Smash Legends Beginners Guide and Tips

SMASH Must Go On!

SMASH LEGENDS is a thrilling game set in the ever-popular MOBA genre. Provided by 5minlab Corp., this title takes you on an adrenaline-fueled journey into an online arena where players from around the globe engage in real-time battles, showcasing their strategic prowess and combat skills. In this SMASH LEGENDS Beginners Guide, we’ll unravel essential tips and basic tricks to empower you on your quest for victory.

Smash Legends Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


In SMASH LEGENDS, the controls are straightforward. I have a joypad on the left side of the screen for maneuvering, while on the right, I unleash damage and execute combos. The first button, Basic, executes combos when tapped or pressed multiple times. The second button, Skill, is the character’s second most potent move but takes time to charge. Lastly, the Ultimate button unleashes the most powerful attack after recharging.

Smash Legends Controls
Image via 5minlab

When it comes to movement, I prefer using the joypad for dodging and weaving. However, tapping into the jump button is crucial. So, with these simple controls, you’ll navigate the arena, execute powerful moves, and aim for victory

Know your Legends

In my journey through SMASH LEGENDS, I’ve come to realize that expertise with different Legends is a game-changer. Each Legend brings a unique set of skills to the battlefield, making it crucial to experiment with characters as they unlock. Not only does this help in understanding which Legend suits specific scenarios, but it also lays the foundation for devising effective strategies against opponents.

Smash Legends Legend Peter
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For instance, I’ve encountered the swift and formidable Red, a close-range combat specialist. To counter Red’s agility, I found success in using Hook’s Gun, maintaining a safe distance while dealing damage. Knowing your Legends is like having a toolkit, allowing you to adapt your strategy to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

Upgrade your Legends

In the game, I’ve learned that the true path to victory involves more than just mastering the basics; it requires the continuous improvement and upgrading of my Legends. As I collect rewards like coins, gems, and experience points from battles, I make sure to invest them wisely to boost my Legends’ skills.

Smash Legends Upgrade
Image via 5minlab

It’s not just about making them stronger; it’s about unlocking their unique abilities and making them even more formidable in battles. Experiment with different combinations, discover synergies and watch as your Legends evolve into unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

Maximize Jump

I’ve come to recognize the pivotal role of the Jump button in shaping the outcome of battles. It’s not just a simple mechanic, it’s the key to maneuvering in and out of combat seamlessly. When encountering an opponent’s attack, hitting the Jump button right away creates an opportunity to counter with a decisive blow. It’s not merely about jumping without purpose, a swift look at the crosshairs ensures a precise landing, adding a strategic element to movements.

Smash Legends Jump
Image via 5minlab

After being knocked out of the Arena doesn’t spell doom. Instead, I’ve learned to waddle and jump strategically. This simple yet effective tactic becomes a lifesaver, preventing my character from falling into oblivion.

Add Precision to your attack

I’ve found that being precise with your attacks makes all the difference. Each Legend comes with unique skills and roles, and their movements vary a lot. So, to stand out on the battlefield, it’s crucial to be accurate. Spamming the fire button randomly can be a risky move, especially with Legends like Red, who’s super agile. If you’re not accurate, Red’s skills go to waste, especially if you’re aiming in the wrong direction.

Smash Legends Battle
Image via 5minlab

When things get messy and crowded, knowing when to step back is important based on your role. Getting caught up in enemy combos without a chance to defend is something to avoid. Also, take advantage of different movement tricks.

Smash Legends Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master Your Legends

Get to know the unique skills and roles of each Legend. Experiment with different Legends to understand the nuances of their strengths and weaknesses to craft a gameplay style that suits your preferences and ensures success in the arena.

2. Precision over Spamming

Avoid randomly spamming the attack buttons. Precision is key to success. Each Legend requires accurate control, especially during intense moments. Don’t waste potential by mindlessly pressing buttons.

3. Use the most of your Surroundings

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with each arena’s nooks and crannies. Use the environment strategically to not only evade enemy attacks but also gain a tactical advantage. Explore the corners of the map; you might discover hidden treasures like health and stamina boosts that can be game-changers in intense battles.

4. Communicate

In team-based modes of SMASH LEGENDS, effective communication and cooperation can make all the difference. Coordinate with your teammates through quick messages or voice chat, formulating strategies to outmaneuver your opponents. Consider the unique abilities of each Legend on your team and strategize movements that synergize these powers for maximum impact.

5. Use your Ultimate Wisely

In SMASH LEGENDS, the Ultimate move is your ace in the hole, a game-changer that can turn the tide of battles. Keep a vigilant eye on the Ultimate gauge, strategically positioned on your screen. However, don’t rush to unleash it at the first opportunity; timing is everything. Wait for the opportune moment when your enemies are vulnerable or grouped, maximizing the impact of your Ultimate.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other MOBAs, SMASH LEGENDS is easy to pick up and play, making it enjoyable for both new and dedicated MOBA fans. The three-minute matches add a fun and quick element to the game, catering to casual and committed players alike. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, SMASH LEGENDS offers a dynamic and accessible gaming experience. This guide serves as a valuable companion, offering essential tips for mastering combat precision, map awareness, and effective teamwork. Whether you’re navigating solo challenges or engaging in team-based modes, the journey in SMASH LEGENDS promises epic moments and triumphs.

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