that does serious damage.

Smash Legends Hook
Image via 5minlab

Plus, her special ability calls in a parrot drone that boosts my firepower and overall damage. With Hook, I move fast and her skills are easy to use, making her a tough opponent on the battlefield.

Best Fighter – Aoi

Aoi stands out as one of the best Fighter Legends in the game. Her attacks pack a serious punch, whether it’s swinging her Kanabo or stomping the ground to create shockwaves. When I take the fight to the air with Aoi, her versatility shines through, allowing for effective strikes from above.

Smash Legends Aoi
Image via 5minlab

Despite her slower movement speed, I’ve witnessed the undeniable impact of her attacks. Aoi’s ability to control the battlefield with her shockwaves and ground strikes is a good choice if you want a resilient and impactful Fighter in the arena.

Best Assassin – Kurenai

Kurenai has been incredibly effective on the battlefield. His attacks deliver quick and devastating strikes, whether on the ground or in the air. When I take the fight to the air, Kurenai becomes a game-changer, launching opponents upward and delivering powerful blows.

Smash Legends Kurenai
Image via 5minlab

His rapid and precise moves add versatility, allowing me to throw projectiles and deal significant damage. I recommend Kurenai if you enjoy swift and lethal Assassin gameplay.

Best Specialist – Loren and Vex

I can say Loren and Vex excel on the battlefield. Loren’s strong leg strikes, especially in mid-air, deliver devastating blows, while the Split Jump adds flexibility with powerful strikes or aerial spins. Their ultimate move brings Vex into the fray, whose gunfire packs a punch. Vex’s ability to reduce damage within Loren’s range offers a tactical advantage.

Smash Legends Loren and Vex
Image via 5minlab

Additionally, summoning Vex elsewhere triggers an explosive exit, dealing significant damage. With moderate movement speed and fast charge, Loren and Vex are a dynamic duo, blending strength and strategy for effective gameplay.

Best Support – Goldie

In my experience, I found Goldie as a valuable Support Legend in battles. The Sick Move‘s charging guitar swings deliver significant damage, and the aerial maneuver provides versatility in combat.

Smash Legends Goldie
Image via 5minlab

Leaving opponents marked strategically enhances Goldie’s effectiveness. The ultimate move, with its devastating soundwaves and stunning effects, proves crucial in intense moments. Goldie stands out as a reliable force in offense and support, with the added utility of healing teammates, making her an essential asset in any team composition.

Best Vanguard – Cindy

I’ve found Cindy to be a standout legend in the game. Her Triple Kick is quick and packs a punch, making her effective on the ground and in the air. With a fast movement speed, Cindy is agile and responsive during battles.

Smash Legends Cindy
Image via 5minlab

The Cinderella Kick adds a strategic element, letting me charge forward, deal damage, and send enemies airborne. The Cinderella Dive, with its high damage output, becomes a game-changer, especially against multiple opponents. Cindy’s versatility, quick movements, and powerful skills make her my top pick for a Vanguard.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, diving into Smash Legends is a blast, with tons of legends offering diverse roles and strengths. Whether you’re into nimble Assassins, sturdy Vanguards, or strategic Specialists, there’s a legend for every taste. This tier list, drawn from my own experiences, is here to help you pick legends that match your playstyle. Keep in mind, that your personal preferences and adaptability will shape your journey in Smash Legends.

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