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Snowbreak Containment Zone Operative Tier List for July 2023

Who is your pick?

Snowbreak: Containment Zone presents an immersive 3D Sci-fi RPG shooter, running on the impressive Unreal Engine 4. This cutting-edge game delivers a next-generation gaming experience, ensuring seamless cross-platform gameplay, and allowing players to synchronize their progress effortlessly across all their devices. The game opened its servers globally recently, and with certain characters or operatives in the game being a tricky decision to pick, we have come up with this Snowbreak Containment Zone Operative Tier List for July 2023 to make things simpler.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Operative Tier List for July 2023

In the game, while we do find a couple of great picks to choose from, we don’t actually find any operative to be a weakling or plain bad, hence have categorized the characters of the game into four different tiers; SS, S, A, and B, respectively. This tier list will categorize the operatives according to their weapons, while we can also sort them by their damage type. The tier description is as followed.

  • SS Tier (Overpowered): This tier comprises operatives who stand as the best in the game, absolutely fire.
  • S Tier (Strong): In this tier, you will find operatives who are pretty strong and come across as a formidable unit. They come highly recommended for any story event or mission.
  • A Tier (Good): The operatives in this tier are considered to be very capable, just one step below the S Tier. They make a significant impact during battles and are reliable assets.
  • B Tier (Average): Operatives in this tier are considered average, falling below the Good Tier. While competent, they have room for improvement and might not excel as much as higher-tiered agents.
TIER/WEAPONPistolShotgunAssault RifleSniper RifleSubmachine Gun
Overpowered (SS)Fritia (Hush)Yao (Winter Solstice)
Marian (Swift)
Strong (S)Acacia (Kaguya)
Enya (Big Sis)
Fenny (Coronet)Fritia (Little Sunshine)
Ji Chenxing (The Observer)
Marian (Queen of Pain)Lyfe (Wild Hunt)
Good (A)Acacia (Redacted)Fenny (Lionheart)Yao (Quiet Quitter)Mauxir (Meow)
Lyfe (Wednesday)
Average (B)Haru (The Ace)Nita (Hands)Cherno (Those Two)

Best meta operatives in Snowbreak Containment Zone for July 2023

Yao (Winter Solstice)

Snowbreak Containment Zone Yao
Image via Seasun Games

Yao is undoubtedly one of the best picks available in the game, who comes with powerful shots using her active skill, Scorching Sun Awakening. Moreover, her ultimate skill, Searing Resurrection, empowers her with a potent Solar Armor that inflicts even greater Thermal Damage. Additionally, outside her ultimate skill, she benefits from a passive 20% damage resistance.

Marian (Swift)

Snowbreak Containment Zone Marian
Image via Seasun Games

Might not be popular as Yao, but Marian Swift is one great Operative. Her standard skill, Cloud Shot, offers an automatic lock-on to a chosen target, firing a shot dealing Kinetic Damage. The Divebomb is also a great support skill while vaulting backward and knocking back all the targets in this path with ballistic damage of 192%.

Fritia (Hush)

Snowbreak Containment Zone Fritia
Image via Seasun Games

Assault Rifle picks are generally great when it comes to this game, but according to experience, Fritia is the best option available. She comes across as an excellent support option available in the game, which will be helpful through the mobs. The Strongest Chain is a good first skill for her, dealing chain explosion damage which also prevents targets from using special skills.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, the game doesn’t give a chance to complain when it comes to the balance of the operatives. All are pretty good picks, but the 5-Star ones or the Orange picks are definitely designed to be better than the rest. While comparing all the operatives, we can see that the differentiating factor apart from the weapons or skillsets would be the storyline.

Each storyline has different mega-bosses, so a combination would be pretty much needed to beat that. You might not be able to do so with three Orange tier cards but could do it with a 4-Star pick as well. Hence, if you find operatives better than that suggested in this list, you can pick them without worrying much.

Did you find our Snowbreak Containment Zone Operative Tier List helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Majoirty sites have copy pasted the tier list for this game, and this is the only correct tier list coming across ranking Marian Fritia at the correct level… They have tha audacity to call Fritia thrash which is enough to say they don’t know anything about this game.

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