Soccer Manager 2021: Best Manager Upgrades for your squad

Ready to upgrade your manager?

As well as managing the club in Soccer Manager 2021, it is also important for you to consider the manager traits you have in SM21. In this article, we will discuss the multiple traits and the best manager upgrades you can choose, which will give you great advantages in Soccer Manager 2021.

How to upgrade your Manager traits in SM21?

Every time you play a match in Soccer Manager 2021, you will earn a certain amount of Manager XP after each game. This XP will contribute to your Manager Level, thus leveling up earns you precious Manager Points. Use these to upgrade your chosen traits in the Manager section of the game.

If you feel you have chosen the wrong upgrades, you can reset your manager for 100 SM Credits. Remember, your manager traits, level, and points carry over for each saves. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your manager’s progress when you restart a game save.

Which manager traits can you upgrade in SM21?

There are a number of traits that you can upgrade in SM21, each providing a different benefit. All the traits are split into 3 categories – Suit, Tactical, and Training.

1. Suit Upgrades

These traits have a financial boost to your career. They will help most in managing your money by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Reduce transfer fees for each player

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

This upgrade will make the cost of buying players much cheaper in SM21. This can be very useful to you since clubs will demand less when selling a player. However, don’t expect huge discounts, maybe a few million will be taken off. Nevertheless, this upgrade is still always useful, especially if you are the kind of manager looking to transfer a lot of players.

Reduce player wage demands

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

The new season update for Soccer Manager 21 brings many changes to the lives of your players. They now seem to care a lot more about their own career than in previous seasons. This is a good thing in the way that the game becomes more realistic. However, you will find that players will now be demanding a lot more from you, whether it be higher wages or better team roles. This upgrade will loosen that stress for you, making players a bit more accepting of what they give you.

2. Tactical Upgrades

These upgrades play a part in helping you manage your team more effectively in SM21. They will bring improvements mainly to how your team performs in matches.

Increase team chemistry for the match

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

Team chemistry is something that takes time to build but is worth it. Your team will perform much better in a match with higher chemistry. This upgrade will instantly boost that value, don’t expect high value boosts, but it will still help your team perform better. A must-have upgrade.

Increase fitness levels immediately after a match

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

Fitness is an incredibly important aspect of Soccer Manager 2021. Football matches really tire players are out in this game as with any other game and so you need to manage fitness carefully. Tired players are at a higher risk of injury than others and that is what you need to be careful of. There is nothing better than a passive upgrade which instantly boosts a player’s fitness after a match.

3. Training Upgrades

These upgrades provide benefits in the Training section of the game. Some of these traits will give you huge advantages in SM21.

Increase additional training slots

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

Training slots begin at a short capacity, which limits you strongly on how many training drills you can do at any one point. This upgrade removes that limitation, allowing you to do more training drills at once. There is no catch in this, and that is what makes this a must-have upgrade.

Increase training effectiveness for youth players

Soccer Manager 2021 Best Manager Upgrades

It goes without saying, youth players are what keep the future of your club alive. It is essential for you to be building up youth players all the time, as these are the players that will star in your future lineups. Upgrading this trait will increase the effectiveness of training for youth players. Putting simply, you will be able to build up your youngsters quicker and better. The importance of this explains itself really.

Did you find these best Manager Upgrades in Soccer Manager 2021 helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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